Why Does My Dog Lick me when I wake up

Why Does My Dog Lick Me When I Wake Up? [4 Reasons]

Wondering, Why do dogs lick you when you wake up? Well, There is nothing pretty like being woken up by slobbery, hot, although actually very well that means canine kisses. We have all been there, and even a few may experience it more than others. A soggy face can depart you wondering about his conduct in the first place.

Is he attempting to inform me something? Why do canines usually insist on giving you kisses as soon as you wake up (and on occasion before you even are awake)?

So, why does my canine lick me in the morning?

A canine will lick you in the morning when he wishes something from you. Sometimes the way you reply to the licking can also inspire the conduct. Other times, he’s displaying his love for you.

Dogs have a tendency to show their feelings through affection. So in case you are being smothered in pup kisses each morning, you at least recognize that you are doing something properly and that he feels comfortable using this unique form of conversation with you.

The fact is, your canine cannot certainly inform you what he’s feeling, what he wants, or what he desires, and with the ones closest to him, licking is the high-quality manner to get his factor across.

What point is that? Well, there are some interpretations of why your canine feels the need to lick you in the morning.

Why does my dog lick me when I wake up? – 4 reasons

Your pooch has separation anxiety

It is possible that your pooch has separation anxiety. This can be more common if your furry friend does it more when he is not near you for a long time. He will lick you in the morning as soon as you wake up.

He is hungry

The reason why your canine does this is that he is hungry. This can be done more often if your pooch licks you in the morning before he has been fed. Once you feed him, he will stop licking you. 


One of the most common reasons is affection. When your pooch is very affectionate towards you, he will lick you every time he sees you. In fact, your canine is letting you know that he trusts you and considers you as a part of his pack.

You both wake up at different times

One possible reason is that your canine wakes up at a certain time. If you wake up early during the weekdays and your canine only licks you on weekends. This could be your dog’s case of licking you. 

How to stop your dog from licking you when you wake up

While for a few canine enthusiasts licking is a blessing, for others it can get a bit too much.

I know – you adore your canine. But having your face covered in saliva? That’s an entirely different thing.

Not to worry. You can change that with these tips

#1: Ensure your canine has the essentials

It might be uncomfortable for your canine if they are thirsty. This could make your canine lick you enthusiastically.

After all, licking might be due to numerous reasons. But what you can do is rule out the risk of your canine being thirsty.

To make certain that your canine is well-hydrated, place a water bowl in the napping room. Or simply do not close the door to the room wherein the water bowl is.

You can also leave meals for your canine. But endure in mind that a few canines would not prevent eating until their meal bowl is empty. Which should cause them to overeat.

What you may do to avoid your canine starving or overeating, is to position their meals in a slow-feeding bowl. This will permit your canine to consume slower and feel full faster.

#2: Give your canine a dedicated sleep vicinity

If your canine is sleeping in your room, one of the most natural things they could do in the morning is to lick you.

But in case you’re not a fan of these kisses, you may train your canine to sleep somewhere else. For instance in their crate in any other room.

#3: Redirect your canine’s interest to something else

Your canine is prepared to groom your face. But that’s not what you need. 

No problem.

Just take your pooch’s favorite toy and toss it to him. Or, ask your canine to perform an easy command such as “sit”. 

Then praise your canine with his favorite treat. This way, your canine will focus on any other attractive pastime and could forget about licking

#4: Do not reinforce the behavior

Remember: Any kind of response to your canine’s licking is praise for them. Regardless, in case you get irritated and scold them for doing it. 

Instead, do this:

Next time your canine licks you, attempt saying “NO” with an organized tone of voice. Then, get up and walk away.

And whilst you do that, do not interact with your canine. Do not look at them, communicate with them, or contact them. Simply forget about your canine. 

This will make your canine understand that licking isn’t always your cup of tea.

Keep in mind that your canine perceives ear scratches, petting, cuddles or maybe laughing as praise. So in case you do not want licks, don’t interact.

#5: Keep calm and… train on

Positive reinforcement education can do wonders for your canine. But if they are used to licking you in the morning, it’ll take some time before they develop out of it. 

Do not raise your tone of voice. Instead, try to stay cool and collected. Your canine will pick up on your power and the training classes can be more effective.

Does your dog know when you’re awake?

It is sincerely without a doubt splendid how intuitive, and sensitive canines can be to their ‘people’,. They appear to have a nearly unnatural capacity to feel certain things and they probably are aware that you are awake before you’ve even realized it.

That is why he’s already giving you the stink eye before you actually have the opportunity to open yours. You are clearly taking too long. Dogs aren’t precisely for their patience.

The benefits of morning doggy love

While we’re certain there are humans that would give you lots of negatives to letting your canine give them wake-up kisses, there are even greater blessings to permitting it.

Science says so: When your pooch kisses you, both brains (yours and Fido’s) launch a chemical called ‘Oxytocin’. This chemical is called the ‘feel-good hormone’, and for excellent reason.

The chemical release causes emotions of affection and euphoria in both the canine and you. Dog kisses are actually excellent for your mental health.

Cementing the bond: Licking is a communicative device as well as being their final form of social bonding. Licking allows him to feel close to you and reinforces the relationship.

It is good for your bodily health: Some research has proven that effective microorganisms in humans can be boosted by being covered by the microbes of their canine’s gut, not unlike ingesting yogurt. Exposure to puppy germs has also been proven to boost our immune systems.

It will provide you with a glow: Dogs have tongues that are brilliant at cleansing and may do wonders for cleansing your skin.

Final words on why does my dog lick me when I wake up?

Think of the sweet, loving sunrise kisses as your canine’s very own private term of endearment for you, his very special human. It is their way to reveal their gratitude, love, and appreciation, in addition to being one of the important ways of expressing themselves.

While immoderate licking can emerge as a nuisance, there are numerous approaches to curbing the behavior. Keep in mind that there’s a great line, one you will need to avoid crossing. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. We will be back soon. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my dog wake up in the middle of the night and lick me?

Canines lick to show their affection towards you. Also, it makes them feel very good. For canines, it is a very simple act but for humans, it can be very irritating sometimes. 

Why is my dog so happy to see me when I wake up?

Canines have changed and evolved based on their partnership with humans. It means that they are happy to please humans. Also, some canines have separation anxiety. Therefore, when you wake up they think they were separated from you.

Why does my dog kiss me when I’m sleeping?

When your canine licks your face, he experiences an increase in good emotions. Canines cannot speak. Hence, your pooch may be licking you to show his love and release endorphins in the best way he knows how.