Will a fox attack a dog

Will A Fox Attack a Dog?+Does Fox Kill a Small Dog?

Are foxes friendly to dogs? Would a fox kill a small dog? If Fox gets a chance will they attack and kill my Dog? Well, Living in a forest area with your dog, do you get worried about a fox attacking your dog? In today’s article, we will talk about a fox attacking a dog.

During the summer and fall seasons, foxes are majorly active. Hence, you can see them more often in these two seasons.

As a pet parent, living in the wild is a concerning thing for you. But, foxes are not harmful to most canines. Both the animals usually avoid fights.

Hence, there are rare chances that a fox will attack a dog. A canine may try to bite a fox in self-defense, but humans should avoid participating in this situation. 

Why do foxes attack?

Just like many animals, a fox will not attack until you provoke him, threaten him, or he is protecting himself. Unless he feels vulnerable, the fox will try to avoid human beings and other animals.

Usually, a fox will do a satisfactory try to stay away from conflict, and could not hunt or prey on animals, except it is unprotected and very small, like a bunny. 

A thumb rule says foxes aren’t acknowledged to be aggressive or susceptible to attack, except if you attempt to pet them. They will see this as a signal of aggression and could shield themselves through biting.

Therefore, these animals will most probably in no way attack you or your pet for no reason, and could only come to be aggressive to defend themselves or their young ones.

Would a fox attack my dog?

It is really very uncommon for a fox to really assault a canine. It may be very unusual for a fox to assault a canine, and could probably only do so if it feels threatened by the canine.

Foxes are typically terrified of large canines as they are used to hunting down foxes, and they will attempt to avoid canines in maximum cases.

Even smaller canines aren’t visible as a danger or as prey, and it’s far very uncommon that a fox might attempt to assault your canine until absolutely unavoidable.

Generally, foxes generally tend to assault small animals that weigh as much as 3.5 kg, so maximum canines might be of no interest to foxes.

Additionally, foxes are very terrified of humans, so in case you are close by or with your canine, then it is incredibly unlikely that a fox might attempt to assault you both.

Even if a canine is leashed and you’re preserving him, the fox will probably simply run away into the forest.

By nature, foxes do not like conflict, and could most effectively attack unless absolutely vital to protect themselves, and as a way of survival.

Will a fox eat a dog?

As canines aren’t the natural prey of foxes, it’s also most unlikely that a fox could attempt to assault and eat your canine. Even very small breeds of canine could not interest a fox.

For instance, wild foxes aren’t liable to consuming canines, and domesticated foxes may even get along nicely with canines.

However, they may be nonetheless considered wild animals and may be very dangerous and unpredictable, even if kept as pets.

The only instances a canine can be susceptible to a fox is in the event that they have constructed a den in the lawn or backyard in which the canine is, or if the fox is starved.

When meals are scarce, a fox may also scavenge and search for meals anywhere it can. This is when he is sick and very ill.

Small canines can also additionally emerge as prey for a fox as they’re very opportunistic eaters.

However, it is notably unlikely that a fox could try to consume a medium-sized or big-sized canine.

On the other hand, if a fox has constructed its den in your backyard, or on your property, then your canine can be at risk.

Foxes can emerge as extraordinarily aggressive when shielding their cubs and may attempt to kill your canine if it gets in their way.

If that is the case, then you need to maintain your canine far away from the fox, secure it withinside the residence, and contact animal control to address the issue.

What dogs are the most in danger?

Large canines are at no risk of a fox attack. If your canine is more than 50 pounds, a fox is definitely not going to consider him as a threat and attack him. No fox is looking at a canine 5 times its size as food.

Even canines that might be near in size to a fox, say a 30-pound canine, for example, is an excessive amount of trouble and risk for a fox to consider attacking.

But very small canines, like below 15 pounds, might be in danger. Tiny breeds like PugsChihuahuas,  Boston Terriers, and some other very small canines should doubtlessly be appealing to a hungry fox.

How to avoid foxes and keep them away from your pet?

Foxes do normally stay away from regions where they realize there are dogs, cats, or different animals as they’ll try and evade this as much as feasible for their own protection and wellbeing.

However, there are some steps that you could take on the way to make sure that they do not enter your backyard and disturb or assault your canine.

An excellent manner to maintain foxes away is to never leave meal supplies out for them.

This means maintaining your canine’s meals away, and not leaving a meal bowl outdoor unattended for them, as this could entice foxes.

The same goes for leaving human meals outdoors, or not in a closed trash can, or one without a lid, as foxes can get in there looking for meals.

Additionally, foxes may be startled with the aid of using light, and like to seek in the dark, so it may be a very good concept to put in a few motion sensor lights to hold them at bay, and keep your canine safe!

What to do if a fox approaches you?

If a fox comes into your yard, there are some matters you can do to defend yourself. Remember that they’re not usually dangerous.

In most cases, they’re simply in search of attention. It is regularly best to maintain your distance in case you want to avoid being bitten.

Foxes assaulting humans is an extraordinary thing because foxes only assault if something happens.

Maybe the Fox is very hungry and desires to discover food, even as you’re considered prey. You can scare them away by screaming, clapping, or the use of things to throw at them.

How to prevent a fox attack?

It is very uncommon for a fox to attack canines, but there are a few things you can do to prevent the attack.

  1. Secure garbage bin – Foxes find their food in your garbage bins. Hence, make sure that you have proper garbage bins rather than the scattered garbage.
  1. Using voice-making devices – You can use loud voices like bang on pots and pans. Also, you can use motion-sensitive alarms to keep foxes away from your house.
  1. Keep your canine indoors – It is best to keep your pooch inside the home to prevent fox attack
  1. Do not entice the fox – Foxes roam around in search of food. If you feed them, they will come back. Hence, make sure you do not entice them in any way.
  1. You can use an electric fence – Of course, it is dangerous for pets. But, electric fences can protect your home from foxes.


Foxes are much more likely to be scared of canines than the other way around. Foxes are wild animals and consequently, try and go hunting for themselves and their households without being a hazard to both canines and humans. 

If a canine acts aggressively toward a fox, the fox could most likely be afraid and simply run away.

So as long as all of us respect nature and do not permit our canines to be a hazard to ANY wild animal, existence should go alongside harmoniously and with no incident for you and your canine.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article. Stay connected. Thank you.

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