why does my dog howl when I leave or get Home

My Dog Howls When I Leave or Get Home? 3 Reasons

Does your dog howl when you leave them home alone? If yes, you must be wondering why? Or are you curious about your dog howling loud every time you get back home?

Howling is a form of vocal communication for dogs. Most of the time, when you find your dog howling, it is a sign or response to something or other.

Why does my dog howl when I leave the house?

Dogs are extremely social, and thus every time you leave the house, they howl in fear of getting lonely. Howling in such circumstances is a sign of separation anxiety, and since dogs are extremely social, they often face it while being alone.

Separation anxiety is a serious disorder that makes dogs suffer both mentally and emotionally. It can make them panic only with the idea of their master leaving them home alone.

This panic condition can prove overwhelming and may result in excessive barking, whining, howling, or even destruction.

Besides experiencing separation anxiety, dogs may howl when you leave due to other reasons as well. Below is a list of such reasons, and it might help you understand your dog’s behaviour.

why does my dog howl when I leave or get Home

3 Reasons why dogs Howl when you leave them home alone

1) Due to Separation Anxiety

While you step out every day for work and your dog is all alone at home, he is possibly suffering from separation anxiety. Several canine breeds are extremely social, and all they want is their human family around.

A daily shower of affection and attention aids in their mental and physical development. However, when individuals adopt such breeds but fail to give them the required time and attention, it makes the dog suffer.

2) Due to Fear

If your dog howls uncontrollably while you leave the house, it is possibly because of some fear. Maybe things like construction noise or regular siren sounds scare the dog in your absence.

Or some other pets or humans around the dog harass him in your absence. That is why, while you are leaving, your dog is howling (like pleading); you do not leave him alone. If you find any such animal or human possibility, try to resolve it as soon as possible.

3) Due to Boredom

Not all dogs love being alone, and possibly yours’ isn’t enjoying it.

While you leave the house and when you are away for long, there is a possibility that your dog suffers extreme boredom.

He basically has nothing to do for long hours and thus is howling and pleading with you to not leave him alone.

How do I get my dog to stop howling when I leave?

How to stop a dog from howling when left alone? You may have seen it yourself or been informed by the neighbors about how much your dog howls when you leave.

Dogs usually are extremely attached to their owners, and thus they absolutely hate when the owner leaves them alone. The situation is so annoying, but it is very common as well. However, your dog has multiple reasons for acting out the same.

The reasons may include everything from separation anxiety, boredom, fear, separation anxiety, or more.

However, this is not the end since you can really train your dog to stay calm while you leave or enter the home.

7 Steps to Train Your Dog Not to Howl and Stay Calm

  1. Before you leave the house and the dog home alone, make sure you exercise them. Half to an hour of run or playtime will tire the dog. And thus, while you will leave the house, he will possibly sleep due to the physical stress their body just experienced. This way, the dog won’t howl or cry his lungs out like earlier.
  2. Do not announce it while you leave the house, especially to the dog. Making departure a big deal makes the dog anxious, resulting in him howling constantly.
  3. Keep your dog busy with some treats or toys while you are leaving. When they are not sensing you leave, they will not make a big deal out of it.
  4. Establish a word, action, and use commands. Training a pet dog is extremely necessary. It helps in managing their behaviour and deeds. Use words like ‘Quiet’, ‘Sit’, ‘Go Inside’. The process may take time, but gradually it will help.
  5. If command training doesn’t work for your canine, go through the motion of leaving. For instance, pick up your bag and car keys, enter the bathroom or bedroom, and close the door. Before going inside, tell your dog to sit and wait for you silently. Then wait for a minute or so and come back outside. Not greet your dog and encourage him to calm down. Gradually increase the time you are behind the door. Slowly do this activity with the front door, and eventually, your dog will go easy with you leaving for a long time.
  6. Consider using over-the-counter calming products for relaxing your dog while you are not at home.
  7. Or, if nothing works, the dog breed you own isn’t the one meant to be with you. Certain breeds, including Toy Poodle, Australian Shepherd, American Pit Bull Terrier, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, and Fox Terrier, demand extreme attention. These breeds can’t make it alone for long and thus will destroy their surroundings due to anxiousness. If you are experiencing the same with such breeds, it is your time to let them open for adoption to someone who can give more time and attention to them.
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Will my dog eventually stop barking when I leave?

Yes, dogs can bark endlessly but not for hours since they too get tired. Thus, while you leave them alone barking, they will eventually stop at some point. However, knowing and following the same isn’t enough.

A lot of experts suggest that ignoring unwanted dog behaviour is the key to training them (for not doing something).

The statement, though, is true but still incomplete. If you ignore behavior like excessive barking and howling in your pet dog, he will probably never stop it.

Instead, some dogs become stubborn. That is why, if your dog barks excessively, it is important to train him not to do so.

Why does my dog cry when I get home?

There are plenty of reasons that are making your dog cry the moment you get home. Several pet parents may not realize, but dogs often cry in order to communicate their emotions.

Along with that, here are some common reasons stating why your dog cries every time you get back home.

  • Due to Separation Anxiety. Dogs don’t like being left alone, and this makes them suffer from separation anxiety. That is why, every time you get back home after a long day of work, your dog will welcome you, along with crying and winning sessions.
  • Due to Excitement. Dogs cry when you get home because they are happy and very excited to finally have you around. They will lick you, jump at you, and cuddle you out of love.
  • Because they want to pee or poop. Pet parents who have trained their dogs to pee and poop outside the house often receive a crying welcome from their pets. It is likely so since the dog has waited long for you to come and take him out.
  • Due to encouragement. If you are encouraging your dog’s crying behaviour while you come back home, he will likely repeat it even without reason.

Why does my dog howl when I come home from work?

What does it mean when your dog howls when you get home? Howling is a natural mode of vocal communication amongst dogs.

Your dog is possibly extremely excited to see you and thus is howling when you get home after work. He must have missed you all day and have waited for you to get back and attend them.

Why does my dog bark and cry when I get home?

Dog barking and crying while you get home isn’t a really good sign. They actually do so in order to communicate their emotional state to you.

Here first, you must comfort them so that they stop barking and crying uncontrollably. Secondly, try to find the root cause of their behaviour.

Are they just habitual of doing so daily? Or figure out if they are suffering from some kind of pain, illness, discomfort, or mental stress.

Wrapping up…

Howling is common dog behaviour and a form of communication amongst canines. They use it with others of their tribe or sometimes even for conveying any message to their human friends.

However, excessive howling behaviour isn’t a very positive sign. Especially if your dog doesn’t stop howling while you leave or get home. It is possibly a sign that they are either experiencing fear or separation anxiety.

And since both of these conditions aren’t very healthy for the dog, it is important to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Seek help from either a Veterinarian or a Dog Behaviourist. These professionals won’t alone help with the dog’s behaviour but will also give you valuable advice.