Can You Own A Pet Chinchilla Rabbit

Can You Own A Pet Chinchilla Rabbit? Is It Legal?

Chinchillas are small rodents known for their supremely soft, crisp gray coat. These cute little animals are a species/ variety of rabbits popular for domestication. 

Yes, Chinchilla Rabbits are popular pets for the right individuals. Some of their breeding lines went on to become popular as pets several years ago and still continue to do the same. They are usually quite docile, good-natured, and very gentle. Chinchilla Rabbits are exotic, but in most places, they are legal to own. As long as your Zoning laws allow, you can own a pet Chinchilla Rabbit happily. However, if your local authorities have any ban on the said animal, owning them can bring you big trouble. Come let’s shed some more light on them.

Do Chinchilla Rabbits Make Good Pets?

For individuals who have previous rabbit handling experience, Chinchilla Rabbits make very suitable pets for them. Their intelligence, curiosity, and playfulness allow everyone from the household to enjoy themselves with them.

Even pet enthusiasts with children can own Chinchilla Rabbits since these rodents get along well with kids.

Because they enjoy company and attention, they prove excellent house pets. Besides that, Chinchilla rabbits are easy-going, and they will even cheerfully tolerate cuddling. Pet enthusiasts who have even been with dogs and cats might make it the easy way with Chinchilla.

Chinchilla Rabbit Introduction and History

Chinchilla Rabbit is a rodent that was originally bred for mixed-purpose meat. However, they ended up as three distinct breeds that later went popular as pets.

The American Chinchilla Rabbits are one amongst them, whereas the other two are Standard Rabbits and Giant Rabbits. Chinchilla Rabbits are native to rocky, arid regions in South America. However, they in no way associate, relate, or interbreed with Chinchillas. 

History of Chinchilla Rabbits: Unlike many exotic animals, Chinchillas Rabbits aren’t very old. This breed was originally started in the early 1900s, by Monsieur Dybowski, in France.

Once their breeding went on successfully, the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognized standard Chinchillas in the 1930s. 

Chinchilla Rabbit Species Taxonomy

NameChinchilla Rabbit
Other NamesNone
Scientific NamesNot Known
StatusCritically Endangered
UsageMeat, Fur, and Domestication
SizeStandard Chinchilla: 5.5 to 7 lb (2.5 to 3.2 kg)
American Chinchilla: 9 to 12 lb (4.1 to 5.4 kg)
Giant Chinchilla: 12 to 16 lb (5.4 to 7.3 kg)
LifespanUp to 8 or 9 years

Are Chinchilla Rabbits legal in the US?

Fortunately, Chinchilla Rabbits are legal in most parts of the United States. One can legally purchase and own Chinchilla Rabbits and continue their usage as pets.

Especially since the American Chinchillas Rabbits have gone rare, authorities encourage pet enthusiasts to adopt and breed more rodents. 

Is Chinchilla Rabbit legal to own in Australia?

No, the Australian authorities do not allow or legalize any animal which is non-native, for example, ‘Chinchilla Rabbit.’

Since the Australian ecosystem is quite delicate, introducing a new species (even if it is non-violent) can prove harmful and damaging to the native species.

Also, the temperature in Australia might not suit the basic requirement of Chinchilla Rabbits, and the poor rodents will possibly die.

Is Chinchilla Rabbit legal to own in South Africa?

South Africa’s legislation currently has no legal definition for a non-native pet animal.

Therefore the status of importing, trading, and possessing Chinchilla Rabbits in South Africa is still unknown.

Is Chinchilla Rabbit legal to own in Hawaii?

For the most part, all exotic animals are illegal in Hawaii, though Chinchilla Rabbits are the exception.

However, for bringing them as pets, one must require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI).

Also, gaining a license/ permit is also mandatory.

More about Chinchilla Rabbits

Chinchilla Rabbits Housing Needs

As a general thumb rule, while housing a rabbit, always ensure that their cage is 4 times their body size.

Especially with Chinchilla rabbits, keep it as the minimum recommendation since these rodents need more space to walk and chill around.

Consider going for a hard plastic enclosure, though make sure it is tightly secured since these animals are good at opening things and escaping.

Line the cage with Grass/sisal mats for the rodent to walk comfortably. The enclosure will also need a small blanket, rabbit wood to gnaw, a feeder, and drinking water.

Chinchilla Rabbit Temperature and Humidity Needs

Chinchilla rabbits can’t take high temperatures and humidity simply due to their thick fur.

Therefore, the best temperature to house them is 60°F and 75°F. At the same time, the humidity level should stay below 60%. 

Chinchilla Rabbit Dietary Needs

The daily diet of the Chinchilla Rabbit must contain a major part of Hay paired with some vegetables and a few pellets. For Hay, high-quality grass-like Timothy, Orchard, or Brome is some great options.

Also, do add a regular supplement of leafy vegetables to your pet rabbit’s diet. As long as the veggies are not high in Carbs or the Rabbit isn’t suffering from Diarrhea, you can continue feeding them vegetables.

Chinchilla Rabbit Cleaning Needs

Every once in a week, clean your pet Chinchilla’s enclosure/ cage. Remove all the feces ad dropping and consider washing their bedding.

You can also wipe off the cage with a damp cloth for deep sanitization. However, never attempt bathing the Rabbit.

Common Health Problems with Chinchilla Rabbits

Chinchilla Rabbits commonly suffer from health problems like overgrown and impacted teeth, Bloating, Diarrhea, and skin issues.

How much does a Chinchilla Rabbit cost?

The purchasing cost of a small Chinchilla Rabbit can range anywhere from $70 to $150.

Where to buy a Chinchilla Rabbit?

Where to find a Chinchilla Rabbit Breeder? Chinchilla Rabbits are rare and thus slightly difficult to find in pet stores. Instead, look for your local breeder or ranches that breed Chinchilla Rabbits. 

Or, contact any animal/ pet enthusiast who already owns a pair of Chinchillas (male and female). You can ask them to purchase or adopt if there’s any baby rabbit available. 

For more information, you can contact

Chinchillas Rabbit Facts for Kids

  • Chinchilla Rabbits, unlike Standard Rabbits, have a grey coat. 
  • Despite their name, Chinchilla Rabbits are not related to Chinchillas.
  • There are three breeds of Chinchilla rabbit recognized by the ARBA, “American Rabbit Breeders Association,” including Standard, American, and Giants.
  • Chinchillas Rabbits were initially bred for fur and meat.
  • Some Chinchillas Rabbits grow no more than rats.
  • Chinchilla Rabbits are extremely social and therefore live in colonies of 100s.
  • Even though you might commonly find them, Chinchilla Rabbits are critically endangered.
  • Chinchilla Rabbits, though they are native to South America, they were originated in France.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chinchilla Rabbits Shed?

Yes, it is common for Chinchilla Rabbits to shed during the month of Falls and Springs. However, even then, they do not need a lot of maintenance.

Are Chinchilla Rats?

Chinchilla isn’t Rats; however, both of them belong to the same Rodent family.

Do Chinchillas Rabbit bite?

Chinchilla rabbits, though they are extremely affectionate and friendly, at times, they can bite. When they feel threatened, they can bite your finger or pierce through the skin. Their bite will make you feel in immense pain for a few minutes.

Wrapping up…

Can you keep a Chinchilla Rabbit as a pet? Yes, as long as your local authorities allow, you can keep Chinchilla Rabbit as a pet.

However, if you already own a dog or cat, rabbits aren’t the best second pet option for you.