Do Gerbils Eat Each Other

Do Gerbils Eat Each Other: Gerbil Cannibalism Truth

Do gerbils cannibalize each other? Do gerbils eat other gerbils? Yes, Gerbils are cannibals and do devour each other. It is a completely natural and instinctive act to them for numerous motives including meal shortage, removing the dead from predators, or maybe mating purposes. Gerbil moms are even recognized to devour their very own offspring. Some of the most common reasons for this behaviour include hunger, territoriality, stress, sickness, Threats, cage size etc. In this article, we will discover the motives behind gerbil cannibalism.

Why Do Mother Gerbils Eat Their Babies?

So, Do Gerbils Cannibalize Each Other? It is a bit disturbing to talk about cannibalism, but it is also a fact that Gerbils cannibalize each other. Cannibalism happens in small mammals like gerbils. However, you can see it in stressful situations.

As we have already seen, gerbils eat each other and hence we can consider them cannibalistic. However, most cannibalism in gerbils is evolutionary and instinctive.

10 Reasons Why Gerbils Eat Other gerbils

1) Mother gerbils are facing stress and Anxiety Issues

Just like hamsters, gerbils can also be jumpy at times, but this impact is superior whilst your gerbil is pregnant. It might be obvious when you enter the room to feed her. Just being in the room is something they’ll perceive as a hazard to them and could stress them out.

So as an end result you must go away from her alone as much as you could for the duration of and after the pregnancy. You must additionally prevent handling her for a while. At this time you need to have restrictions on your visits to provide meals and water.

Try to provide them meals and water that lasts for days whilst checking on them very quietly.

2) When there is a Scarcity of food or a Lack of meals

If there is not enough food to go around, gerbils may go for cannibalism in order to survive.

If you have a pregnant gerbil, you will need to feed her very well. While she is able, she will start hoarding meals into the little nest she makes.

Even after she gives birth, that stash of meals will provide her sufficient nutrition to feed her infants and have strength. If the meal is lacking, she would possibly choose one or more of her weakest infants as a meal.

3) Nearby Predator Or threat Fear May trigger this behaviour

Gerbils might be on excessive alert in this state wherein they’re expecting infants, and loud noises might be considered threatening. Avoid taking photos by setting up a webcam. If you have different pets, preserve them out or away from the room wherein you keep your pregnant gerbil.

As long as they’re left alone in their cage, this can allow them to evidently be calm in this important time. You would possibly need to consider locating a place in your house wherein they may be left in a peaceful place.

It must be a room that has accurate airflow with a continual temperature and that is additionally very quiet.

4) They Sensed Human/Foreign scents on baby gerbils

A new gerbil mom learns the scent of her newborns after some time and could easily accept them.

But problems stand up in case you choose any of these infants since your scent is now on their skin.

A skittish mom gets confused by this new scent and devours them because of not recognizing the authentic scent of its young.

5) Cage Is Small For Mother And Baby Gerbils To Live

The clutter that comes from a gerbil might be quite huge with up to 6 or more in a litter. Because of such numbers that can be born, this makes their cage appear smaller and can force the mother to decrease the number of live infants.

6) Insufficient meals for Baby gerbils

Even after having infants, gerbil mothers could be no doubt worn-out and hungry, so you need to make sure that she has sufficient meals inside her cage.

If there is a scarcity of meals, they could devour an infant or two. On top of that, she needs lots of meals to produce milk for them.

7) Too Many Baby Gerbils To Care For

Your female gerbil only has six nipples to feed, so the mom may also experience that a big number of pups need to be reduced. Even if there are 6 infants, she will consume the ones which are deformed or sickly. The point is that those infants could be a burden that she cannot take care of.

In nature, your gerbil might do the same thing since only the robust survive. As a result, the gerbil mom will do her best to select the most powerful and healthiest. 

8) A Natural animal cannibalistic Instinct

Many times, your gerbil ingesting their younger is more instinct than anything else. A new mom could be cautious about which infants need to stay or die and that is how this species can stay healthy and survive in the wild.

