Snakes in Scotland

Snakes In Scotland – 101 Facts You Need To Know

Hi guys, today we are talking about snakes in Scotland and what you need to know about them. Most of us hate snakes and finding them in our personal space is something very bizarre. 

Therefore, let us see some of the most common snakes found in Scotland and what can you do about them.

Does Scotland Have Venomous Snakes?

Snakes in Scotland

The Adder

There is only one venomous snake in Scotland and that is the adder. It is commonly known as a European adder.

Hiding is the main gameplay of the adder. Additionally, its body markings work well as additional support to the hiding strategy. 

The adder only bites when it feels threatened. If you see the adder from a safe distance, it will not cause you any harm. Just do not go near it and let it do its own things.

Types Of Snakes In Scotland

Grass snake a.k.a Natrix natrix

Grass snakes have green-grey-coloured bodies. Additionally, they have black stripes down the sides and a black & yellow collar-type design around their neck. 

You can easily mistake it with the adder, however, they are very rare in Scotland. Moreover, researchgate says that there are recent records of grass snakes encountered in Dumfries and Galloway.

They are usually found in England and Wales. They stay close to the water as they hunt fish and amphibians. Therefore, you may find nearby ponds. Do not be afraid though, glass snakes are not venomous and are very shy. 

Adder a.k.a Viper berus

This is the native snake of Scotland. In fact, Adder is the only venomous reptile found in Scotland. This snake is quite timid and only bites if it feels intimidated or threatened. 

The adder is mostly found in open habitats like moors, sea cliffs, open woodlands,  and heartlands. It is very common to spot the adder on the beach in any sand dune during summer.

You can easily identify it with its reddish-brown or grey body. Additionally, it also has zig-zag stripes running down the back.

Smooth snake a.k.a Coronella austriaca

Smooth snakes have a grey-brown body with two lines of black markings down the back. Additionally, they also have a heart-shaped crown on their head. You can say that they are browner than grass snakes. 

Smooth snakes are very rare and only found in Surrey, Hampshire and Surrey. They usually hide under logs and stones rather than roaming in the open. 

These snakes are protected by European law and many reintroduction programmes are trying to save them from extinction. 

Slow worms a.k.a Anguis fragilis

Though slow worms are not snakes, they are still included because people often think of them as a snake. Slow worms usually hide under wood, stones, or heaps. Moreover, they are a type of legless lizards. Slow worms are smaller than snakes and are golden-grey. 

What will adder venom do to my body?

There are different symptoms that you may witness if the adder bites you:

  • Shock
  • Severe pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness 
  • Inflamed gums, throat, tongue, and lips
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Sickness
  • Itchy lumps on the skin
  • Mental confusion
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Breathing issues
  • Fainting
  • Dizziness

What To Do If Bitten By A Snake In Scotland

  • The first and foremost thing is to stay calm. Most snake bites are not serious and can be easily treated. 
  • Lie in a recovery position
  • The bitten part of the body is as still as you can
  • Take paracetamol
  • Try to recall the pattern and colour of the snake. This is to tell the doctor so that it can provide treatment accordingly. 

Where To Find Snakes In Scotland?

You will find them in wild habitats like coastal dunes, meadows, woodlands, heartlands, and moors. Moreover, some Scottish Natural Reserves like Knowetop Locks, Shewalton Wood, and Feoch Meadows have adders.

Are adders in Scotland poisonous?

Adder is the only poisonous snake you will find in Scotland. However, its poison is less dangerous to humans. Still, the adder bite is very painful and may cause inflammation.

Therefore, you must be very careful if you encounter the adder. The best advice is to avoid going close to it. This is because it only bites when it feels threatened. 

How big is a Scottish adder?

Male adders are smaller in size than female adders. The males are of the length of around 1.9 inches. On the other hand, females are of length of around 2.5 inches.

Are there snakes in Loch Lomond?

Yes, you can find the adder in Loch Lomond. Talking particularly, you can see adders here. As Loch Lomond has warm weather, adders can do well here.

What to do if you find a snake in your garden UK?

If you encounter a snake in your garden, just leave it unbothered. Moreover, there is no need to contact snake experts unless it is wounded or injured.  

Where are grass snakes found in Scotland?

Grass snakes are usually found in the wild in Scotland. They are seen at the higher latitudes in Scandinavia. However, it also depends on the manure piles and compost heaps for egg-lying areas. 

What places don’t have snakes?

Some places that do not have snakes include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Siberia
  3. Antarctica
  4. Greenland
  5. The southern side of Chile and Argentina
  6. The northern part of Finland
  7. North of the Arctic circle
  8. Northern and central Canada

What is a good snake deterrent?

A good snake deterrent includes clove, cinnamon oil, vinegar, and sulphur. They are very helpful in repelling snakes.

Just just have to pour them around the area of your property or any place where you notice snakes frequently. 

Which country has the most poisonous snakes?

Australia has the most poisonous snakes in the world. In fact, the country has 20 out of the 25 most vicious snakes around the world. Among these 20, 11 snake species are in the top 11.

The inland taipan snake is the most vicious snake and is only found in Australia. Its single bite can kill 250,000 mice. 

What attracts snakes to your house?

The most common things that attract a snake to your house include cool areas, dark areas, damp areas, small animals like mice and rats, food, etc.

you can discourage them from coming inside in different ways. Some home deterrents include sulphur, vinegar, cinnamon oil, and cloves. 

What is the number 1 deadliest snake?

The deadliest snake is the Saw-scaled viper. Its scientific name is Echis carinatus. However, its venom is not as deadly as other snakes.

Still, it is considered to be the world’s deadliest snake. Moreover, it is responsible for more human deaths in the world. 

How do you know if you have snakes in your yard?

If you see any of the signs below, it is confirmed that you have snakes in your yard-

  • Snake droppings
  • Snake holes
  • Shedded snakeskin
  • Strange smell
  • Tracks or marks in dirt or dust

Which snake bite kills fastest?

The venom of the Black mamba is the most powerful. its single bite injects around 12 times the venom than other snakes. Its single attack includes as many as 12 bites.

The venom is very fast-acting. In humans, it takes 20 minutes to die after a bite from a black mamba.

How can you tell if a snake is venomous?

The easiest way to tell if a snake is venomous is to look at the underbelly. If you find a single row of scales, the snake is venomous.