Best Cat Breeds for Apartments

9 Best Cat Breeds for Apartments (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

Whilst people commonly prefer adopting dogs there are many who love to adopt cats. Cats also can be very friendly, playful, and great with kids. And, if you do bring one home, then that can prove to be one of the most rewarding things that you did for yourself.

They are sure to make you feel loved and wanted as no one else can. Now, cats make perfect pets, if you live in an apartment, you must be wondering which felines are the best cat breeds for apartments.

Well, continue reading, as we are about to discover the 9 best cat breeds for apartments!

The 9 Best Cat Breeds for Apartments

Many cats can live in an apartment or other small spaces if you provide them enough play, attention, and even environmental enrichment. Cats that have low to moderate energy levels will live happily in small spaces, and even active cats can do well if they get enough exercise.

So, without further ado, let us discover the top cat breeds that will do perfectly well in your apartment.

Here are the 9 best cat breeds for apartments:

1. Persian – Docile Cats for Apartments

Persian cats are known for being sweet, calm, and docile. Unlike some other cat breeds, Persian cats are not hyperactive. Generally, they will spend almost the entire day sleeping, and this is why they make a perfect fit for apartments.

But remember, even though they are docile, does not mean they need no playtime. You have to find out the time and pet them and also give them a few toys to keep them busy.

Persian Cat

2. Maine – Gentle Giants for Apartments

Also called ‘gentle giants’, Maine’s are sociable, easygoing, and friendly. You may feel that such a big cat will need a lot of space to explore.

However, the fact is, they can stay happily busy in whatever space they have. Just make sure that you keep items like lamps and electronics secured as your gentle giant may drop them off while moving around.

You cannot even blame them as some of them can grow around 40 inches if measured from nose to tail.

Maine Cat

3. Scottish Fold – Compact Body Breed for Small Apartments

Scottish Fold cats have a compact body, and folded ears, and they are relatively calm. They do not demand too much attention.

And, what is great is that they love getting cuddled by their owners. However, if you do not handle them well, they can scratch. So, make sure everyone in your house knows how to handle this compact cat.

Scottish Fold Cat

4. Ragdoll – Friendly Breed For Bigger Apartments

A Ragdoll will follow you around the house, but otherwise, you cannot consider them to be hyperactive. They love being held by their human parents and are even friendly to strangers.

Ragdolls are even quite large so make sure you have enough space in your apartment to allow them to move around easily without knocking over things. These cats are quite docile but they do need physical and mental stimulation at least once in a while.

Ragdoll Cat

5. Sphynx – Perfect Apartment Cats For Those Who Have Allergies

A Sphynx does not really look like other cats. Other cats usually have fur, but Sphynx has little to no fur at all. This is why not everyone finds them attractive. But, the fact is they are cuddly and sociable.

In fact, because they do not have fur they are not hypoallergenic. So, if you or anyone in your family has allergies, then a Sphynx will prove to be a perfect choice. And, you will not even have to worry about cleaning fur every now and then.

What is also great is that these cats are small, friendly, active, and at times, even cuddly. But they also have high energy levels and thus are a better fit for larger apartments.

Sphynx Cat

6. British Shorthair – Apartment-Friendly Loyal Cat Breed

British Shorthairs are popular for their adaptability. They are among the oldest breeds that were used by Romans to keep rodents and snakes away.

Later on, through selective breeding, they were made fit to suit other environments. They even have Persian bloodlines, and this is why they are slightly stocky, laid back, and have a dense coat.

This breed is known to be loyal to its owners but they do not easily mingle with strangers. They do not demand too much attention, are not very playful, and are thus perfect for living in apartments.

British Shorthair

7. Russian Blue – Less Demanding And Apartment Friendly Breed

Not too much is known about their origin, just that they likely came from Northern Russia. However, they certainly do make a great choice for apartments because though they are social, they are not very demanding.

They are not even too curious and would like to stay in one place throughout the day, preferably in some elevated area.

Russian Blues are moderately active and they will enjoy playing with toys.

They have a slender body, thick fur, and greyish coat color. Also, they do not shed too many allergens, so a good option for those with allergies.

Russian Blue

8. Exotic Shorthair – Sweet-Natured Breed, Fit For Apartments

If you love Persian cats but cannot maintain their long coat, then Exotic Shorthairs are a perfect alternative. These cats are also round build, easygoing, sweet-natured, and have a laid-back attitude like Persian cats.

However, at times, they can be livelier. If these cats are not sleeping on your lap you will likely find them playing with their toys.

 Exotic Shorthair

9. Birman – Beautiful Cats for Your Beautiful Apartment

Birman cats are very popular mostly because of their striking blue eyes, wonderful disposition, and plush white coat. These cats love spending time on their own, but can even be around you as you are busy doing your work.

But do not worry, they will not always demand attention. And, when they do want petting, they will let you know so in their soft voice.

This breed is very intelligent so make sure you offer them enough mental stimulation and interactive toys. Birmans do well in apartments and are friendly to kids and even other pets.

Birman cat


So, now that you are aware of the 9 best cat breeds for apartments, you can consider adopting any one of them. Just remember, though these cats can live in apartments, most of them need attention.

So, make sure you offer them the attention that they need, spend time with them, love and pamper them, and you will surely get more love and cuddles in return.