Will Cat Abscess Heal on its Own?

Will Cat Abscess Heal on its Own? [7 Prevention Tips]

A few days ago, I noticed my cat licking a part of its body so badly. I wondered what could be the reason, so I went to check that. With an utter surprise, I noticed an abscess had grown there.

To those who don’t know what an abscess is, it is a lump filled with pus, and it is excruciating. When I noticed an abscess on my cat at first, I panicked. But then I did some research on this topic and here’s what I found!

So, will cat abscess heal on its own? Yes, in most cases, cat abscess heals on its own. Cats have natural recovery powers. As long as the abscess doesn’t catch any infection, it will heal on its own.  

You should know that healing doesn’t mean a complete disappearance in this case. The abscess will burst on its own after 5-7 days, and afterwards, the wound will continue to heal.

But it’s always better to seek the help of an expert because the slightest bacterial infection can be life-threatening for your cat.

If you notice that after 5-7 days, the lump is getting smaller and healing, then you can be relieved that it’s healing. Otherwise, it’s better to seek a veteran immediately. Also read- are cat prone seizures.

What are some cat abscess symptoms? 

While knowing will cat abscess heal on its own, you should know the symptoms first. When your cat has an abscess, it may show a few obvious symptoms. Following are the symptoms of cat abscess:

  • Signs of painful lumps
  • Fever
  • Inflammation or swollen skin
  • Itching
  • Forming pus or blood
  • Swollen face
  • Drooling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dead tissue
  • Foul smell from the wound
  • Bad breath

These symptoms don’t always mean that your cat has an abscess. The lump is an obvious sign of an abscess. If you notice any two or three of these signs together, you should visit the veteran. But if you notice a painful lump, it is quite obvious that your cat has grown an abscess.

What are the most common type of cat abscess?

Now I am going to share in short about three different types of abscesses that cats are more likely to have:

  • Abscess because of a fight. Cats often get themselves involved in fights with another animal or other cats. During the fights, they tend to have a lot of injuries. When the injured area gets infected by bacteria’s, cats may have fight abscesses.
  • An abscess caused by skin puncturing. Different types of objects like nails, thorns, and even sticks can puncture the body parts of a cat. Due to that, when a cat gets injured and later infected by bacteria, abscesses are more likely to form.
  • Dental abscess: dental abscess form inside the teeth or gum because of the bacterial infection. Sometimes, it can also show up at the end of a tooth.

Why does the cat abscess form? 

Cat abscesses form because of bacterial infections. When your cat gets wounds or scratches from fighting with other cats or getting punctured by objects, your cat can grow an abscess.

When the injured area gets infected by any bacteria, and the inception continues to grow inside, a lump forms.

That painful lump is known as an abscess the cats. Usually, if the previous wound doesn’t get infected, an abscess does not form.

The formation of an abscess in your cat’s body always depends on the bacterial infection. Only bacteria can go inside the tissue and cause an abscess.

Also, when your cat gets bitten by other animals, that wound can get bacterial infected too. Because of that, an abscess can also form.

How long will it take a cat abscess to heal?

A cat abscess can heal naturally if it’s not anything serious. Generally, an abscess of the cat heals on its own within 5-7 days. But if the abscess does not heal completely within 10-15 days, you should immediately seek the veteran’s help. In some cases, it might need surgery.

If the abscess does not heal on its own and is left untreated, the area of the abscess can also get infected with other feline viruses and can cause serious problems.

Only cat veterans can only tell the accurate healing period of an abscess after examining the depth of the infection. Otherwise, if everything seems normal, it will be completely healed within ten to fifteen days.

How can I treat my cat’s abscess at home?

As most the cat abscess heals naturally, there is nothing to worry about.

Almost all the time, a cat abscess bursts out and drains naturally. So, let’s know about a few steps to heal the cat’s abscess naturally.  

If you think that your cat’s abscess is not anything serious, you can take steps to heal it naturally.

Step-1: wear gloves 

At first, you have to pair medical gloves to avoid any further infections.

Step-2: locate the abscess

Obviously, without locating the abscess, you can’t treat it. So, try to know where the abscess is and what condition it is in.

Step-3: trim the hair around it

After locating the abscess, you have to trim the hair around the abscess to see it clearly.

Step-4: use a warm compress

Now, try to warm the cloth and put it on the abscess if it’s not drained yet. You can skip this part if the abscess is already drained.

Step-5: give a little pressure on it

It might be hard to do because your cat may disturb you while you do this step, but it’s necessary. You have to put hard pressure on the abscess until all the discharge escapes.

Step-6: Clean the area

Now it’s time to use sterile saline. Put sterile saline on the wound gently using a dropper and irrigate the wounded area.

Step-7: apply antibiotic ointment

In this step, you need the help of your veteran. You have to use a vet-suggested antibiotic to help in healing the wound.

Do not apply a thick layer; instead, try to apply a thin layer to it.

Step-8: notice the aftermath

If you notice a scab is forming very quickly, and there can be a bacterial infection, you should debride that area with further cleaning.

How do I know if my cat’s abscess is infected?

If your cat has had an abscess for a long time, it is probably infected. Excessive pain and swelling is also a sign of infection.

Moreover, due to the excessive pain, your cat may get fade or have might have high body temperature.

If the condition of the wound worsens even after following basic steps and takes a lot more time to heal, then it’s probably infected. If you notice any signs of infection, then you should take your cat to the vet immediately.

When should I seek a veteran help? 

Sometimes, the situation can be so crucial that there will be no option except to seek an expert. If you don’t take expert help, then it can be so dangerous to handle.

Now it’s time to know about a few signs that you should take your cat to the vet ASAP! Let’s begin:

  • Signs of dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Immunocompromised
  • Abscess continues to drain for 48 hours.
  • Excessive pains
  • Total loss of appetite

How to take care of the cat if it has an abscess 

With an abscess, your cat can become more intolerant than usual. But it’s because of the pain that it’s handling. During this crucial time, you have to take care of your cat the most.

You can nurture it and take care of it more often. Make sure that it’s getting everything that requires.

Also, provide a warm compress from time to time to ease the pain. Moreover, put ointments timely over the wound. Keep removing the pus that keeps coming out from the wound.

Furthermore, keeping the litter box near your little feline will also help. Constantly check if it has any fever or not. If possible, try to seek expert help. Thus your cat will be fine soon.

Final Thought

I hope that you have got an elaborate answer to the question, Will a cat abscess heal on its own? To conclude, the cat abscess can be healed naturally on its own within 5-7 days. If you notice it to get worsened, seek expert help immediately.

Otherwise, with simple care, you can make your cat ease the pain caused by the abscess. Take good care of your cat in its painful condition.