Can I Feed My Dog Thrice Every Day

Can I Feed My Dog Thrice Every Day?+How often to feed Your Dog?

The number of times you feed your dog in a day will depend on several factors. Experts believe that a normal, healthy dog should be fed not more than twice a day.

If you as the dog owner feel guilty eating three meals a day and sometimes snacks in-between, you should consider the health of the pet too.

There are several ways you should decide whether you can feed your dog thrice every day or not;

Let The Dog Decide

If you are looking for someone to give advice on how much to feed your dog daily, you are surely in the right place.

Some pet experts will suggest that you let the dog decides how many times in a day you must feed her.

Dogs with healthy weights that are not having constant accidents in the house can be fed based on the free choice feeding method, including the three times a day option.

You may also consider the option of allowing the dog to graze by leaving the food out there all day. This means the dog can eat only when she feels like doing so.

Highly active dog breeds like border collies, for instance, can be fed thrice a day because they burn calories all through the day.

Don’t feed dog breeds that lazy around on the couch, thrice a day. Such breeds don’t burn as many calories as the active breeds and they may become obese.

If you will likely leave food all day for an active dog, you should consider dry foods only because they do spoil quickly.

Nursing dogs will normally prefer this free-choice option because they need more nutrients and more energy.

Make sure you leave food in places that wouldn’t expose them to rodents, racC00Ns, and other animals.

Control The Portions

Controlling the portion of foods, you give to your dog, can also be a good option in deciding how much to give her in a day.

If you have to feed her thrice a day, you may break two portions into three, to avoid excess feeding.

The control option method is the perfect option for dogs that wouldn’t stop eating.  You need to measure the weight of the dog.

For the commercial dog food, you should make use of the feeding portion printed on the container of the feed, according to the weight of the dog.

Sometimes, the suggested amount of feed on the container is more than what your dog needs, you will need your veterinary doctor to help you work out the ideal portion your dog needs.

It is better to feed your dog twice daily at 10-12-hour intervals or split the meals into 3 and feed her thrice at 4-5-hour intervals.  The most important thing here is the recommended portion.

Use The Clock To Determine When To Feed Your Dog

If you are unsure whether feeding your dog thrice daily is the right thing, you should consider using the clock to work it out.

If you are unbothered about possible over-eating but you don’t want to leave food around for the dog all day, then the time-feeding option will be your best choice.

This option simply means you set a certain time to give your dog smaller portions, for instance, every 2 hours. Once the time is up, you must throw out whatever the dog has not eaten.

When you return and offer food again after several hours, you may discover that the dog will eat more than before. This type of feeding method will help in eliminating waste.

What About Dog Treats?

If you are considering feeding your dog 3 times a day, then your dog treats should only comprise 5% of the entire feed. If you want to feed the dog twice a day, experts suggest no more than 10% of the feed should be treated.

It has been observed that treats normally constitute more calories in dogs’ diets that can make them gain weight quickly if such treats are not regulated.

You should also consider the 5-10% treat composition based on the activity and weight of the dog breed. If you find it difficult to determine what 5-10% treat composition means, you may ask your veterinary doctor for help.

If you have to use treats for dog training, you should do so sparingly. You may want to set aside some of the healthy dog foods as treats when you reward your dog with treats.

Does Your Dog Have Underlying Conditions?

Does your dog look healthy still eating more than necessary? This could be a sign of underlying digestive or non-digestive issues.

If you feed your healthy dog twice a day but she is asking for more, you may have to de-worm the animal after checking for any underlying issue.

Healthy dogs normally eat fewer times a day especially if they are not active, but active breeds should be fed thrice a day to help them sustain their energy and activity levels.

What Affects The Amount Of Food Your Dog Eats?

The amount of food your dog consumes may vary from time to time based on certain reasons.

If your dog falls pregnant becomes a nursing dog or becomes more active, you may have to feed her thrice a day instead of regular two meals.

Some dogs can be very sensitive to changing weather conditions and seasons. These dog breeds may eat more in extremely cold or hot conditions.

Similarly, your dog may eat more or less food if she is recovering from an illness or treatment with surgery or medication


Using the guidelines on commercial dog food as regards feeding could be the best possible way to start feeding your dog. The guidelines will also help you determine how many times in a day you should feed the dog.

Dogs that consume food excessively may need a feed that contains fillers to help them get filled up quickly without eating unhealthy foods. It is important to know your dog’s feeding needs before you adopt and take her into your home.

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