How Cats Fall on Their Feet

How Cats Fall on Their Feet? Can a cat survive a story fall?

Suppose you are like me, then you also assume that cats can survive a fall from high places. But this is not exactly true. Cats don’t always walk away unharmed from a fall. In rare cases, there is still a risk of serious injuries. Even though your Cat has a unique ability to land on its feet after falling from a height, sometimes wrong posture or reflexes result in deadly consequences. 

Sometimes a pet cat will fall out of a window or a balcony while doing something. In most cases, cats used to peep outside the Window at birds are more prone to falling from Windows. But can they survive? Before I tell you: can cats fall from any height or not, or how do cats survive Falls? 

You must cat-proof your windows and balcony to prevent severe falls or accidents. Now let’s talk about: how cats survive Falls .and also know the answer to the interesting question: can cats fall from any height?

Can Cats Fall From Any Height?

No, cats cannot fall from any height. If they are jumping from less than 100, they will be fine on their feet. That said, if you live in a high-rise flat, it is essential to safeguard your windows and balcony. 

A study was done in New York City in 1987 by a veterinary clinic for 130 two cats falling from a high-rise building. The result was astonishing because 90% of cats falling from high-rise buildings survived with mild treatment. In addition, only 37 of them needed emergency treatment. However, 10% of them died on the spot. 

Therefore, it is always recommended to be cautious about your Cat’s environment or the room where they live because cats falling from a height underestimate the death rate. Nobody knows how many cats die by falling from high-rise buildings, rooftops, windows, balconies, and trees. 

Not all people bring a dead cat to the vet, so it is untrackable to know the exact estimate of the rate of cats falling from height. However, cats can survive from as high as over 100 ft without any doubt. Plus, they are also able to survive Falls at a higher rate than you had expected.

Can Cats Die From Falling?

Yes, cats can die from falling. If a cat falls from a high-rise building, balcony, or Window, they are likely to get an injury or die. The first thing to prevent any damage is to get your Cat to land on a relatively large surface area in proportion to the weight. It will reduce the force at which the Cat hits the pavement. If your Cat keeps her reflexes right, she will avoid an injury. 

However, this is not always the case with indoor cats. Indoor cats are not often used to jumping from height compared to outdoor ones. Outdoor/feral/street cats have been noticed relaxing in precarious positions on walls. Since cats cannot claw into concrete or plastic railing quickly, it can result in a significant fall if falling from height.

And unfortunately, they are more likely to fall from a tree while asleep. However, they are well trained at clawing into the tree bark to get it into. If a cat is dehydrated or tired and relaxing at height for too long, they are likely to fall too.

An open balcony or Window is dangerous for your Cat’s safety. I recommend you fit a cat window screen or net around all your home window. If the patios are susceptible to cats, confine your character in a separate room. Avoid opening windows more than a few centimeters to prevent any sudden fall off your pet. 

It is recommended to place an attraction like railings or plants on your windowsill to prevent your Cat from getting too close. Now let’s talk about: how cats survive falls.

How Do Cats Survive Falls? 

As all felines have a righting reflex, they can twist in mid-air and keep their feet under them when they land. The reflex is also responsible for keeping your Cat from hitting the ground face first. Thus low body weight, powerful back legs, and flexible bones also work together to minimize the impact of a cat falling from height. 

Do you know cats can reach a terminal velocity of 60 mph or above five stories? Cats can also sense when they are accelerating mid-air to adjust their feet and ensure they are under them when they land. Therefore, using reflexes while falling mid-air at 60mph is a big help in surviving falls.

How Far Can Cats Fall Without Getting Hurt? 

Many have seen cats fall from buildings over 30 stories and survive, but it is not shared. Research and study show that cats can only survive without getting hurt if they fall from under 100 feet. If your Cat is used to jumping from 100 feet or less, it will likely stay with no injuries. 

In addition, some cats can call much further than their owners expect. However, this entirely depends upon each breed. Because there is no exact data on how much distance a cat can cover when falling without injury, only observations and studies are available to make a guess.

Can Cats Survive Any Fall?

No cats cannot survive any fall. As long as the Cat can get her feet under them when they land, their reflexes will keep them from grinding into the ground face. Most cats survive if they jump from a height of fewer than 100 feet. If your Cat is old or over 9-10 years in a coma, they are likely to have stiff joints, making it more prone to damage or injury when falling. 


How Far Can Cats Fall Without Injury?

Through studies and research, we have learned that cats can fall as far as over 100 feet without getting injured, but it is only when they are in control mid-air when falling. Older cats can fall as far as around 30-40 feet without injury as they have stiff joints that are more prone to damage or injury.

Can Cats Break Their Legs From Falling?

Yes, cats can break their legs from falling if they don’t land on their feet. When a cat is older with stiff joints and poor reflexes, it is likely to break its leg from falling over a tree or balcony.

Can Cats Survive A Fall From Any Height?

No. Cats cannot survive a fall from any height. You might have seen a cat staying from the top of a New York skyscraper or aeroplane. But in reality, it results in a bad ending.


According to most veterinarians, righting reflex keeps your Cat from getting injured when falling from a height of fewer than 100 feet. Cats usually right their front legs while playing with their back legs to land on the ground. This might be an odd position, but it helps keep your Cat from spinning in mid-air the whole time she falls. 

Only after righting reflexes and frontal paws are cats able to bring their back leg to land first on their front paws. Still, many incidents have occurred when a cat doesn’t always land on their feet first. If your Cat falls from a great height or even a few-story building, it won’t be the same as jumping from a wall or window to escape. 

Jumping over 100 feet is likely to cause an injury to your Cat. Therefore, make sure to cat-proof your home. The healthy Cat is less prone to injury and is more suitable for acrobatic stunts than an overweight, old, or unhealthy Cat. I have tried my best to give you all the information around the question: can cats fall from any height? If yes, how do cats Survive falls? 

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Can a cat survive a 2 story fall?

As per research and practical Studies cat can survive from 2 to 32 stories high buildings

Do cats have 9 lives?

This myth about cats exists worldwide. However, Spanish says cats have seven lives while Arabic and Turkish legends say cats have six lives

Can a kitten survive a 10-foot fall?

Kittens as a general thumb rule can survive the fall which is equivalent to a max of 5 times their height.