Can Tonkinese Cats Go Outside? (5 Reasons, 4 Tips)

Can Tonkinese Cats Go Outside? (5 Reasons, 4 Tips)

Have you ever looked out your window on a beautiful day while petting your Tonkinese and asked yourself, “Can Tonkinese cats go outside?

Whether or not it is a good idea for Tonkinese cats to go outside depends on the individual owner and what they prefer. Some owners prefer to never let their cat outside because of various factors such as the cat could get injured, there might be dangerous animals nearby, the cat might get fleas from other animals, etc.

On the other hand, some owners live in more rural places with no dangerous animals nearby, and/or they have a more enclosed outdoor space for their cat to do its business. In these cases, it can be okay if the cat goes outside.

However, it is generally a better idea for a Tonkinese cat to stay indoors because it will keep them safe from potential predators lurking in the bushes.

Additionally, it may be more difficult for them to find their way home if they are out in the wild because they may not have had much experience navigating before being brought inside.

It is also important that Tonkinese cats are spayed or neutered if they go outside.

This will help reduce the number of unwanted kittens/cats around town and ensure that your cat does not get pregnant while out in the wild. Tonkinese cats often do very well with leash training, but it is generally better for them to stay indoors until they are done growing up.

5 Beneficial Reasons To Take Your Tonkinese Cat Outside

There are many benefits to taking your Tonkinese cat outside. Here are five of them!

#1 Cats need exercise

Cats need exercise just like us humans do. When they don’t get it, they tend to become overweight, which is bad for their health and can shorten their lifespan and cause other problems such as arthritis and diabetes.

Taking them outside every day will help keep them slim and healthy by burning off excess calories and promoting a more active lifestyle, allowing them to live longer, happier lives with you.

#2 Enjoy the outdoors

Tonkinese cats love being outdoors. They will love it just as much as you will, so try to take them out for walks every day if possible. They enjoy smelling new scents, chasing bugs, climbing, or any grassy place.

#3 Tonkinese cat’s behavior

Cats taken outside every day are more likely to become well-behaved indoors than those who don’t go outside at all.

There can be many reasons for this; Tonkinese cats who spend time outdoors tend to have less destructive behavioral issues because they are preoccupied with their outdoor adventures and cannot find anything else to keep themselves occupied or simply because they tire themselves out after a long day of exploring which leaves them too tired to bother playing around inside.

#4 Socializing Tonkinese cats

Tonkinese cats who go outside every day are also less likely to run away because they have become used to being out in the open and exploring new places.

Over time, it gets harder for them to leave the comfortable life they have already established, so Tonkinese cats who go outside every day will be good outdoor cats and well-adjusted indoor ones!

#5 Injuries from cars

Lastly, taking your Tonkinese cat outside prevents serious injuries from cars or other moving objects that can seriously harm your pet.

Walk your Tonkinese for a few blocks a day, and you’ll all thank me later – especially when you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg at the vet’s office getting stitches or surgery done on your cat after a dreadful accident.

Tonkinese Cats Can Go Outside If Properly Trained

The first thing people think about when they ponder whether Tonkinese cats can go outside is the danger of big predators like coyotes and dogs.

However, there are other things to consider, such as weather conditions and traffic. And then, of course, if your cat will be allowed outside unsupervised or not.

It’s not just a “can Tonkinese cats go outside?” question – but rather, it’s more of a “can Tonkinese cats go outside safely?” question.

If you feel that your cat is ready to go out, there are some things you can do to make it safe and enjoyable for them and everything else in the area:

  1. Keep your cat on a leash at all times.
  2. Make sure they only venture out in the early morning or late evening when it’s not so hot and not so bright out – this will also decrease their risk of being hit by traffic.
  3. Be with them every time they want to explore something new (such as a different yard) – don’t allow them to be free-roaming without someone supervising them.
  4. Never let your cat outside without a collar and proper ID tags – if they get lost, this will increase their chance of being returned to you.
  5. There are catios available for those who want to let their cats enjoy the outdoors but don’t want them running free.

If you follow these safety guidelines, your Tonkinese cat should be able to explore the open world safely.

However, you must know what you’re doing before allowing them to run free. Also, make sure that if anyone else may be watching them (such as children), they also know how to act around cats.

Lastly, always keep an eye on weather conditions, traffic, or anything out of the ordinary that might cause harm.

However, despite all of this, some cats will never take to the outdoors and be happier inside. If you’re worried about whether your Tonkinese cat can go outside, it might be a good idea to talk to an experienced breeder or adopter before taking any further steps.

Final Thoughts

Can Tonkinese cats go outside? To give the right answer once more, Tonkinese cats can go outside if it is safe for them to do so. If you choose to let your Tonkinese cat go outside, make sure they are spayed or neutered.

This will help prevent unwanted kittens around town and ensure they are not roaming too far away from home. It is also important that you leash train them before letting them out to know how to get back inside if they ever get lost.