Do Labradors Calm Down With Age

Do Labradors Calm Down With Age? [Myth Or fact]

Knowing how to calm down a Labrador can be of great help to many pet parents. 

Labradors are friendly, gentle, and loving dogs, but at the same time, they are hyperactive as well. Their overexcitable nature can often lead pet parents to a different set of struggles and problems. That is why pet owners often come up with queries like, ‘Why is my Labrador so Hyper’? Or ‘When will my Labrador Retriever calm down? 

This article today is all about Labrador’s hyperactive nature and if these dogs ever calm down. So if you are an overworked Lab owner, make sure you stick till the end. 

Why Is My Labrador So Hyper?

Labrador isn’t truly hyper but an active and energetic dog. Labrador Retrievers, since ages, have been bred as sporting and hunting dogs. They, though, have been human companions for a long but due to their genetic build, Labs always live a lifestyle where they are always on their toes.

A Labrador will rarely become lethargic since this dog breed is naturally full of energy. They love playing, running, involving with family, and spending time outside. However, often due to lack of exercise, Labradors become hyper and aggressive.

Labs who do not get the chance for enough mental and physical stimulation end up chewing furniture, breaking home belongings, jumping and running uncontrollably, and barking without any aim. 

Labrador’s hyper nature has less to do with their personality and more with how they are being treated.

Do Labradors Calm Down With Age

When Do Labs Calm Down?- At What Age?

Labradors are naturally a very calm breed, but their superactive genes often make them appear hyper. Simultaneously, Labrador puppies are also known as hyperactive and a little stubborn though it is all because of their age.

Most Labradors relax as they grow older. You may observe them at their most hyper until and around the age of 1 year. However, as the Lab turns 2 to 3 years old and settles into the adult dog category, it will calm down. 

Hyperactivity and Calmness are both games of maturity that are linked directly to Labrador’s age.

Do Labs Get Calmer With Age?

Yes, as Labradors transit from puppyhood to adulthood, they become calmers. They will remain super friendly and active but will display a much calmer temperament whenever and wherever required.

Along with age, regular physical and mental exercise too contributes to keeping Labs Calm and composed. 

However, since you are considering a Labrador, who is naturally an outdoor dog meant for sporting and hunting, count some exceptions always.

Depending upon the individual dog, the behaviour that runs in his genetics, and the kind of lifestyle he has, some Labradors might not get calmer with age. Given various conditions, Hyperactivity in some dogs can last for longer than expected. 

At What Age Are Labs Most Destructive?

Labradors can get super destructive during the age of 6 to 12 months old. It is the phase when the canine is exploring the world and especially the human environment around (as a pet). With destructive behaviour, Labradors will destroy all the things we usually don’t want them to.

From your furniture to woodwork, shoes, carpet, and wires, Labs during the phase of 6 to 12 months will try chewing them all. They may be exploring things around them, bringing out their frustration, or it may be simply due to a lack of attention.

5 Ways to Handle Your Labrador’s Destructive Behavior

  1. Provide plenty of chew toys to your Labrador, and they will keep him engaged while saving your essential household items. Do not give all the chewing toys at once, and keep changing them, ensuring the dog does not get bored quickly. 
  2. Monitor your dog and keep him from damaging the things around you. Use commands like ‘STOP’ and ‘NO’ while you supervise.
  3. Crate train your Labrador, especially for the hours when you are away from home.
  4. Allow enough play time to your Labrador, and he will not utilize his energy to destroy and damage something.
  5. Dog proof your home and keep all the chewable and expensive items away from your Labs reach.

And when last, if nothing works, seek professional help where a dog behaviourist or trainer will work with your Labrador. Such help is paid but, anyway, less expensive than getting your valuables destroyed and chewed down.

How Do You Calm A Hyper Lab?

Labrador Retrievers are active dogs, and they love to stay busy. This instinct of this breed is one of the best ways humans can utilize to keep their hyper nature under control. 

If your Labrador hasn’t gotten calmer with age, here are some tips and tricks to calm down the dog::

  1. Never escalate their excitement into anything chaotic. If your Labrador is hyper at a given point in time, help him calm down by giving him a quick play session. Simultaneously, avoid taking a hyper Lab amongst humans and other dogs as they may prove aggressive. 
  2. When your Lab is Hyper, never pretend to be a victim. Also, do not try to act similarly and avoid indulging in any physical activity with the dog.
  3. Always reward your Labrador when he behaves calmly and composed. Encourage such behavior while discouraging them from being hyper. 
  4. Teach your Lab to sit, relax and lay down while he feels extra hyper. Teaching patience is a very crucial way to keep Labradors calm and composed.
  5. If your Labrador is super hyper, allow him some playtime in your backyard. For example, play a game of fetch, or let him run around with a ball. The idea here is to provide the dog with enough exercise and reduce their energy. 
  6. Involve your Labrador in a game of mental stimulation. There are many games available for mental stimulation in both online and offline markets.
  7. Engage your dog’s nose with scents like lavender and vanilla, and it will help the Lab calm down. However, before doing so, make sure the dog is not allergic to any of these scents in particular.

Or, if nothing is coming out for help, take your Lab for a medical examination which can rule out problems leading to Hyperactivity. 

Wrapping up…

Being Hyper is perfectly normal for Labradors, given the kind of outgoing breed they are. However, if, even after bringing together a lot of techniques, your Lab is still behaving hyperactive, there could be some problems that you might be overlooking. Rule out possibilities like anxiety, depression, or other mental considerations. 

Most Labradors grow out of Hyperactivity by the age of 2 to 3 years. Allow the dog that time when he can live his puppyhood to the maximum. By then, make sure you are training the Lab for a well-mannered, calm, and composed lifestyle.