Why does my Dog Touch me while Sleeping

Why Does My Dog Touch Me While Sleeping? 7 Reasons

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your dog follows you to the bed and sleeps next to you?

You may ask yourself why they want to sleep next to you or curl up anywhere near you, although he has his bed?

This might be because your dog wants to feel the warmth of your body to get a night of comfortable sleep, or it may be just their way of acting cute.

There are several other reasons for this, including attention-seeking, protective instinct, separation anxiety, etc.

1. Attention seeking

Dogs are attention-seeking animals. They always want your attention. Therefore, if your dog touches you while sleeping, it’s a sign that your doggo wants your attention.

This happens when you have not given much attention to your dog. That’s why your dog is not voluntarily trying to get your attention.

 2. Protective instincts

Most dogs are protective in nature. They feel protective toward their owner.

So, if your dog touches you while sleeping, then it’s his way of expressing that he is defensive.

This situation is more common when your dog is protective of you around other people and animals.

3. Feeling comfortable and safe.

Dogs are pack animals, and they feel safe in a group. Hence, when your dog is beside you, he feels safe.

Sleeping close to you makes him feel protected and less vulnerable.

Another reason for your doggo to sleep next to you is comfort. Some dogs feel more comfortable sleeping next to their owners.

 4. Separation anxiety

Dogs have separation anxiety as well. They misbehave when left alone in the house. This can be a primary reason your dog sleeps beside you while touching you at night. Your dogy makes sure that you will not leave him alone there.

Why does my dog curl up against me?

Your dog curling up against you has a specific reason. This behavior is derived from a dog’s instinct to sleep together.

 As you know, the dog is a pack animal; your dog has a habit of curling up. Cozying up is your dog’s way to assure security, protection, and warmth.

 This act provides them a trustworthy place to live ad sleep with a sense of safety.

Your dog thinks of you as his safe space. Therefore, the act of curling up against you and sleeping peacefully is in his natural instinct. He knows very well that you will not harm him in any way.

 Hence, your dog feels more secure near you and loves to curl up against you.

Why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband?

Dogs love their humans, and they have one favorite human who they love the most.

Therefore, a dog selects a person and comfortably develops a trustworthy relationship with them.

If your dog sleeps beside you and not beside other family members, then he has gravitated towards you.

Your doggo may develop such gravitative feeling towards you because:

  • You spend more time with him.
  • Your dog loves to play with you.
  • You are your dog’s favorite without any specific reason.
  • Dogs have a good sense of smell and react to different aromas. Therefore, you may wear his favorite aroma perfume.
  • Your body language attracts your dog.

Different sleeping positions of dogs with their owners

Dogs and their sleeping positions can tell many things about how they are feeling, but it is interesting to see how they sleep with their owners.

  • In between legs – This position indicates that your dog is comfortable with you and feels extremely safe. It also allows your dog to hide from something.
  • Under the blanket – your dog can feel a sense of security under the blanket. One possibility is that your dog is feeling cold and want some warmth.
  • On their back and paws sticking up – your dog trusts you when he exposes his stomach to you.
  • On your face or neck – Usually, puppies tend to sleep on your face or neck as they have not developed the fear responses that make them untrustful. If your dog is an adult and does the same, then it indicates that your doggo wants to be with you and feel your warmth. He completely trusts you and is comfortable with you.
  • Sprawled across the bed – Dogs don’t know a personal space as they are pack animals. Sprawling helps them to cool off and become comfortable. Altogether, dogs love it because you are essential to them when you are around.
  • On your pillow – Your pillows have your skin cells that contain your scent. This is the reason why your dog sleeps on your pillow. When your dogy smells your incense on the pillow, he feels secure and comfortable.

Why does my dog move from spot to spot while sleeping?

Like humans, dogs can change spots while sleeping. One minute your dog will sleep next to you, and the other minute somewhere else.

Your doggo knows when uncomfortable and will change the position to find the missing comfort.

Some of the reasons for this behavior include

  • Too cold or too hot environment
  • Sickness
  • Anxiety
  • Finding a safe place

Why does my dog check on me when I’m sleeping?

The most common reason is that your dog wants something from you.

It could be anything like playing, food, water, etc. In some cases, it is due to anxiety, boredom, or insomnia.  

The other reasons include

  • Your dog loves you
  • He is doing his duty to protect you
  • Your dog is bored
  • Your doggo wants to check something
  • He is curious about something
  • Your dog is restless

Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?

The most common reason for your dog sleeping with his bum facing you is that he trusts and loves you.

This position makes your doggo feel safe as he knows you have got his back.

Other reasons may include

  • Your dog is protecting you
  • He loves you
  • To avoid eye contact
  • Comfort
  • Ventral contact

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Final words

There are several reasons that your dog touches you while sleeping. We have addressed some of the most common ones.

If you want your dog to be independent, you must discourage this behavior by using positive reinforcement training and teaching your dog to sleep in his bed.

We hope you find this article helpful. We will be back soon with more such fun and informative articles; till then, stay connected.

Frequently asked questions

How do dogs choose who to sleep with?

Dogs tend to choose their favorite person they love more and match their personality and energy level with the person. Also, some breed dogs tend to bond with a single person, making the one person the only favorite person, and they sleep with that one person only.

Do dogs like sleeping with their owners?

It’s true sometimes. Dogs may like to sleep on human beds because they are comfortable and warm. So, there are two possibilities of your dog sleeping beside you on the bed. The first one is that your doggo is pleased with you. And the second one is he loves your bed.

Do dogs hate when we kiss them?

Sometimes yes. When you kiss him, your dog hates it because he doesn’t know how humans show their emotions. Humans kiss others to express affection and love. And your dog is not human, so he will not understand your actions. Therefore, your dog hates when you kiss him.

Do dogs like sleeping with blankets?

Dogs love blankets. They love when they are wrapped in a warm cloth or favorite fabric, and the scientific reason behind this is that dogs love the softness of the material or blanket. A dog’s love for the veil combines physiological and psychological factors.