Why Does My Cat Bite My Phone

Why Does My Cat Bite My Phone? (8 Reasons Explained)

Have you ever caught your cat chewing at your phone and asked yourself, “Why does my cat bite my phone?”

It’s a question cat owners have asked for years, but the answer is surprisingly simple. This behavior may be a sign of anxiety, boredom, frustration, or any number of other things.

For example, if you spend much time on your Phone, your Cat may feel neglected, and therefore it may envisage damaging your Phone by biting it so that you have more time and affection with her?

That said, there are some common reasons why your Cat may be biting your Phone.

8 reasons why your cat may be biting your phone:

1. Your Cat Might Be a Hunter By Nature

It is common to see a cat bite and chew various things, including your Phone, especially if she is a hunter by nature. Besides, she could be testing to see if her teeth could fit through the tiny crack in the screen. Either way, it’s bound to happen at least once in a while.

2. Your Cat Wants Your Attention, Not Your Phone

Are you aware that cats are attention-seeking animals? Yes, your cat wants to be cuddled, petted, and loved. When they feel ignored or neglected, they can become destructive, which often involves pouncing on and biting whatever is nearby. Your Cat might be trying to get your attention, but many of their bad behaviors are learned behaviors.

A good reason your Cat is biting the Phone is attempting to damage it. In some instances, the Phone is perceived to be a threat. So, if you spend too much time on the Phone, you could be depriving the Cat the much-needed attention without your knowledge.

As a result, your Cat feels neglected, and it may feel compelled to compete for your attention, love, and time.

Generally, cats are intelligent creatures, especially on whatever they pick up. Any intruder who tries to divide or separate it from its owner becomes its enemy. The Phone, therefore, becomes a threat that must be eliminated by biting it.

By the way, do you know that cats treasure you so much that they can do anything within their power to draw your attention? Note that biting the Phone is perceived as the best way to damage it; the Cat wants to kill it to have you as attentive as possible.

3. Your Cat Wants to Play With the Phone

You’ve tried everything to keep them away from it, but they can’t seem to get enough. If your Phone is her favorite toy, she will do whatever it takes to get her paws on it. It’s time for some tough love. She’s already pawed at it, batted it around, and even knocked it off the counter. But when you pick it up to give it to him, he stops.

Sometimes, your cat jumps up to get your Phone, you reach down and scratch his head or rub her belly until she gives up and moves on to something else.

But when you’re finally able to answer that vital text or call, your Cat’s ears perk up, and she stares at you with those big eyes, waiting for your response.

That’s because she’s figured out that she gets attention when she bites the Phone. Besides, it could result from petting your Cat while holding the Phone. She gets excited, and she wants you to play together with her.

4. The Cat May Be Excited By Your Phone’s Cover

Maybe, your phone’s cover comes in various shapes, glittery objects, and shining stones. These unusual objects, to a great extent, draw your cat’s attention. If your phone cover has an appearance of prey or is scented like a threat, then it is not a wonder to see your Cat biting it as a defense mechanism.

Besides, the cover could be new and exciting, thus intriguing your Cat. It is not a wonder to see your Cat licking her lips while its eyes light up during and after biting the Phone. If your phone cover shape resembles that of a new catnip toy, then your Cat assumes that your Phone is a toy to take action on it.

5. The Cat May Get Annoyed By Your Phone’s Ringtone or the Blinking Lights

An incoming call may come with a particular ringtone or blinking lights which could be annoying your Cat without your awareness. It is not a wonder to see this annoying habit change once your Cat gets used to your Phone’s incoming ringtone, vibration when touched, or blinking lights.

However, the good news is that you can stop this behavior by showing more love and affection even when you’re on your Phone.

6. The Cat can bite your Phone to communicate something.

She’s simply telling you she’s unhappy or in pain. She’ll often bite at the Phone when he’s trying to get your attention. She’s also letting you know when he wants to go outside or play. And if you’re using your phone as a way to keep him company, he’ll bite it because he wants your attention.

They’re just using their mouths and teeth the way we use our voices. But sometimes, they don’t mean to do it. Your Cat might be biting your Phone because they think it’s a toy, or they’re startled by the noise, or they’re in a great mood and want to play. It’s hard to tell when your Cat is trying to communicate with you, so don’t take it personally!

In my case, my Cat bites my Phone when he wants to play. She nibbles on the corners and rakes his claws across the screen, leaving tiny scratches. It doesn’t break the screen, but she leaves the screen covered with her saliva, so

I have to wash her saliva off before re-using the Phone. Your Cat might be different, but biting your Phone could be a way of communicating something to you.

Cats use their mouths and teeth for various purposes, including communication. When cats bite, it is often a way of communicating their emotions, such as anger, fear, or anxiety.

This is not a cause for concern; it simply means that something is bothering your Cat, and she is communicating that to you through bites.

7. She’s Marking Her Territory

Are you aware that cats are territorial animals? Yes, they mark their territories by scrubbing their fur and even biting on objects. She is probably marking territory by biting your Phone, but it’s still upsetting her.

The best thing to do in these situations is to ignore it and try not to let it get to you. This will make it clear to the Cat that your territory is not messed with.

8. Your Cat Can Bite Your Phone if it Wants to Play With You.

Biting your Phone can be a way of initiating a play, although it might be dangerous or annoying to some extent. However, your Cat is probably just being catty, though. It’s not interested in your Phone; it just wants to be close to you.

So try to play along, but maybe invest in a catnap station or a cat tree, so your cat has somewhere to hang out without you.

Although it may be hard to understand your Cat’s behavior, after a while, you’ll be able to tell when your cat wants to play and when it wants to be a pet. When your cat wants to play something other than with you, it will often approach you and start sniffing around. Sometimes, it will even climb into your lap or onto your chest.

Biting your Phone is simply a way of starting a game with you. Mark you, I’m not encouraging this game, but if it’s a game your Cat wants to play, it’s not a bad game to play. Your Cat might even learn how to play other games with you, like fetch or tug of war. But remember: you’re the prize.

Instead of shooing your cat away, let it be. You’ll both have fun! If your cat keeps biting your Phone, though, it might want to play with something else. In that case, you can try playing a game with your Cat.

How To Stop a Cat From Biting Your Phone

If your cat is biting your Phone despite buying her new toys or giving her your time, love, and attention, then there are a few things you can do to prevent this behavior. Although you can ignore this behavior, the best way is to redirect her to a different activity or train her not to. Here are some ways to stop the aggression.

The first thing you can try is to make your Cat play with a toy instead. If your cat is being aggressive with your Phone but not with a toy, this might mean that the toy is associated with the Phone or a similar sensation, such as the vibration in your pocket.

You can try changing the toy or the way you play with it to see if that makes a difference. Second, you can try to give her some extra love, but you must be patient and consistent; it might just work overtime.

Final thoughts

Indeed, as a cat owner, you might wonder why my cat bites my Phone. From the above discussion, it is evident that cats can bite a phone due to many reasons such as when she’s bored, she wants to play with you, she wants your attention, or she’s trying to communicate with you.

In this case, try to understand the reason behind your Cat’s behavior, and this way, you can learn how best to stop it.