Why does my dog follow me and not my husband

Why does my dog follow me and not my husband?

Wondering, Why my dog follows me and not my husband? Recently, I realized that my dog follows me everywhere and not my husband. My husband also loves him, feeds him, takes him for a walk, but my dog never followed my husband as he follows me.

My dog truly loves me more than my husband. The first sign came when my husband was walking the dog, but my dog refused to follow him. Instead, it followed me. I didn’t think much of it because he always follows me everywhere. My husband laughed it off, but he was hurt. 

Some of the reasons for your dog following you and not your husband include-

Your dog perceives you as a leader

Dogs are followers. It’s a fact, not just an opinion or a joke. So if you own a dog in your household, take comfort in knowing that he or she will naturally follow your lead in everything, from the way they chow down on their kibble to the type of toys they prefer chewing on. 

It might be intimidating initially, but do not forget that dogs’ primary instinct is to stick with the pack. As you are spending the most quality time with your dog, they will most likely listen and obey first when you have an order for them to follow.

You are the caretaker

This applies to the person spending the most quality time with the dog, be it stopping to share some snacks and playtime or just everyday walks or training. 

The more time you invest in your dog, the deeper their relationship becomes with you and vice versa. 

You both gain trust in one another over time when there is a genuine, happy bond of friendship between a pet and those to whom he or she has become attached.

You bond stronger with him

Dogs already possess a natural affinity for humans, and this includes other members of the household.

However, dogs have to bond relatively equally with more than one owner because their love isn’t limitless; time is. 

One way of getting the most out of your dog’s love for you is by ensuring that you set aside time for them daily so you can get the best out of that relationship together with your other family members who spend time caring for the dog too! 

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is all about making your dog learn anything with the help of some treats. It is one of the most effective ways. 

If you have applied positive reinforcement on your dog then it is obvious that it will follow you. 

I mean, by this technique is that you can reinforce this behavior by praising your dog. Your husband might ignore your dog most of the time. This is how you could be positively reinforcing your dog’s following behavior and you are your dog’s favorite. 

Your dog considers you as its mom 

Imprinting is something that happens when the puppy is between 3 and 12 weeks old. This period of time is crucial for their development, so during this time, they need to be able to form a relationship with someone who will help them learn how to translate certain activities into functional behaviors.

Puppies are easily tricked into making their owners the pups’ ‘Mother’ and the owner mistakenly assumes that they’re the dog’s biological mom. 

The term “ dog mum” means a lot more than anyone can think when it comes to taking care of your pet. If your dog hasn’t already, they could be thinking of you as their own “ mum” without you even realizing it!

Your dog is afraid of your husband

One of the possibilities is that your dog is afraid of your husband. Given that your partner doesn’t seem to feel exactly the same way about dogs as you do, it may be the case that your dog is just uncomfortable with his presence. 

And let me tell you this – dogs are very good at picking up on human emotions. This has been proven by all kinds of research. So, your dog might be feeling unsure around him and will therefore behave more protectively than usual.

Your dog thinks that your husband is a stranger

Most likely your husband isn’t a fan of dogs, and in giving shelter to one under your bed, you’ve raised his stress levels by simply adding anxiety over the animal being there. 

Additionally, many dogs are capable of picking up on emotions and can feel unease when others are also feeling nervous – as your boyfriend is unsure if he’ll wake up to find an arm or something else chewed off while he’s sleeping!

Do dogs pick a favorite person?

If you’re the one that can give love and attention on-demand with a few treats sprinkled in, chances are your dog will choose you as their favorite person. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean though, that your dog likes you more than all the others just so they could find it more useful to stick by your side. Why do dogs feel like they can lean on their favorite dog parent?

It might be because of the similar energy levels and personalities between them.

Final words

I’ve always known that dogs are smart and can learn, but I never realized that they can learn to love someone as much as they love me. My husband and I love our dog. But he clearly shows that he loves me more.

Dogs are capable of showing unconditional love. I didn’t think that dogs were capable of this type of love, but I definitely know now that they are.

Mine loves me as much as I love him. I never realized that dogs can learn to love someone as much as they love me. I thought it was just something that happened naturally. I’m happy that I can provide this for my dog.

I hope this article helped you to understand why your dog loves you more. We will be back with another such fun-loving and informative article. Thank you.


Why is my dog protective of me but not my husband?

Your dog acts protective towards you because, maybe, it is not comfortable with your husband or anyone around you. This growl and snarl is a kind of a warning to your husband or anyone around you not to come close.

Why does my dog follow me around and not my wife?

Some of the most common reasons include – they perceive you as a leader or parent. Also, there are many scientific reasons behind this; that include velcro dog syndrome, separation anxiety, or breed characteristics.

Why does my dog follow me to the toilet?

If your dog follows you into the bathroom, it’s because of their pack mentality. Dogs who do this tend to be called Velcro dogs because they’re trying to protect a part of their pack. It could be that they want to guard you against any potential intruders or a certain time as mentioned above – but either way, this is due to the fact that your dog views you as a part of their pack whether or not they were initially meant to be included.

What is Velcro dog syndrome?

It is a phrase used to describe the behavior of the clingy breeds. If your dog has velcro syndrome then it will try to be with you all the time.

Why does my dog sleep with me and no one else?

Dogs are pack animals. They like the warmth that they get when they sleep next to you. Plus, they treat you as their leader as you care for them and love them unconditionally.

Why does my dog follows me everywhere and stare at me?

Your dog following everywhere is a sign of it trusts you and loves you unconditionally. It feels safe around you.