Why is My Black Kitten Turning Grey

Why is My Black Kitten Turning Grey? [3 Valid Reasons]

A black kitten turning grey is a concern for any cat owner. It can be very concerning to think that something you did could have caused this color change, or you may think of your cat is infected with certain diseases that cause a color change. So I did a quick research on this topic and here’s what I Know:

Why is My Black Kitten Turning Grey? The kittens that may look black at an early age are not actually black. The tip of kitten fur looks back, but as they grow up, they lose melanin, transforming their hair roots into pale grey.  

Cats who have been exposed to smoke before birth may also develop greying fur over time because the smoke contains chemicals that can cause this effect.

Besides, there are many reasons why black cats turn grey:

  • It could be ageing.
  • It could have been caused by stress (such as moving).
  • Some diseases cause it too, including cancer and skin problems like mange or ringworm.

Cats that live indoors tend not to get these diseases so much; however, most outdoor kitty, they will end up with greying hairs sooner rather than later!

At What Age Do Black Cats Get GREY Hair?

Grey hairs on cats usually start to appear at around the age of 2 or 3 years. Cats that live indoors are less likely to have grey hair than outdoor kitties because they don’t get diseases like mange and ringworm as often or are exposed to sunlight.  

Cats with a life predominantly spent outdoors often deteriorate more quickly due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors; this is why they commonly begin developing grey hairs by as young as one-year-old.

Grey fur in these cases may be an indication of poor health, such as malnourishment or illness. In this case, nurse your cat with proper diet and nutrition guidelines.

Do Black Cats Get White Hairs?

Black cats do not get completely white fur. However, they can look grey over time due to the natural aging process and environmental factors. 

The color of a black cat’s coat will typically darken with age, making it appear more like its original shade before turning completely grey eventually.

The deterioration of Black fur can also happen much faster than that of other colors of kittens because it has less protection from sunlight or other environmental factors- this is why black cats are often seen with white patches of fur.

What Color Skin Do Black Cats Have?

Black cats can have a variety of skin colours, but the majority will be black. The only difference is that some are more on the charcoal side, while others may appear blue due to melanin production. 

The difference in skin colour is mostly inherited from their parents. For example, a black cat with two orange parents will most likely have cream or pink skin, while one with two blue parents may be born with darker skin.

Some breeds of Black Cats can also come in other colours such as brown, grey, and white.

What Colour Kittens Will A Black Cat Have?

Black cats can have different shades of skin colour. However, the same is true when it comes to their kittens too! If a cat’s parents are black, they will also be born with a dark coat and darker skin tones. 

If one parent has lighter fur or patches on its body, there may be some variation between their offspring, including even white coats!

This is why many people consider Black Cats to bring good luck because if you get two black cats together, you’ll most likely end up having just as many litters of “black” kittens over time.

Is It Okay For My Black Kitten To Change Colour?

It is perfectly normal for your Black kitten to change colour as they grow. The dark pigment in their skin (melanin) will start to fade and the black markings on their fur may also become lighter or disappear altogether. 

This can happen if a cat’s parents were different shades of black, where some kittens will have patches rather than solid stripes and even with two pure blacks you could end up having grey-brown coat cats too!

All these colours are still technically “black” but just not what we traditionally think of when it comes to this particular animal species.

Can Black Kittens Turn Brown?  

This can happen if a cat’s parents were different shades of black, where some kittens could end up having grey-brown coats too! All these colours are still technically “black”, but just not what we traditionally think of.

Can A Black Kitten Turn Tabby?

Black kittens are sometimes born with tabby markings or stripes on their coats that fade when the cats grow older.

A tabby pattern is a striped or spotted coat. It can be seen on the coats of many black cats, and it’s why they are called “tabby” cats. The stripes typically run down from the spine to the tail (known as dorsal striping).

Tabby markings can vary in type and distribution – some have only one row of spots going down their back, while others may display lighter coloration at their throat that extends up between the eyes like a bandit mask with dark lines radiating outwards from both corners of their mouth.

Know more about the tabby cat and its colour variation from my recently published article.

Did I Answer Everything You Want To Know About Why Is My Black Kitten Turning Grey?

I have stated many reasons why cats may appear to be grey or have white hairs. The color of the cat’s skin, fur length, and age can all contribute to what appears as their coat changing colors.

But, of course, if you’re still not sure about your cat’s coloring it is always best to take them to see the vet for an examination. They will be able to tell you definitively what is going on with your pet!