Perfect Whelping Box Size

What Size Whelping Box Is Perfect For Labs? 8 Box-Making Tips

Breeding isn’t easy, and if not prepared well, it can prove quite tedious, difficult, and overwhelming for both dogs and humans. As your female Labrador’s pregnancy approaches, she will start looking for a cozy, comfortable, and dark place to give birth. And to make her comfortable, the best one can do, is provide a Whelping Box that can make the Lab feel comfortable and secure. But have you ever wondered what size Whelping Box would fit perfectly for your female Labrador?

Well, because Labradors are large dogs, giving them a big enough Whelping Box that can fit the entire body length comfortably is important. According to expert breeders, a 4 feet X 4 feet X 2 feet (LXBXH) Whelping box will go well enough for a birthing Labrador. Though this is an average measurement, the area must increase depending on the individual dog’s size. The idea is to provide a Whelping box big enough that the Labrador can lay down, stand, sit, turn around, stretch during birth, and nurse the litter with ease. Also, it should have enough empty space for housing puppies (2 to 6 or 7).

Perfect Whelping Box Size

What Is A Whelping Box? Is Whelping Box Necessary?

If you are new to breeding, the phrase ‘Whelping Box’ may confuse you. 

A Whelping Box, known as Nursing Den/ Box, is a space where female dogs birth and raise their litter until they turn 3 to 4 weeks. A Whelping Box keeps the mother dog comfortable, whereas the litter is warm, cozy, and safe from any kind of danger. Once the puppies turn 3 weeks, or until they have opened their eyes, they shouldn’t get removed from the Whelping box. The process of migrating from the Whelping box should happen naturally when both the mother dog and litter are ready to explore the outdoor world. 

Whelping Box is undoubtedly necessary for keeping the birthing dog comfortable and her litter safe. Even though dogs’ can manage birthing in different outdoor and wild conditions, when at home, owners must ensure providing them services that can increase their help.

How Big Should A Dog Whelping Box Be?

A Whelping Box should ideally be big enough to allow the female dog to lie down comfortably, plus an extra foot space left. Whelping Boxes with rails or barriers should measure extra few inches long.

While measuring a Whelping box for your dog, always consider your dog’s size. Depending on whether the dog is a small, medium, or large breed, the size of Whelping box will differ. The size will also depend upon the dog’s weight, her temperament, and the number of puppies she is birthing (according to the ultrasound report).

For Example,

  • A 21 X 34 inches long and similarly deep Whelping Box is good enough for Small Breeds.
  • A 28 X 34 inches long and similarly deep Whelping Box is good enough for Medium Breeds.
  • And, a 48 X 48 inches long 34 X 40 inches deep Whelping Box is good enough for Large Breeds. For dogs who are extra large, 48 X 58 inches long and 40 X 48 inches deep, Whelping Box will provide good enough space.

What Size Whelping Box Does A Labrador Need?

Labradors are large breeds, and therefore they need a Whelping Box with a bigger frame/ space. 

The best way to measure an appropriate size is ‘an extra foot than your female Labrador’s length from head to rear. For Example, if the female Labrador measures 40 inches from head to toe, then the Whelping Box should be 52 inches in length. Simultaneously, the width of the box doesn’t require to be very broad but good enough to allow the Lab to lie down along with her litter. If the box is extra wide, the puppies may not be able to find their mother, especially since their eyes aren’t opened for the first 2 to 3 weeks. 

Suppose the Length of Whelping Box is 54 inches; then the Width of Whelping Box should be no more than 40 inches. Also, giving a certain height to the Whelping Box is important as well. For Labradors, 24 inches would be good enough. It will keep the Lab mother and her litter safe from falling out. 

Are Pig Rails Necessary In A Whelping Box?

Dog parents are often confused while layering Pig Rails in their Whelping Box. What confuses people the most is whether the Pig Rails will keep puppies safe or if it will impact them negatively.

Pig Rails are low railings inserted inside a Whelping/ Nursing Boix. Also termed as roll bars and rails, these railings are fixed inside Whelping box’s perimeter and are meant for securing/ protecting puppies from being crushed or smothered by the mother. Even when the mother rolls aside while sleeping or birthing, Pig Rails will ensure litter safety and keep them from coming underneath the huge mother. 

Pig Rails aren’t extremely important in all Whelping Box, but with larger breeds like Labrador, you cannot overlook its use. 

How Long To Keep Pig Rails In A Whelping Box?

