why do dogs pee on car tires

Why Do Dogs Pee On Car Tires? 8 Logical Reasons

Wondering, Why do dogs pee on car tires? Why do they urinate on the same tires often? We have seen that dogs often urinate on car tires. But, do you know the reason behind this? Do dogs love tires? Is it out of Excitement, Laziness, Intension, or Something Else, Let us find out?

There are some real and logical reasons behind dogs urinating on car tires. It is believed that dogs urinate in vertical places because it makes the target sit correctly. Also, they leave the smell of their pee for other dogs to smell. This smell is to tell other dogs that this dog was here. An interesting thing here is that the smell of the urine stays on a vertical surface for a longer duration. 

As we all know dogs are more social than other animals. Hence, when they sniff a tire of a car, they encounter different smells there. Also, these different types of smells attract dogs and in excitement, they pee on them. 

Car tires tour everywhere in the place. This means that they pick up loads of scents along the way, a lot of which will be absolutely new, and that is intoxicating to a curious dog. This will create an impossible to resist mixture of aromas that no canine might be capable of resisting, in particular, if others have already left their mark on the tire.

This temptation will simplest be magnified if strange canines have marked the tire. Remember that your car has probably been parked – and therefore the tires were christened – by canines from places your pooch has never visited.

This means that your puppy may also have an entire host of latest friends waiting for them, and they’ll need to make sure that their heady fragrance is acquainted whilst the time comes.

The reasons a dog pees on car tires

  1. The dog is afraid of cars
  2. He is marking his territory
  3. Canines love chasing the car
  4. Some dogs love the smell of rubber
  5. Dogs mark the territory and feel the car is a part of the pack.
  6. They smell to check if another Dog has peed prior and to Undo their Authority They pee on it.
  7. Dog’s pee has scents/pheromones to alert nearby Male and Females.
  8. Sometimes they do it because of laziness and little smartness.

How to stop dogs from peeing on car wheels?

In your canine’s mind, it is not unique to just pee on a tree, lamp post, fire hydrant, or mailbox, and he genuinely won’t recognize why it affects an irritated human shaking their fist at him while no one cares about him peeing everywhere else.

If you have decided to stop your canine from urinating at the tires or you need to advise a method to a friend or neighbour who is complaining about this action – try some of the subsequent techniques:

Block access: 

You can place large cardboard pieces against the tires. This may prevent any dog from peeing on your car’s tires.

Use garage: 

The garage is the best way to keep canines away from the car. A garage is an ideal space for our car at home. But it is not feasible if you are away from home. In this case, it is better for the dog owners to keep their pooches on a leash.

Remove odour: 

If you already know a canine has urinated on your tires, then the tires need to be wiped clean as quickly as possible. Since many household cleaners comprise elements that might be extra poisonous to animals than humans, care should be taken while using them when animals are around.

An enzyme-based purifier can get rid of the attractive scent of pee from the tires and keep canines from further communicating with their fellow canine by means of your car. However, your canine might still pee on tires even though the scents of different canines are long gone because of the intuition of peeing excessively cited before.

Redirect your pooch:

When you notice your pooch going towards the tire to pee, just try to redirect him. You can do this with the help of a toy, treat, or ball. I know it is a bit annoying to carry these things, but this tactic can save the tires.

Teach the “Leave it” command:

If you want to stop your fido from peeing on tires, then you should make him learn a command. This training is done with the help of treats. In the end, you require a lot of patience. That’s all.

Avoid punishing the dog:

It can be tempting to punish the canine by scolding him, using a loud noise, or spraying him with water, however, those techniques might also additionally backfire. They may also cause your canine to worry you and lose trust in you, he risks turning into noise-sensitive or expanding a phobia for water and he may also simply discover ways to pee on tires while you aren’t around.

This latter isn’t always achieved out of spite, however, simply due to the fact your canine has associated your presence with punishment.

Understanding dog conduct takes a while and effort. No one wishes their very own canine to misbehave nor do they need to cope with horrific manners from different dogs. Stopping a canine from peeing on tires is doable, in particular, if your preferred protocol is achieved on an ordinary basis. Bad dog conduct may be damaged without harming our canines.

Alternate Methods to try:

How to remove dog urine from car tires?

Usually, some occasional splash of urine will not cause damage to tires. However, some car owners see stains on the rims. Some of the rims have a clear coating for protection. In this case, it is important to be careful to use the correct chemicals. Altogether, use products like wheel cleaner or wheel polish. 

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that, while we know that many people have been trying to find out the answer to this mystery, we are glad to have been able to provide a solution to the problem. 

As we mentioned in the article, you will need to find the reason your dog is peeing on your tires so that you can find a solution that will work for your specific dog. We hope this blog has helped you find some answers and solutions so that you can feel more confident and prepared to face the problem of a dog peeing on your tires.

With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your car by protecting your tires from dog pee! So what are you waiting for? Protect your tires from dog pee by cleaning them off with a quality tire cleaning spray.

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