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Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni? 8 Health Risks + 4 Tips

Can dogs eat pepperoni? This question is asked on the internet most frequently. No foody canine will permit its owner to enjoy a meal without wanting a chunk of the action. This is specifically genuine for meals that smell seasoned, fatty meat, including pizza. As a loving parent, it could be particularly tough to say no to your canine, specifically if the food incorporates meat. The pepperoni in pizza is a kind of processed meat. As such, it isn’t unusual for you to count on that it’s far more secure for your furry friend.

However, this isn’t the case, as now no longer all meat is safe for furry friends. So, is pepperoni safe for dogs? Let us find out.

What is pepperoni?

Pepperoni is a mixture of pork and beef. It is a highly processed food item. It is seasoned with paprika and chilli pepper giving it a spicy taste. 

Pepperoni is generally soft and red and has a smoky taste, giving it its feature scent and taste. Lovers of extra spicy meals discover pepperoni to be irresistible.

When placed on the grill, pepperoni will become even greater irresistible, because it turns into more chewy and crispy food, thereby increasing its texture and taste.

Pepperoni is one of the most used as a pizza topping as a shape of some skinny slices, as you only want a touch of this meat to decorate the pizza’s taste. It’s additionally an exquisite choice for pizza because it mixes splendidly with melted cheese.

Can dogs eat pepperoni?

A brief answer is no. There is no need for your Dog to consume pepperoni. This meat product consists of an excessive amount of sodium and fats for dogs. The other flavours and seasonings of pepperoni are also not good for a dog’s digestive system. 

If your canine is asking for pepperoni, you could give it a chunk as a treat. Know well that the following time is going to be in more than one month.

If you feed your doggo pepperoni frequently, you positioned your canine vulnerable to having intense health problems like

  • Digestive problems
  • Kidney damage
  • Salt poisoning
  • Pancreatitis

Why is pepperoni bad for furry friends?

The ingredients in pepperoni can cause different health issues to your doggy. Some of the ingredients are highly toxic.

If you feed your dog pepperoni regularly, he can suffer from high blood pressure, upset stomach, anaemia, etc.

Given below are the pepperoni ingredients to stay away from-


Pepperoni contains a high quantity of sodium. This can cause sodium toxicity to your doggo.

One slice of pepperoni contains 0.001 oz sodium, and a 3.53 oz pack has 0.06 oz sodium. In canines, sodium poisoning occurs at 0.07 oz to 0.1 oz of sodium per kg of the total body weight. 0.14 oz sodium per kg is fatal for dogs.

For example, a dog of 88 lbs can have sodium toxicity if he consumes 2.8 oz of sodium or more.

Sodium toxicity can cause high blood pressure, dehydration, organ failure, and death in some cases.

Saturated fats

Saturated fats are bad for humans as well as dogs. 

One slice of pepperoni(0.07 oz) has a fat count of 0.03 oz and 0.01 oz of them are saturated. Fourteen slices(1 oz) have a fat count of 0.46 and 0.17 oz of them are saturated.

NRC said that the daily fat needs of a dog are –

  • Adult dogs: 0.49 oz
  • Puppies and younger dogs: 0.74 oz

This implies that 14 slices of pepperoni are enough to fulfill the needs of fats for adult dogs with an excessive amount of saturated fats. 

Can a dog get heart disease due to pepperoni?

The answer is no. Dogs have a better HDL: LDL cholesterol ratio. They have good resistance to heart diseases. However, fats can upset their stomach and cause diabetes, pancreatitis, and obesity.


There are a variety of seasonings for pepperoni. Some of them are highly toxic for your furry friend. 

For example, garlic is the most common seasoning for pepperoni. Garlic comes from the Allium family. It’s the same family from where onions, chives, shallots, and leeks come.

Garlic is one of the worst food items given to dogs. This is due to its toxicity. 0.53 oz to 1.06 oz garlic per kg of your dog’s total body weight is toxic. 