So do not assume that a mom would not do that in captivity because it is integrated conduct and can’t be changed.

9) Competition from another male in the same cage

Gerbils are highly territorial animals, and sometimes they may attack and eat other members of the colony to protect their territory.

Males are acknowledged to be the dominant half of gerbil habitats, that is why you need to remove them from the cage before a delivery happens. A male would possibly consider ingesting an infant in reality because it is hungry.

They may even consider those infants being a hazard to their meal supply as they grow older.

10) Newborns are sick: Survival Of The Fittest

If a gerbil is sick, it may be too weak to fight off predators. In these cases, the other members of the colony may cannibalize the sick or injured gerbil.

Female gerbils might prefer feeding on some of the newborns that are ill, have some neonatal issues or are simply not fit for survival as per Charles darwin’s theory.

How Long Do Gerbils Live?

A wild gerbil has an average lifespan of 2 to 3 years. As pets, gerbils have an average lifespan of 3 to 4 years. 

Unfortunately, many wild gerbils will die within the span of some months of being born. This is because of the problems they face in the wild, which include predators, a scarcity of meals or water, and infections.

According to Experimental Gerontology, the male gerbils had an average lifespan of 110 weeks while female gerbils had a lifespan of 139 weeks. The oldest male gerbil in the studies was 208 weeks old, while the oldest female gerbil was 209 weeks old.

What To Do If A Gerbil Dies?

If your gerbil dies suddenly, you’ll need to remove it. This is an unpleasant but important issue to do. You can remove it in the trash, even though this appears heartless.

Most humans might alternatively give their pet a right send-off. Burying your gerbil in the outdoors is a fine way to show it respect.

Whatever you do, make sure to do it quickly. If your gerbil died of a contagious disease, the hassle could have an effect on your other gerbils.

To prevent this from happening, follow the guidelines:

  • When the gerbil dies, remove the gerbil from its enclosure immediately.
  • Take your other gerbils and place them somewhere safe.
  • Remove the old bedding out of your gerbil’s cage.
  • Clean the partitions of your gerbils’ enclosure with some antibacterial spray.
  • Replace the bedding with new, smooth bedding, and only then put your gerbils back inside the enclosure.
  • If the gerbil died from a problem associated with its health, you must consider changing your gerbils’ meals. Your pet can also additionally have been obese or experienced heart failure due to its diet. So, make sure you feed a terrific gerbil meal blend at regular intervals instead.

Final words

Cannibalism takes place evidently in the animal world for plenty of reasons. For many small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, rats, and gerbils, cannibalism takes place most usually because of a loss of water and food.

Gerbils seek out a pleasant way to survive and usually, this entails reducing their numbers. As we have seen in this article, gerbils consume different gerbils for a number of motives including troubles with their cage size, bedding or stress.

It’s really well worth remembering, however, that even though cannibalism can occur among gerbils, it’s nevertheless very rare. If your gerbils have sufficient food, water and quiet space, the probabilities are they will be simply fine.

Frequently asked questions

Do Gerbils Eat Their Inbred Kids?

Gerbils consume their young ones whilst they’re attacking or ingesting their food. A person’s instincts lead her or him to do what they do. Regardless, gerbil parents will in no way permit any of their youngsters to die.

Why Are My Gerbils Killing Each Other?

While gerbils can and do fight, combating is a pretty rare occasion and is normally because of dominance. The unlucky factor is that when gerbils combat they do so very aggressively and could frequently kill the loser of a fight.

Why Do Gerbils Eat Dead Gerbils?

It is simply common for them to consume the dead, in the wild a lifeless animal in the nest could entice predators, so they keep the nest clean by ingesting any that have died. It’s not nice. However, it is flawlessly natural.

Can Gerbils Live Alone After One Dies?

Gerbils can live alone but this is not an ideal situation. These are social animals. Therefore, they do better when living in pairs. However, if it is the only survivor of the colony, it can still live a healthy and happy life as long as you give it a lot of love and attention.