What Fish Are Good For Nano Tanks

What Fish Are Good For Nano Tanks?

Nano aquariums are quite famous for their small size that can be placed atop most furniture while giving off the aesthetic and mesmerizing look of normal-sized aquatic tanks.

Compared to substantial reef tanks, the nano reef aquarium is affordable in maintenance and overall cost. They exhibit the incredible sight of underwater living as they can be kept in any compacted or limited space.

Nano Reef Tanks

Nano reef aquariums take their audiences to peek into the life of most aquatic creatures. It can deliver the enjoyment a person could experience with its vast collection of reefs displayed in different color variations.

The nano tank is attributed to its small-scale box size that can fit into any corner within a house or office.

Anyone can enjoy the vivid and detailed display of that nano reef aquariums exhibit. An individual fascinated by the visual effects of aquatic nano tanks and wants to purchase, Aquarium Labs has a list that can be used as a guide in choosing the best nano reef aquariums available in the market.

Their portable size and versatility to be located anywhere make nano reef tanks an attractive project for most aquarium hobbyists and enthusiasts.

What can I put in a nano tank? What fish do well in a small tank?

You might ask, what is the perfect number for this tank size? Beginners in fish tanks are recommended to start with forty to seventy-five-gallon containers since the water volume is stable to maintain.

Sometimes novices in aquarium-based hobbies and taking care of aquatic life may consider the nano reef tank as an affordable alternative if they are saving resources for other projects.

Proper maintenance and attention to detail are required of beginners to sustain the habitat found within a nano reef tank successfully.

Versatility, portability, and mobility are the distinctive characteristics of a nano reef tank.

While being affordable and cool in appearance, it can be installed or placed atop limited spaces such as

  • A sofa corner table,
  • beside a desktop computer,
  • A bedroom stand,
  • coffee tables,
  • or any living room furniture.

Fishes Suitable For Nano Reef Tanks

Nano reef tanks are portable and mobile tanks combined with any decor or furniture for additional dramatic location ambiance.

Nano reef tanks can be considered an alternative to standard-sized fish tanks and can be maintained with the same care and thought.

Fishes to be placed within a nano reef tank habitat are most commonly under the nano freshwater variant.

1. Coral Cardinalfish

Coral Cardinalfish or Pajama Cardinalfish are the best choices for starters in the aquarium hobby industry.

They are the most purchased class of fishes for living in nano reef tank conditions.

Cardinalfish can be bought at an affordable price while small in size, even if they reach adulthood.

2. Coral Beauty Angelfish

Also known as two-spined angelfish, they are small-sized marine fish installed with nano reef tanks.

They are neutral, passively tempered small-scaled fish that can grow up to a few centimeters while maturing.

They come in different vibrant colors that add variations to the nano reef tank display.

3. Elacatinus

Neon Blue Goby, also famous as Elacatinus, are small fish highly distinctive of their piercing neon colors, which run from the top of their heads across their bodies’ length.

When neon gobies swim through a tank, it seems like light beams are being cast to, and fro that appears to contribute to an aquarium’s gorgeousness.

4. Blue Chromis

Originating from the Caribbean, these are peaceful saltwater fishes. They are another species of damselfish that has a noticeable iridescent apple-green or electric blue.

They are sometimes referred to as “blue-green chromis” and could grow a maximum of ten centimeters.

5. Ocellaris Clownfish

These are some of the most popular aquarium fishes that came from the ocean due to the animated movie titled Finding Nemo.

The clownfish is prominently known for its vibrant orange body with white stripes that run across their length, much like a zebra.

They can also be coated in different colors depending on the location they live in.


Nano reef aquariums are famous for their mobility and compact size. These close fish tanks can be placed anywhere with a limited or enclosed space.

Fishes that are to be installed inside nano reefs are the ones under the nano marine saltwater type due to their small bodies and compatibility with reef decors.

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