How to Get Rid of Dog Warts At Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Dog Warts At Home Naturally

Warts are very common in dogs, and there are various treatments available scientifically. However, you must know how to get rid of dog warts at home naturally. After trying the home remedies, if the warts are still there, you can then take medicinal help from the vet.

Before jumping to the home remedies, let us see some important things about warts

What Are Dog Warts?

Dog warts are also known as canine viral papillomatosis. It is not a serious disease in the majority of canines. However, you must pay attention to it to avoid getting confused with other severe diseases.

Any canine can get warts. However, these are more common in canines who spend a lot of time around other canines. Young pups can get warts in their mouths and older dogs can get it on the skin. There are a few breed that is more prone to have dog warts, it include:

  • Kerry blue terrier
  • Shar-pei
  • Miniature schnauzer
  • Pug
  • Cocker spaniel

How to Get Rid of Dog Warts At Home Naturally

How do dogs get warts?

Warts are caused by a particular virus. Canines get this virus when they come in contact with another infected dog. Canine papilloma virus survives for a long period in the surrounding area. Therefore, it can be easily spread on things like toys and bedding.

Young pups with weak immune systems or canines with defective immune systems are more prone to this infection. The virus enters your canine’s skin via bite or wound. When your canine comes in contact with an infected canine, it takes 1 to 2 months for a wart to grow.

When Does a Dog Wart Need to Be Removed?

In some cases, vets recommend removing the warts. Being a pet parent, you must know why the warts should be removed. This way you can take proper action on time. Here are some reasons that need canine warts removal:

  • Multiple wars
  • Warts are irritating your canine
  • Warts become infected
  • The warts are in sensitive areas like your canine’s mouth. This is known as oral papillomatosis

How to Get Rid of Dog Warts At Home Naturally

Apple cider vinegar

Yes, you can use it, however never use it on warts around your canine’s genitals. You must go to the vet to treat those warts.

Apple cider vinegar is a painless treatment but your canine may feel stinging and irritation once the wart starts demoulding.

Banana peel

Yes, you heard it right! Banana peels may help to get rid of dog warts. But, there is no scientific evidence regarding the same. Still, you can try this home remedy as there are zero side effects. You can cut a piece of banana peel and bandage it on the wart.

Castor Oil

It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Therefore, you can directly apply it to your canine’s warts. It will soften them and decrease the irritation and itchiness.


Thuja is very effective for reducing warts in dogs. Still, you must have a word with your vet before using it on your canine. It is a homoeopathic treatment originating from trees. Therefore, it is safe for canines. You have to give it orally everyday once for 1 week.

Dandelion weed

Weed? I know what you are thinking. However, middle eastern and ancient Chinese medicine uses it for its rich medicinal properties. has a firm claim that Dandelion weed has antimicrobial properties. Still, it is yet to be scientifically confirmed if you can use it for warts.

Immune System Boosting

Most canines go through warts due to their defective immune system. Therefore, improving your canine’s immune system is the best way to fight against the wart-causing virus. There are many immune boosters available in the market. They are specially made for canines and you must take advice from your vet before feeding them to the canine.


This is a supplement that is made of medicinal mushrooms. It has beta-glucans that are known for their anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects. Moreover, it promotes a strong immune system in dogs. As a result, your canine’s immune system becomes strong to fight the wart-causing virus.


We all know, garlic has a long history of being used for healing various skin issues like corn, keloid scars, and psoriasis. It is also used for viral, fungal, and bacterial infections like warts. According to ncbi’s 2014 study, garlic extract can get rid of warts within 4 weeks. Also, it prevents them from coming back. Its key component, Allicin, has antimicrobial properties.

Vitamin E

It is a natural vitamin that is great for your canine’s health. You can add a few drops of vitamin to your canine’s warts directly. Spread it all over warts with a cotton swab. It is safe and you can use it 2 to 4 times a day until the warts go away.


Pineapple has bromelain. It is a mix of protein-digesting enzymes that help remove damaged and dead skin. Many dog owners have got success after using pineapple juice on their dog’s warts. However, there is no scientific studies supporting the result.

Why certain home remedies may work?

Home remedies to get rid of warts like using plants and foods that have acidic or antiviral properties that inhibit the virus. The natural antiviral method can help suppress the wart-causing virus, while the natural acids help remove the infected skin. However, you must know

Are canine warts troublesome or painful?

Warts usually do not cause any issues for canines. However, if warts happen in big numbers, they can cause a problem. In such cases, warts need to be treated clinically.

This treatment can include antiviral medications and antibiotics. However, these medicines are only used in serious oral papillomas. The most common scenario is a canine with one wart. It is very rare to see a wart bleed. In such cases, proper treatment is needed.

Preventing the Spread of Dog Warts

There are some things that you can do to help your canine and protect him from developing warts. Also, do not allow your canine to play with other canines who already have warts. If your canine’s immune system is defective, then do not take him to areas where other canines roam like dog care, kennels, and dog parks.

Final words

Dog warts go away on their own, however, home remedies for warts can speed up the process. Most home remedies do not have a scientific backup. Still, some dog owners claim that home remedies are effective for their dogs.

If you wish to try any of these home remedies, first do a patch test. It is a fact that natural ingredients can cause skin irritation.

Frequently asked questions

What is the fastest way to get rid of dog warts?

If you see a few warts, then you can go for surgical removal. The procedure is done with the help of a laser, scalpel, or via cryosurgery. In this method, vets use extreme cold to remove warts.

Can I remove my dog’s wart myself?

You can use an eyedropper to apply 2 to 3 drops of ACV on the wart and let it soak in. You can wipe the excess of ACV from your canine’s skin. Moreover, keep your canine busy when applying apple cider vinegar.

What kills canine papillomavirus?

In recent times, imiquimod is used for human and canine infections to increase immune-mediated inflammation. Therefore, it helps to kill the virus. Imiquimod is usually prescribed for canines with viral papillomas.