Until the puppies are weaned, Pig Rails should be kept inside the Whelping Box only. However, once the puppies are big enough to crawl from under their mother or out of the Whelping Box, you can remove the Pig Rails. The best time is probably after four weeks. 

How Do You Make A Labrador Whelping Box?

Whelping Boxes can be made out of cardboard, plastic, wood, or any such robust material quite easily. 

Here are a few things you may need:

  • Wood Railings (Or Plastic/ Cardboard as per your wish)
  • Hammer
  • Lab Nails
  • Wood glue
  • Something to cut the wooden panels (or take precut panels)
  • A Plywood for making the Base
  • Vinyl sheeting or something to unexposed the wood
  • Water absorbent bedding
  • Cozy bedding
  • Pig Rails

The Procedure

  1. Either take precut wooden panels or cut them at home. The sizing should be: 
  2. 4 feet X 3.5 feet (LXW) for the Base.
  3. 4 feet X 2 feet (LXB) for sides. Take 4 such wooden panels.

TIP: You can find precut wooden panels at home improvement stores or with your local carpenter.

  1. Now take one of the side panels, mark an entry/ exit and cut out the piece. The entry/ exit should be lower for the dog’s comfort but big enough for a Labrador to get in and out conveniently.
  2. Now fix all four size panels over the wooden Base. Use either wood glue or nails (or both) to ensure a secure fix.
  3. Further, take a Vinyl sheet, self-adhesive contact paper, or something similar that can cover the entire wood section. Doing so is important since wood can develop bacteria. Or the risk of wooden hangings hurting the dog and litter too will remain prominent all the time. NOTE: Do not substitute layering with any kind of paint.
  4. Next, line the Whelping box with an observant water sheet so no moisture enters the woods around.
  5. Further line it with warm, cozy, and comfortable bedding. NOTE: Ensure changing the bedding frequently to maintain hygiene for the dogs.
  6. Lastly, fix the Pig Rails as well.

How Do You Build A Big Dog Whelping Box?

The procedure for Building a Whelping Box (for small and big dogs) is one for all. The only trick is to keep the length and width of the box according to the dog’s size. If the dog is a small breed, keep the box small. Picking the large one may not provide a cozy and comfortable environment for the litter. Simultaneously, for large dogs, the Whelping Box should be huge. Even after when the dog fixes inside, there must be enough room left for her to stretch, turn and lie down.

8 Whelping Box Making Tips

  1. Prepare the Whelping Box at least three weeks before your dog’s due date (Delivery date). Firstly, you never know if the dog will give birth early or not. And secondly, it is very important to make the birthing dog comfortable in the Whelping Box. Dogs are very keen on safety when it comes to giving birth, and thus they always look for a secure place in the house. The major concern of safety for them is from their fellow humans and pets in the house.
  2. Choose a dark, secure, and warm space in the house where you can keep the whelping box. The place where your birthing dog is most comfortable is important. You can consider a dark corner of your bedroom, an empty room, a place below the staircase, or so. However, ensure that the Whelping box isn’t in an uncomfortable position.
  3. Consider covering the Whelping box with a thin cloth to avoid exposure. However, do not cover it fully.
  4. Keep the Whelping box clean, dry, and sanitized every day before and after the dog has birthed.
  5. Avoid using cardboard, newspapers, and other such materials that will soak liquid and go bad soon.
  6. Always keep the Whelping box away from direct sunlight or even artificial light. 
  7. Puppies cannot regulate their body temperature, so thus if it is the colder season, use heating pads essentially.
  8. Lastly, if you are sceptical about building a Whelping box, consider buying a readymade one.

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Where Do I Put My Puppies After Whelping Box?

Once the Puppies are big enough to explore the outdoor world, they will start moving out of the Whelping Box. The mother dog, too, will be less possessive about her litter now, and such behavior is completely normal. 

After Whelping Box, dog owners can keep the puppies in a cozy corner of their bedroom or drawing room. It is the right time to introduce them to the world called ‘Home.’ However, since they are still so small, avoid taking them to the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or other such areas.

Wrapping up…

That’s all, folks. We hope that after going through this guide, you now have a better idea of ‘How Should be your Labrador’s Whelping Box’? Choosing the correct size, adequate safety, and appropriate comfort is all that you need to ensure while buying or building a Whelping Box. And when skeptical, go with a readymade Whelping Box. Some fine options are mentioned above.