Dog Friendly Attractions In Carmel By Sea

Top 10 Dog Friendly Attractions In Carmel By Sea in 2024

Carmel also referred to as Carmel by the sea is a city located in Monterey County in California.

This is City is known for its friendly disposition towards dogs. There are over 25 different inns and hotels and a great collection of dog-friendly hotels in Carmel.

Also, several shops make available tasty treats and water dishes. Also, the restaurants in Carmel are known to serve pet-friendly menus and have dog-friendly patios.

There are also several places like trails and beaches where the dogs can play.

Here We Will Look At Some Of The Best Dog-Friendly Attractions In Carmel:

Carmel Beach

Located at the end of Ocean Avenue, this is the most popular and dog-friendly beach in Carmel.

Here, both humans and dogs can have a really good time together playing in the sand.

Carmel being a coastal location features warmer afternoons and foggy mornings, hence the need to pack based on that.

Also, the Beach is quite popular and usually witnesses a large turnout of people rather quickly. It is therefore advisable you arrive on time.

Garrapata beach

If you are looking for a secluded dog-friendly beach location, Garrapata beach is the place to go. This beach is quite easy to locate and is a Whitewindy; hence you need to dress appropriately.

You are allowed to carry along your dog as long as it has a leash on. If you decide to arrive early, then you will be having the beach to yourself and your dog.

This beach is the ideal spot for searching for California gray whale migration and is quite densely vegetated.

Dog-friendly restaurants

Carmel boasts of some of the best dog-friendly restaurants around, with most of the restaurants being favorably disposed to dogs.

Most of them are designed with beautiful patios and seating areas. In addition to this, several restaurants even keep a bowl of water for dogs that may be thirsty.

Some of the best restaurants you may want to try out include; the Carmel Bistro Giovanni which is an Italian-themed restaurant.

The food at this restaurant has a Mediterranean touch in addition to the local flavors.

You may try out lunch at the Basil restaurant which is quite friendly to dogs because of its heated patio.

It is however highly recommended that you make advanced reservations so that you can have a seat.

And for dinner, you could patronize the Cypress inn where your dog can simply stay in the courtyard. There is also a dog-friendly section inside for dogs meaning that you can reserve an indoor seat.

The 17-mile drive

You can take your dog on the famous 17-mile drive which extends from Carmel in the south to Monterey in the North. This trip takes you across several famous locations like pebble beach and lone Cypress.

This is certainly one highly recommended activity especially if you have some extra time to spare on the road.

Garland Ranch Regional Park

This rather expansive park is always a top choice for dog and dog lovers alike. It is made up of a unique terrain with elevations ranging between 200 to 2,000 feet.

You could go about an adventure horse along with the homestead or the Indian Habitation sites while your furry friend drinks into the beauty of nature. 

There are lots of fun activities you could engage yourself in such as horseback riding hiking and the like.

However, you must ensure that your dog is properly leashed while also putting it under control.

Mission Trail Park

This park sits atop 35 acres of fun and adventure with the grasping kaleidoscope of a grove of oak trees, a pine forest, and meadows.

This trail begins from the Carmel Mission Basilica which is a unique spot to begin from.

There are lots of fun things to do when in this park, it is, however, advisable that you leash your dog before embarking on the trip.

Courtyards and Secret Passageways

Since the pioneer innovation in 1924, storybook cottages have become a norm with Carmel by the Sea.

You can take your dog on an adventure to explore the hidden passageways and beautiful courtyards located in the village.

If you are however looking for something more structured, you could engage any of the tour companies to take you and your dog on a tour of a lifetime.

Carmel Art Association

Created in 1927, this is perhaps the oldest art gallery in the country and also doubles as a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing premier pieces.

The Gallery feature works by over 100 artists and can mentally engage you and your dog for a while. It is, however, instructive that you keep your dog leashed at all times.

Carmel Plaza

This is a pet-friendly destination located around Ocean Avenue with the unique Fountain of Woof serving as one of the most notable sights.

You could take your dog for a sip of the fountain while it is properly leashed.

Also, your dog will be allowed into several shops and restaurants in the plaza as long as it is properly leashed.

Forge in Forest

Constructed in 1944, this is one restaurant that has been voted as the best outdoor dining starting from 1992.

It features outdoor fireplaces, gardens, and a wide range of menus for humans and their pets.

The evening time offers you even more for you and your dog as long as it is leached.

Final Note

By now you must agree that there are several dog-friendly attractions in Carmel by Sea. 

However, your choices on this adventure will go a long way in determining your experience.

Hence we encourage you to explore the recommendations here.