Amazing Fish You Can Keep as Pets

8 Amazing Fish You Can Keep as Pets

There are some Friendly and hardy Fish You Can Keep as Pets, If you want to get into saltwater fishkeeping, you have plenty of species to choose from! Even beginner saltwater fish owners have options that are easier to take care of. These amazing fish are stunning and entertaining to watch! You’re sure to find one you love on this list. If you want to learn more about the coolest fish that you can keep as a pet, make sure to continue reading! We listed eight of the best species. Let’s get started!

1. Clownfish

Clownfish are fun, cute, colorful, and very easy to keep. The species is hardy and has a relaxed personality, making them a great saltwater fish for beginners.

Plus, kids love them! If you’re also interested in breeding fish, clownfish are a great species to start with.

When clownfish grow up in a well-kept tank, they turn out more vibrant. Additionally, the species is very active- you’re sure to enjoy watching them swim!

The clownfish also aren’t as shy as other beginner fish, making them one of the best choices for a saltwater tank.

Clownfish-Fish You Can Keep as Pets

2. Cardinalfish

Cardinalfish is another excellent choice for filling a saltwater tank. The species is inexpensive, although they’re slightly more complicated to care for than clownfish.

The cardinalfish is also somewhat more aggressive. However, they tend to form a school, making them fascinating to watch.

These saltwater fish come in a variety of colors and patterns. The red-spotted pajama cardinals have three distinct pattern sections on their bodies.

In contrast, the Kaudern Cardinalfish has a silver body with thick, black stripes on it.

These fish do hide during the day but are very active during the night. You’ll want to fill their tank with plenty of plants and decorations!

Cardinalfish Best Pet Fish

3. Yellow Watchman Goby

The Yellow Watchman Goby is unique in its appearance. These fish will eat any food, aren’t expensive, and are great for beginners.

This Goby is usually peaceful but might get territorial with other Watchman Gobies. It’s best to keep them in different tanks.

These fish are colorful and easy to spot. Plus, they have a distinct polka-dot pattern. Many fishkeepers recommend that you house them with pistol shrimp.

The Goby and shrimp work together to build their burrow and find food- which many people enjoy watching.

Overall, the Watchman Goby is most interesting when paired with a shrimp. You’ll enjoy watching the two hang out and work together.

When paired correctly, the two are inseparable. You should make sure to offer plenty of sand, rock, and other materials in the tank, so the shrimp have plenty of burrowing space.

Goby Best Pet Fish for kids

4. Green Chromis

The Green Chromis is very popular among beginner saltwater fish keepers. The species is very affordable, colorful, and has a ton of energy. They swim in schools too, making them fun to watch! You’ll want to buy more than one at a time.

Green Chromis fish are small, only growing to about three or four inches in size. However, you still want to provide them with a larger tank. These fish need a lot of open space- they move around constantly.

It’s enjoyable to watch them zooming around the tank, so you’ll want to make sure they have a lot of room.

5. Blue Devil Damselfish

Blue Devil’s Damselfish are vibrant, small, and pretty lively. However, they are a bit aggressive, so you’ll want to ensure you don’t house them with other aggressive fish. Damselfish are very small and don’t require a large tank either.

These Damselfish are constantly moving too. The species sticks close to the substrate and darts between rocks and plants.

They will scare away other fish from their territory, so it’s best to watch their behavior when adding them to a new tank.

Overall, people love this fish for its personality and vibrant coloration. Adding Damselfish to your saltwater tank is sure to make it feel more lively!

6. Coral Beauty

Many people also love the appearance of Coral Beauty. The species varies in color but usually have a dark purple or blue body with an orange stomach.

The Beauty adds a pop of color to any tank and is a good option for beginners.

The Coral Beauty is a reef fish, so make sure you plan on adding reef to your tank. They get along very well with other reef fish and usually aren’t aggressive.

Overall, they’re beautiful, fun to watch, and add unique colorations to your tank. If you’re new to fish keeping, this species also is simple to care for.

7. Copperband Butterfly

The Copperband Butterfly has a very distinct body shape. They’re large, square, and have long noses.

The species also features a white body with yellow and black stripes.

The fish’s narrow nose is excellent for reaching into holes or cracks in your aquarium, which helps with keeping it clean.

Many people love these fish for their unique appearance. However, you want to have some experience with a saltwater tank before you add this species. The Butterflyfish is a shy species and can be very picky with its food.

They aren’t aggressive but can be protective of their territories. Because of this, it’s best to only have one in a tank at a time.

8. Clown Triggerfish

The Clown Triggerfish has large, beautiful white dots on its black body, making for a unique pattern.

It would be best if you only kept them in a predator tank, as they will go after smaller fish.

However, keepers love the personality of these fish and say they’re very entertaining to have in a tank.

9. Guppy fish and Neon Tetras

The Guppy fish are tropical hardy fish, with beautiful color morphs on the body, making for a unique pattern.

They are found all over the globe and can easily survive in most environments without the special need for food and water and they make great pets for beginners.

Choose Fish You Love

Those were eight of the most amazing fish that you can own as a pet today. They are very different from one another- the species have distinct bodies, patterns, personalities, and more.

You can build an active or relaxing tank for fish, depending on your preferences.

Overall, you want to choose the fish you’re the most interested in. There are so many different species out there for you to discover! We’re sure you’ll find one that you love.