Clove is 0.14 oz to 0.25 oz. Hence your dog needs to eat a lot of cloves to reach the toxicity level.  However, the effect of garlic is progressive. If your doggo consumes it regularly, it can cause toxicity.

Garlic and onion are more powerful in granulated form. Garlic powder is most commonly used in pepperoni.

One teaspoon of garlic powder is equal to eight cloves. Hence this can easily harm your dog and leave serious issues. Symptoms of garlic toxicity include damage to red blood cells, gastroenteritis, kidney failure, anaemia, or even death.

High in calories

Pepperoni is high in saturated fats and also high in calories. It is very easy for a dog to exceed the daily calorie count. He will only need to eat pepperoni regularly. 

Obesity and excess weight leads to various heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, etc. 


The colour and flavour of pepperoni are fabricated with sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate is not a problem, but it can convert into nitrites and nitric oxide which is harmful.

Low nutrition value

Pepperoni provides very low nutritional values. Pepperoni primarily has proteins in it. However, the dangers far outweigh the tiny quantity of proteins your canine may get. 

It’s a lot better to pick out meats and different high-quality assets that won’t place your canine’s existence at risk.


Pepperoni naturally includes peppers. Peppers are not toxic like garlic and salt but can displease your furry friend.

The symptoms include major digestive problems, diarrhoea, excessive gas, and an upset stomach. 

What happens if a dog eats a slice of pepperoni pizza?

Large portions of the fairly high amount of processed meat are probably to make your canine sick. However, even small quantities may damage your dog’s fitness if he has never had such meat before.

In addition to its high-fat content, pepperoni is very spicy. Spicy meals must now no longer be given to doggies, as their digestive systems have a tough time processing these kinds of spices.

Pepperoni has many substances which can be added to beautify its taste. These encompass paprika, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, garlic powder, black pepper, etc, and none of these things are good for your furry friend.

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Can dogs have a little bit of pepperoni?

A wholesome food regimen for dogs generally includes foods with a boring taste and very little seasoning. Therefore, with the aid of feeding pepperoni to your canine in massive quantities, you’re likely to upset their stomach, which may bring about symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea.

The fat content in pepperoni is likewise to increase the weight of your dog in case you do not minimize the quantity which you are giving him. This is due to the fact pepperoni has more than 500 calories per 100 gm.

Unfortunately, these calories are of the low-quality type, which means that they do not have any benefits on your canine in any way.

Smaller doggies are more prone to weight gain from massive servings of pepperoni than larger dogs. Larger dogs can eat above moderate pepperoni, as long as they get a thorough workout after the meal. Nonetheless, this isn’t always recommended.

It is likewise important to bear in mind the sort of meat that pepperoni is made from, as that also performs an enormous role in the way it influences your canine’s fitness. For example, turkey pepperoni is infamous for holding absurd quantities of salt.

You must be aware that an excessive amount of sodium in a dog’s diet can result in increased blood pressure and can put your dog at risk of coronary heart disease. It can also stress your furry friend’s digestive system, ensuing problems such as pancreatitis.

Does pepperoni give dogs diarrhoea?

As we already discussed, you should not feed your doggo pepperoni.

It is not toxic for your dog but can lead to different health issues.

The most common problems are nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhoea. 

Also, pepperoni has a spicy flavour that can cause diabetes, bloat, pancreatitis, and obesity.

What foods or Ingredients are toxic for dogs?

  • Onion
  • Chives
  • Garlic
  • Corn
  • Chocolate
  • Avocado
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Alcohol
  • Xylitol
  • Cooked bones

Final words

Honestly, I understand you sharing pepperoni with your furry friend. But it is very important for you to understand the effects that pepperoni can have on your dog. 

We love our doggo unconditionally and hence want to share our food with our lovely pets. But talking about pepperoni, it can turn into a big problem for your dog. 

Hence, it’s better not to feed your dog pepperoni. If you love your dog, you need to be careful about what he is eating. 

Hope you enjoyed the article. We will be back with another informative and entertaining piece of writing. Till then stay connected. Thank you.

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