Benefits Of Raw Feeding Your dogs

5 Benefits Of Raw Dog Food Feeding

Anything processed seems to have unhealthy effects on the human body, and it goes the same for animals. Processed pet foods contain ingredients that may not be suitable for your pet’s wellbeing.

Many veterinarians observed that several household pets nowadays have been suffering from chronic conditions. Dogs are now struggling with obesity, allergies, and even diabetes.

Hence, you must carefully reassess and review the dietary and nutritional intake of your pet.

Raw dog food diets have incurred both agreement and displeasure among pet owners all over the world.

One thing is clear though, the trend for feeding dogs with raw meat, bones, and organic fruits and vegetables has recently been increasing.

As people are now more aware of the importance of healthy living, the same habits and practices were applied to pets.

However, a raw dog food diet is not just a fad. It’s truly healthy and good for your dog. Here are some sustainable benefits that your dog can experience when they go into a raw dog food diet:

1. Whiter Teeth And Fresher Breath

Don’t expect your dog to have pearly white teeth when they start eating raw. However, you will notice that their dental hygiene will improve compared to feeding them with commercial food.

Their teeth condition will lighten, their breath will smell better, and their gums will also be more robust and healthier. In short, you don’t have to constantly wonder what your dog ate and why it has an unpleasant breath.

Your pooch will be adorably kissable, and you won’t even mind when they would constantly lick your face.

2. Leaner Muscles And Better Physique

One of the advantages of raw food diet for dogs is that it will help them build leaner muscles. Although many other land animals and poultry farm animals tend to need fat for taste and economic purposes, it is not the same for dogs. Fats will weaken your dog over time and will result in complex diseases or declining health.

Since dogs are usually hyperactive and playful, it will be better for them to use their lean muscles to sustain daily activities. Their heart should be in the healthiest state possible.

Get them involved in some muscle-building activities to help retain their fitness and health as much as possible. With a raw dog food diet, your dog will not be prone to any inflammation or arthritis.

This will also result in a longer life span and you’ll have more enjoyable times with your healthy and happy dog.

3. Stronger Immune System

You will soon notice the difference between a pampered dog fed with commercial food and a wild dog animal that eats only raw food.

Usually, wolves or wild dogs tend to be more resilient to diseases because they have stronger immune systems. And as you guessed it, their diet only consists of raw meat and wild berries or fruit.

What’s good about the raw dog food diet is that they contain fatty acids and nutrients that will help boost a dog’s immune system.

Some components will reduce the occurrence of inflammatory conditions. When your dog has an excellent immune system, they can live longer and you won’t have to pay a lot for medical treatments.

4. Vibrant Energy

There may be times when your dog seems too hyperactive while on some days, they just lie down in their favorite spot, feeling all weak and gloomy.

You can get rid of these unstable mood swings by feeding them raw dog food. There will be a massive significance in their behaviors depending on the food you give them.

In many cases, if you feed your dog with too many carbs, it will cause them to be very active and restless. However, when it’s all digested, the drop will make them feel tired and weak.

Commercially processed dog foods make your fur baby lethargic at times and a bundle of loose wires the next. Shifting to a raw dog food meal plan will, however, help stabilize their energy levels.

5. Glowing Coats

Many pet owners have observed this noticeable change in their dog’s skin and coats. It has become shinier, smoother, and glowing. Within weeks, you will gradually watch the improvement they have, as it becomes softer to touch.

The raw dog food diet contains lesser carbohydrates and is more concentrated on easy-to-digest proteins, healthy fats, zinc, and vitamin E sources. All these nutrients help improve the quality of your dog’s coat.

To prove this point, you should take some photos of your pooch before you shift to a raw dog food diet, and you’ll be able to spot the difference in a matter of weeks.


Your dog can get many benefits from a raw dog food diet. Not only will this diet improve their overall health, immune system, muscles, and dental hygiene, but they also become more energetic and vibrant-looking.

Just like humans, dogs can also live longer and healthier with the proper diet and lifestyle.