Are Maine Coons Dangerous

Are Maine Cats Dangerous? [2022 Facts check]

The largest domesticated cat breed in the world is no other than Maine. They are notorious for their incredible size, intelligence, and hunting skill. Many potential owners wonder if this breed is even safe to own.

So, Are Maine Cats Dangerous? Do not worry, as Maine’s are safe to keep as pets, and they are as dangerous as any other cat breed.

Despite their large size and likeness to other wild cat predators, Maine’s are a very gentle and loving breed. If you have ever met a cat of this breed, you would know that they are quite playful and affectionate.

Maine Breed Personality

Maine’s have some of the best temperaments in all of the cat breeds. They are the definition of “gentle giants.” You would be hard-pressed to find a Maine that is constantly aggressive and attacking others.

Maine’s are so gentle and patient that they take care not to hurt their owners or other companions. They are highly intelligent, so they know that their size could mean harm if they are not careful.

Furthermore, Maine’s are very affectionate, and owners are made well aware of that by their actions. If you are thinking about getting a Maine, expect it to want a lot of attention and cuddles, but do not worry, as they are not too clingy.

Of course, with this affection comes a playful attitude. Maine’s are almost like dogs in their love of games and playtime.

Some Maine’s even learn to walk on leashes and play fetch with their owners. You can expect it to retain the same level of kitten energy throughout its adulthood.

Maine Cat Behavioral Problems

Despite their amazing temperament, Maine’s can develop behavioral problems if treated poorly. Just like any other animal, how they have been raised plays a huge role in their behavior in the future. Owners need to stop any bad habits as soon as they reveal themselves.

Some behavioral problems are common in Maine’s, but none of them are overly dangerous. Many Maine’s do something called “spraying” where they will spray urine over a place to mark their territory. This trait is common in many animals, and it can be trained out of their system.

Some of the more destructive problems Maine’s has been scratching and biting. As previously mentioned, Maine’s are very gentle and will not scratch or bite others. However, they will scratch and bite playfully and typically on furniture and walls.

 If they are not given enough stimulation, Maine’s will resort to destroying objects. You need to play with them often and train them at a young age not to destroy things.

Aggression in Maine’s cat Breed

Because Maine’s are so gentle and affectionate, any aggression spotted in them is a sign that something may be wrong. A Maine can get aggressive if it feels unease or danger from its surroundings.

You should make sure that your house is safe to house a cat before thinking of getting one.

Jealousy is the most common reason a Maine might get aggressive. Their affectionate nature makes them easily jealous, especially if they are neglected.

If a new cat or addition to the family receives more affection than them, they could respond with aggression.

Other common causes of aggression can come from overstimulation. Again, Maine’s are very intelligent cats. If you do not give them enough stimulation, they can cause destruction in your homes.

Overstimulation, however, can cause them to get overwhelmed and respond aggressively. Loud sounds, extreme energy, and big changes can overstimulate your Maine.

Can Maine cat Kill You?

Technically, yes it can kill you, but so can every other cat breed. If a cat really wanted to, it could bite and claw at you in fatal areas such as your neck or wrists.

Given Maine’s size and hunting ability, they would have an easier time doing the task.

While it is possible for Maine’s to kill a human, the chances of that happening are extremely low. They are one of the most gentle breeds and least likely to attack.

Even smaller breeds have a higher chance of harming you because of Maines’ low aggression.

How Dangerous is Maine Cat Breed?

As previously mentioned, Maine’s are no more dangerous than any other cat breed. Even a cat breed that is a fraction of its size has the same danger level as Maine.

Due to their size, it would definitely be more difficult to fend off an attack from an angry Maine.

However, its docile nature offsets this facet of the breed, which levels out how dangerous it is.

Is Maine Safe with Children and Other Pets?

Believe it or not, Maine’s make excellent companions for other pets or children. Because the breed is so naturally friendly, they are extremely sociable and get along well with others. Maine’s loves playing with other animals and children.

Do not worry about your smaller pets or babies getting hurt by them, however, as they are very laid-back.

They will not be running around or clawing at others. Maine’s just genuinely enjoy having company around them.

Is Maine Breed Legal?

You may be wondering about the legality of owning a Maine. After all, they are quite large and resemble exotic big cats.

Do not worry as Maine’s are perfectly legal domestic pets. They can be legally owned, bred, and sold in most parts of the world.

It is recommended that you check in with your landlord before you get one, however, as they may classify as a large pet instead.


So, are Maine’s dangerous? The answer to that question is a resounding no. Maine’s are some of the most gentle, affectionate, and intelligent cats out there. They may be a little high-energy and playful, which can cause some destruction and damage.

Nevertheless, they are not harmful to keep as pets, and they can be the best companion you could ever hope to have. Maine’s are so safe that they are perfect for babies and other small animals. Do not fear their size, as that just means there is more of them to love!