Are Owls Bad Luck

Are Owls Bad Luck? (Valid Answer) Owl Myths Busted

Wondering If Owls bring Bad Luck? Honestly, it depends on you to consider owls’ bad luck or good luck. They are very fascinating animals and are foreboding in their way. Many myths regarding them have confused us for generations. 

Some consider them to be good luck and others consider them to be bad luck. This differs from culture to culture. Good luck and bad luck depend on the circumstances. If you find an owl in your backyard, it could be an invitation to depend on your inner wisdom. 

On the other hand,  it is also believed that if you see an owl during the day, a tragedy is coming towards you. In a few American superstitions, owls are considered to be the spirits of the dead who roam around throughout the night. 

There is no similarity in these beliefs as it is based on community beliefs. However, these beliefs are baseless and do not have scriptural support. 

Are Owls Bad Luck
  • It is assumed that if an owl starts to sit in any residence then there could be monetary, property and relationship issues in the residence.
  • If an owl sits on the roof or balcony and starts to make sounds then there could be the demise of an important family member soon.
  • If an owl cries close to the main gate of the residence constantly for 3 days then there could be monetary or cash loss because of a robbery at home.
  • While travelling if you come across an owl making a sound, then it is considered auspicious. Owls making sounds in the course of travels means dreams can be fulfilled.
  • Seeing an owl on the left or listening to the owl sound from the left side is considered meritorious and desirable luck.
  • Seeing an owl or listening to its sound on the right side is considered bad luck.
  • Locating an owl on the back is considered good luck.

Why Are Owls Considered Bad Luck?

The most common myth about owls is that they bring bad luck. It is considered a messenger of the witch.

For intense, ancient Greek and Roman legends believe that witches transform into owls to do black magic. In some other cultures, owls are considered harbingers of evil. 

Owls are very mysterious animals and various species hunt during the night, this can impact their personality in a bad way. 

Therefore, it is important to think about superstitions with a pinch of salt. If you find an owl sitting on your roof, it is not sure that you will die. Such superstitions are very important for many individuals, however, there is no base for them.  

Why Are Owls Associated With Death?

Owls are associated with death in various cultures due to the fact that they have a predatory nature and stealthily move at night.

Some individuals also believe that an owl sitting on their roof reflects death in that house. According to the Hopi culture, burrowing owls can manifest with the god of the dead. 

Common myths about owls

  1. Myth: Owls are sensible.

Reality: Owls are frequently seen as smart because of their huge eyes, effective posture and silence. Owls are precise at doing what they want to do to continue to exist in the wild, however, they’re pretty slow and frequently stubborn when it comes to seeking to train them to do different things. 

  1. Myth: If you touch a toddler’s owl, the mom will abandon it.

Reality: Many humans agree that if they touch a toddler owl, the mom will reject it. This is unfaithful for the large majority of animals, including owls. Owl parents simply need their child back to take care of it. Therefore, only touching younger owls if important for health or protection reasons.

  1. Myth: An owl may want to carry off and consume an infant.

Reality: This would be truly impossible. Human toddlers do not look like owl prey, and they’re too heavy to carry off. 

Overcoming Superstitions Related To Owls

Although a few superstitions can be positive and hold the owls in a good position, the majority of the superstitions are harmful. Overcoming superstitions is a good way to minimise the impact of logic-less beliefs and superstitions. 

Here are a few ways that can help you to understand owls better. 

  • Learn correct facts about the owls and spread your thoughts on how amazing the owls are without any exaggerated fables or legends. 
  • Try to share bowling opportunities and give others the opportunity to see owls naturally, without having a mindset about them. This way everyone will be able to understand how beautiful and beneficial owls can be.
  • Plant out educational events to educate people about owls. You can also include rehabilitated owl ambassadors to introduce people and children to real owls. 
  • Join programs from natural centres, owl rescue, and raptor interest groups. This will help you to spread awareness about owls and help in owl conservation

By overcoming the superstitions regarding owls, these pretty creatures can enjoy their living rather than being endangered. Then, everyone will be able to save and preserve them without thinking of the baseless superstitions. 

What Does It Mean If An Owl Visits You?

According to some beliefs, if an owl visits you in the morning, it brings good fortune for you for the whole day. This is because the morning time is the best time for receiving blessings from god.

Talking practically, an owl usually visits you if there are opportunities for him to hide and hunt. An owl will visit usually wooded and thick areas with a lot of safe spots and cover. This will help them as a subterfuge for hunting. 

If your backyard has thick foliage, owls may choose a branch at a height to seek food. Owls can also visit you if your yard is overgrown, foliage, uncut gardens, and thick grass are home for smaller prey like rats, mice, and voles.


In conclusion, I would say that owls do not bring bad luck to our lives. They are majestic creatures and are just affected by the baseless superstitions that many communities believe. On the other hand, there are also some superstitions that suggest that owls also bring good luck. However, this is also a superstition that some communities believe. 

All these superstitions are just coincidences that we must not take very seriously. Things are going to happen anyway. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more informative and interesting pieces of writing. Till then stay connected. Thank you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to have owls around your house?

Talking practically, owls can trouble you sometimes. However, if you do not have chickens or any other outdoor pets then they can help you reduce pest population in your backyard. In a single season, an owl can eat hundreds of pests and garden-eating rodents. 

Which colour owl is good luck?

One of the most interesting superstitions is that a while coloured owl brings luck in life, however other owls are a sign of bad luck. Still, I don’t think we must believe these kinds of superstitions as they are very baseless. 

What is the spiritual meaning of an owl?

The spiritual meanings of an owl include – Supernatural power, observant listening, Independent thinking, Intuition and Wisdom