why do chihuahuas lick so much

Why Do Chihuahuas Lick So Much? [8 Valid reasons]

Wondering, Why do Chihuahuas lick so much? It is pretty evident that Chihuahuas love to lick. In fact, every canine loves to like objects and even humans. But why do Chihuahuas lick so much?

Chihuahuas lick both their friends and their proprietors out of affection. Licking any other canine they have met is an indication of submission. Other motives why Chihuahuas lick includes curiosity for the way something tastes, grooming, and cleansing themselves.

If they lick excessively, it’s a signal of a problem called a compulsive disorder. This is a result of anxiety, boredom,  pain, or stress.

It’s critical to understand the precise reason behind your Chihuahua’s licking.

That’s why we have mentioned certain conditions which you would possibly recognize. 

Keep reading to check out what they’re to be able to decode your Chihuahua’s licking behavior.

8 reasons why do Chihuahuas lick so much?

So, let us understand the reasons why Chihuahuas lick so much. 

1) Offering Comfort

Dogs pick up on your tone of voice and body language much better than anyone else. If you are not feeling good, emotionally or physically, your canine will pick up on the fact that he cares for you.

The canine licks you to provide consolation and calm you down. This is nice and frequently does simply that since it’s so thoughtful! Many canines will also lick the tears right off your face!

2) Showing Affection

Canines lick you and those things around them (like different pets or even toys, bedding, and blankets) to show that they love them. Licking facilitates them to talk to you!

Licking releases endorphins in both of you. And plenty will try this as they’re cuddling up with you in bed, snuggling on the sofa with a movie, or whilst you get home from work.

3) An Act Of Submission

Canines are animals, which includes tiny little Chihuahuas! This means that they display their admiration and attentiveness to you by licking you!

This is well known in wild canines. They will try this on different animals that they decide to be alpha to them, too!

4) Anxiety Or Emotional Distress

When canines get anxious, they’ll lick themselves to calm themselves down.

It goes again to their first few moments of existence when they entered the world, and their mom licked them thoroughly.

During their initial life, licking was a relaxing method that helped them feel cherished and safe.

As adults, they’ll frequently try this self-soothing while they’re anxious, scared, or feeling emotional for different reasons.

This will frequently be more frantic than different types of licking.

5) Cleanliness And Grooming Concerns

Licking is how dogs clean themselves. If your canine is licking himself, you, the cat, blankets, the floor, etc., he may be cleaning everything around him.

6) Boredom

A bored canine will amuse himself by licking himself, you, and something around him.

The desire is to discover a few simulations to help entertain them.

Also, if your pooch licks you, he might get your attention, and he will get a little playtime with you.

7) Curiosity

Naturally curious canines, because of their intelligence, they’ll lick things to check them out.

This is frequently fun to all those looking at a Chihuahua lick a doorknob.

canines use their mouths to test things out, and this consists of that inquisitive tongue of theirs!

8) Itching Or Pain

If your canine is itchy or recuperating from injury, their natural instincts will inform them to lick.

This both leans the region and enables literally scratching the itch.

This is why carrying a cone after a surgical operation or injury is so important!

What to do when your Chihuahua licks too much?

Your Chihuahua’s habit of licking can be adorable. Especially when he is showing his affection to you.

However, after a certain point, licking just became too much. And, it can be a sign of stress or anxiety. You can change this behavior with proper behavioral training. In this process, you will teach your pooch that you do not support the licking habit. 

For example, choose to leave when your canines start licking. This teaches him that when he licks you, you will go away.

If your pooch licks himself frequently, it is important to understand the real cause behind it. Once you know it, you can handle the problem. 

Additionally, self-licking can also become a habit. Lots of licking may create irritated skin and other skin issues that can affect a canine’s physical health. In fact, this is very true in short coats.

These dogs do not have much space for licking their fur. They may develop bald spots as the hair is worn down due to excessive licking. Hence, it is essential to check your canine if it is prone to excessive licking. 

Why won’t my Chihuahua stop licking?

It’s completely fine in case you sense your Chihuahua is licking needlessly. Compared to many different canine breeds, that frequently seems to be the case. If you sense your canine is licking for no precious reason, look closer.

Dogs do not simply do random things. There is a purpose for your Chihuahua’s tendency to lick as plenty as they are.

The first factor to understand why your canine won’t forestall licking is to discover the root of their licking habit. It will be one, or any combination, of these reasons indexed above.

Are there certain locations they lick most? Is it at precise times of the day or paired with different behaviors? Are there emotional cues that they are selecting? Get a sense of what’s happening with your canine’s licking conduct and make a note of it.

Feel like you want to assist in understanding why your Chihuahua is licking excessively? Get it! Your vet and breeder are excellent sources that will help you understand and apprehend the different sorts and reasons for licking.

Why do Chihuahuas lick furniture?

Licking the furniture is most usually related to meals and crumbs. Even in case you are sure that you did not spill any, your Chihuahua nevertheless possibly found something.

Food is the likely reason in case you observe your canine licking your carpet, couch, or floor. Curiosity about the feel of those surfaces is another common motive.

If your Chihuahua canine is licking your bed, the most common motive, in this case, is that he is maintaining it clean for you to come and snuggle in. It is both a signal of cleanliness and conventional pack conduct with displaying affection.

In very uncommon cases, obsessively licking one focused part of your carpet, floor, or piece of furnishings can be a gastrointestinal issue.

If the licking is centered on one particular place and also you observe symptoms including panting and a furrowed brow.

In that case, it may symbolize health trouble. Also, you will need to take your pooch to the vet to make sure the whole thing is okay.

How do I stop my Chihuahua from licking?

  1. Put something in his mouth
  2. Ignore him
  3. Take a shower
  4. Get some exercise
  5. Reward good behavior
  6. Change your body fragrance

Why won’t my Chihuahua stop licking?

There are 6 reasons why your canine may lick obsessively. These include

boredom, hormonal imbalance, parasites, pain, dry skin, and allergies.

Allergies can be food-based or environmental.


Licking for a Chihuahua may be due to a number of reasons. Whether it’s an innocent demonstration of love or a more intense indication of anxiety, or a health-associated issue. Licking is a common practice, specifically for Chihuahuas.

Be positive to monitor their fitness and bring them to the vet for normal visits and check-ups. Keep their licking to the simplest in moderation if possible.

Not only will you need to wash your fingers and be faceless because of their licking you, but decreasing their licking also can help support their normal mental and emotional health.

While most often, it’s a normal response and not something to be worried about, there can be a few warning signs that you will need to connect with your vet.

Serve them and their tongue nicely by figuring out the reasons for their immoderate licking and working towards a solution collectively in a way that helps them and their well-being.

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