Silver Labrador Hair Loss: 13 Reasons & Remedies

Silver Labradors are as same as other Labrador Retrievers except for their beautiful Silver Coat. Some Labradors have a beautiful shimmery silver coat that some people also describe as diluted brown. Over the past few years, Silver Labradors have been in several controversies, but above all that, their owners are concerned about dog hair loss.

Yes, you read that right. Dogs do suffer from hair loss, and Silver Labradors are one example of the same. According to several owners, their Silver Lab is suffering from alarming hair loss, which is more massive than their regular shedding. If you, too, are one of that concerned owners, this article might help you.

Come, let’s shed some light on Why Silver Labradors lose hair and how you can prevent the same.

13 Reasons why Silver Labrador Retrievers Suffer Hair Loss

Silver Labrador Retrievers can suffer from hair loss for several reasons. These reasons could be medical, environmental, genetic, diet-based, age-based, or more. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Silver Labrador Hair Loss

Reasons 1: Due to Poor Diet

A Dog’s diet decides his overall health from weight, fitness, good skin, thick and voluminous hair, and more. All that the dog eats and drinks shows in his coat and skin. Therefore if your Silver Labrador is taking an unbalanced diet, he may have a dull coat and might suffer from some hair loss. It is important to provide a well-balanced diet to your dog, whether from packed food or homemade food.

A good diet means an appropriate balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Dogs’ daily diet should contain 25%to 35% of protein and 10% to 15% of fats as a must.

Reason 2: Due to Genetics or Heredity

Dogs inherit a lot of physical characteristics from their parents and ancestors, and hair loss could be one of them. Silver Labradors aren’t a very high-shedding breed, but due to genetic reasons, some of them might suffer hair loss in high quantities.

Reason 3: Due to Stress

Similarly to humans, dogs too can suffer from stress, and this may lead them towards hair loss. It is even proven through research that Stress Hormones can actually stop hair growth and initiate hair fall.

Reason 4: Due to Ticks, Mites, and Fleas

Parasitical infection can cause hair loss, and a majority of dogs suffer from the same. If any of the ticks, mites, fleas, ringworm or other parasites manage to infect your dog, he/ she may start losing hair in patches. And since Labradors are highly sensitive towards parasitical infection, your silver Lab may be losing hair due to that.

Reason 5: Due to Hormonal Imbalance

It is clinically proven that dogs can suffer from hair loss due to Hormonal Imbalance. Especially, Hormonal problem like Hypothyroidism shows signs of thinning hair in dogs. It basically slows down dogs’ metabolism, making them gain weight but slowing down their hair growth.

The hair loss due to Hypothyroidism or other hormonal issues start showing near the armpits, both sides of the back, and near the back leg more profoundly.

Reason 6: Due to Color dilution alopecia (CDA)

One of the major reasons why your Silver Labrador is losing hair is probably Color dilution alopecia (CDA). Silver Labradors get their shiny grey coat due to a dilute gene. However, this same dilute gene which is an inherited condition, can also cause severe hair loss. Color dilution alopecia (CDA) can result in poor hair coat, dry and dull coat, and clogging of hair fossils.

Reason 7: Due to Yeast Infection

Besides Parasitical infection, Silver labs can also suffer from year infection, which can result in hair loss. It is basically the fungus that irritates the dog’s skin and leads to pigmentation and hair thinning in particular areas.

Reason 8: Due to Allergies

If your Silver Labrador is suffering from some kind of allergy, it may give him hair loss. The allergy can trigger due to anything ranging from environmental pollution, medicinal trigger, food reaction, or more.

Urticaria is one of the common forms of skin allergy that leads to hair loss in dogs. The condition may develop and disappear on its own and can trigger due to many reasons, including insect bite, medication, shampoo and cosmetics and more.

Reason 9: Due to Cushing’s disease

Cushing’s disease is one of the most common medical conditions that hit several dogs throughout the year. It is basically a hormonal issue where a dog’s body produces too much of a hormone called cortisol.

Cushing’s disease can lead to several different problems, including hair loss, thin or fragile skin, skin infections, lethargy and more.

Cushing’s disease isn’t curable and would stay along the dog for a lifetime. However, it can be managed with medications or the only way to cure it is by surgery. The surgery, though, is not easily available everywhere around and is not recommended for every dog.

Reasons 10: Due to Change of Season or Environment

Seasonal as well as Environmental changes not only cause hair loss in humans but in dogs as well. Especially Silver Labradors, given their thick coat that normally shed, it may shed more when the season turns cold. If winter transforms into Springs and Summers, Silver Labs may suffer hair loss again.

Reason 11: Due to Puberty

Dogs lose hair when they enter the stage of puberty. It is majorly due to hormonal changes which resolve on their own.

Reason 12: Improper Grooming

Less or excessive brushing, brushing in the wrong direction, excessive bathing, and more such factors can lead to hair loss in Silver Labradors. Remember, Silver Labradors are high-maintenance dogs and need proper care for their coat.

Reason 13: Due to Age

As Silver Labradors age, they will start losing hair, and that’s a completely natural process. However, since aging is an unstoppable process, you cannot do much about the hair loss associated with the same.

How to control hair loss in Silver Labradors? Remedies

Hair loss isn’t incurable, and there are several things you can do to stop the same. However, before you begin with any tip, trick or remedy, it is important to find the root cause of hair loss in Silver Labradors.

If the condition is purely medical, none other than a Vet can help you. However, if the conditions are environmental, stress-related, age-related, due to diet or more, here are a few things you can do.

In order to control your Silver Labradors’ Hair Loss:

  1. Ensure you are providing a nutritious and well-balanced diet to the dog. If you are skeptical about managing the same, you can take advice from a Vet.
  2. If your Silver Labrador is going through some kind of stress, soothe the pooch. Spend more time with the dog, be loving, kind, and caring, and when required, give him some time alone.
  3. Make sure you brush your Labrador regularly but do not overbrush. Simultaneously, ensure monthly bathing and grooming twice a year.
  4. Do not use a lot of cosmetic products on your dog. Be sure the shampoo and bathing soap you are using for the dog are appropriate.
  5. Take extra care of your dog’s diet and coat during changing seasons.

Wrapping up…

Silver Labradors can suffer from excessive hair loss, but that’s not the end. Most of the reasons for hair loss (except Cushing’s disease) can be treated. All you need is to get alert at the right time and take the dog to a reputed Vet. Under any circumstances when you are confused about what to do, a professional will definitely help you.