Why Yellow Lab Have Black, Brown or Pink Nose Why

Yellow Lab Nose Color: Why Labs Have Black, Brown, Or Pink Nose?

If you are a pet parent to a Yellow Labrador, you must have gone through some bizarre experiences. Yellow Labradors are available in a range of colors but do you know that their nose, too, can be of different shades? Yes, there are quite a lot of mystiques around Yellow Labradors, especially their nose color. While for some dog enthusiasts, the news is already broken, many still are unfamiliar with the fact. So, here’s all about Yellow Lab, their Colored Nose, and the Reason behind the same. 

Some Yellow Labradors are occasionally born without any pigment (or with very less) in their nose, which makes them appear Pink. These Labs are also known as Dudley Labradors or the Pink Nosed Labradors. Dudley Labradors have pink nose right from birth, and it stays the same throughout their life. On the other hand, some Yellow Labradors may have pink noses occasionally, which can be due to weather or the result of aging but is just transitory.

Dudley Lab – The Pink Nose Labrador

Yellow Labradors, also known as Dudley Labradors, have pink color noses. It is because they are born without any pigmentation in their eyes, nose, and paw, which makes these body parts appear pink. If not pink, some of the dogs can have pale color eyes as well. 

Lack of pigmentation isn’t any physical abnormality or defect but a unique genetic trait that is often passed down in generations of Yellow Labradors. This is purely a naturally occurring circumstance amongst the breed. 

Why Yellow Lab Have Black, Brown or Pink Nose Why

Dudley Labradors or Pink-Nosed Labradors Origin

Labradors originally were of three colors, including Yellow, Chocolate, and Black, all of which are dependent upon Genomic Locus. 

There are two Genomic Locus or Loci (plural) that are responsible for affecting pigmentation. The two genetic Loci, including B and Ee. 

The B Loci can be a combination of BB, Bb, or bb. Labradors who inherit BB or Bb turn out Black, whereas the one who inherits bb can turn out Yellow or Chocolate. However, the latter two colors highly depend upon Ee Loci. 

Again, Ee Loci can be a combination of EE, Ee, or ee. Here, Labradors who inherit EE or Ee with bb Loci will turn out Chocolate. At the same time, the Labradors who inherit ee with bb Loci turn out Yellow and would also be known as Dudley Labradors.

These Labs, due to reduced pigmentation, get pink noses and paws. This, though, is a natural genetic occurrence but rare. In some cases, reduced pigmentation may also result in a chocolate brown nose, but those dogs aren’t classified under the Dudley category. 

Every Labrador, or any dog for that matter, is born with a pink nose, paws, and rim of the eye. However, as and when they age, the pink turns into brown and black naturally. But in Dudley Labradors, every pink body part remains constant for their entire life, given less pigmentation and melanin effect. However, the reduction of Melanin does not affect any other body part, nor does it turn the dog into an Albino. 

Dudley Labradors is in no way inferior and have similar physical and mental traits as any other Labrador. 

Can A Black Or Chocolate Labrador Have Pink Nose?

Not Yellow/ Dudley, but other color Labradors too can have Pink Nose. Due to a natural process called depigmentation [loss or lightening of nose pigmentation (color)], many Lab noses turn pink with time. While the young phase, Labradors have black noses, paws, and eye rims. But as the dog age, the pigmentation in their body starts lightning up resulting in a pink nose and other body parts. 

Pigmentation in dogs is a result of an enzyme called Tyrosinase which is responsible for making Melanin. As the Labrador grows old, Tyrosinase becomes less effective, and the process is completely natural and harmless. During the advanced years of Labrador, their nose turns pink, especially if the dog resides in a colder region.

However, a dog who stays in a warmer area may still have brown or black noses since Tyrosinase works better in regions with hotter climates. Given Tyrosinase is a temperature-driven enzyme, it usually turns dark noses turn pink, which is also referred to as Snow noses in Labradors.

Is Pink Nose In Labradors A Medical Concern?

Not always, but yes Pink Nose in Labradors, at times, can be a medical concern. For instance, Injuries such as a scratch or wound can make the nose turn pink or slightly red.

However, this situation is temporary, and the nose will turn brown or black soon enough after the injury heals. In some cases, Bacterial infection too can be responsible for turning the nose pink or red.

Occasionally, Pemphigus can result in a pink or red nose. Or in some rare cases, Vitiligo can turn Labrador’s nose pink, but the result will be visible on other body parts as well. 

However, if your Labrador’s nose is pink due to any medical concern, remember it is temporary. It will either gain the pigmentation back on its own and turn black or brown. Or in some cases, if the medical concern is worrisome, your dog might need to meet a Vet. 

DID YOU KNOW? Some Dogs have pink noses due to Genetic Composition as well. Dogs with Pink nosed parents (even one of them) can have a pink nose.

Why Do Some Yellow Labs Have A Brown Nose?

It is natural and very common for Yellow Labradors to have Brown Nose. It happens due to the density and type of Melanin carried in Labradors’ cells. If the Labrador has a brown nose, it is possibly because Be Genes are controlling his physical characteristics. Also, because the pigmentation production in Lab’s body is high (usually normal) and it is giving his nose, paws, and rim of eyes that chocolaty brown color. 

Why Is My Yellow Labs Nose Pink?

If your Yellow Labs Nose is pink in color, it is a result of a condition called Hypopigmentation. 

Hypopigmentation or lack of pigmentation can turn your Labrador’s nose Pink instead of Black or Brown. However, in many cases, a pink nose can also be a result of cold weather since the temperature-driven enzyme ‘Tyrosinase’ becomes less effective due to cold. Or if that’s not the case, Pink Nose in Labradors can be due to age or some medical conditions like a bacterial infection, allergy, wound, scratch, etc.

Will My Yellow Labs Nose Turn Black Again?

If your Labrador has a Yellow Nose due to Hypopigmentation or lack of pigmentation, it will remain the same for a lifetime. However, if the nose is pink due to any other given condition,

  • Cold Weather impacted Tyrosinase
  • Or Medical Condition

it will turn Black or Brown once the condition improves. If the nose is pink due to age (this happens due to old age), it too won’t gain brown or black color (or pigmentation) again. However, if you are concerned about the pink nose in your puppy, give it some weeks since it will turn black or brown within a few weeks only.

Do Labradors’ Noses Change Color?

Yes, Labradors’ nose color changes, most likely due to weather and age effect. Many dog breeds, including Labradors, experience snow noses or winter noses due to the less effectiveness of the Tyrosinase enzyme.

Even if they have Black or Brown noses, they may face Pink color due to shorter daylight and cold. This condition doesn’t affect Labradors alone, but other breeds, including Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Siberian Huskies, and German Shepherds, too, can be under the radar.

What Color Should A Yellow Labs Nose Be?

A Yellow Labrador Nose can be of any color, including shades of Brown, Black, and Pink. 

Do Pink-Nosed Labradors Require Any Special Care?

Pink Nosed Labradors require special care under the sun since lack of pigmentation makes them prone to sunburn and other conditions in effect. Such dogs should not be left outside under the bright sun for too long.

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Wrapping up…

Labradors can have Black, Brown, or Pink noses, given the level of pigmentation their body produces. If the nose is Black or Brown in color, the pigmentation in Lab’s body is at its regular level. However, if the nose is pink, it can be due to lower pigmentation levels.

With such dogs, make sure you care for them a little more, especially under the harsh sun. Do not bring them out in heat until it is very necessary.