Queen Wasp Identification

How to Identify a Queen Wasp? Queen Wasp Identification 101

How to Identify a Queen Wasp in Wasp Colony From Other Wasps? Queen Wasp Physical Appearance, Role and Here are some of the most common identification points to identify a queen wasp. 


Usually, a queen wasp looks similar to the workers. Therefore, it is difficult to identify the queen. However, in some species, queen wasps are larger than the workers. Hence, these can be easily identified. The “larger” size is just a matter of a fraction of a centimetre


Mostly, queen wasps look like worker wasps. Both have a pointy abdomen and a narrow waist. The queen wasp comes in a variety of colours like dark blue, brown, yellow, red, etc.

Moreover, they also have black markings on their heads. Additionally, wasps use their white colours to warn other insects of their presence. 

Moreover, only female wasps have stings. Therefore, the theory of establishing a queen is due to this fact. 

Guard wasps around

The young wasps take care of the queen wasp. The queen wasps always stay in its cell and don’t roam around the colonies.

The worker wasps feed the queen wasp. While workers feed the queen, other workers move back and forth around the nest as guards. 

The queen wasps give the young wasps motherly care. Therefore, they tend to guard the queen. 


The Queen wasp has a slightly different colour from other worker wasps. Therefore, if you encounter multiple wasps together, you will find a wasp that stands out from the crowd. 

Depending on the colour, you can even differentiate between a queen wasp and a hornet. Hornets have yellow and black abdomen with brown or black thorax and legs. On the other hand, wasps have yellow and black stripes on the body including the legs and thorax. 


You cannot see a queen wasp until autumn. The queen stays safely in her nest until winter arrives. In winter, only the queen wasp hibernates. Usually, all wasps do not hibernate at all. In fact, they are even dead by the time winter arrives. 

During summer, the queen wasp produces worker wasps. At the end of summer, the last eggs that hatch will be new drones and queens. 

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Similarities Between a Queen Wasp and a Queen Bee

  1. Both the insects are very social. They live in a close family called colonies. A single bee or wasp colony has thousands of other insects known as worker bees and worker wasps. 
  2. Queen wasps and queen bees are very laborious and hardworking. They have the responsibility to feed the whole family. However, other bees and wasps also perform this duty. Queen bees and queen wasps have much more to do. They search for a safe place to build a nest. Additionally, they actively participate in the construction process.  
  3. Reproduction is the most important role for queen wasps and queen bees. Apart from the queen wasp, no other wasp can reproduce. Therefore, a colony cannot grow without a queen wasp. 
  4. The Queen wasp and queen bee are leaders of their respective families. Moreover, they turn over their duties to ensure the survival of the colony.  

How do you treat a wasp sting from a queen?

  1. Ice – Ice is very useful in this case as the cold temperature slows down the blood flow. Take an ice cube and place it over the wound for 10 – 15 minutes. 
  2. Onion – Cut an onion and place the flesh side down on the wound. Press gently until the pain is reduced. 
  3. Garlic – Crush garlic and cover it on the wound. Apply the juice to the wound thoroughly. 
  4. Baking soda – It neutralises the poison from the sting. Make a thick paste and apply it to the wound. 
  5. Cucumber – Cucumber is a natural astringent. This means that it has the power to constrict body issues. You can apply cucumber in any way. 
  6. Lemon – Slice a lemon and place the flesh side down on the wound. 
  7. Salt – Make a thick paste and apply it to the wound. 
  8. Vinegar – soak a cotton swab in vinegar and apply it to the wound. 

What to do if you discover a wasp nest?

It is alarming to find a wasp nest. However, do not try to remove it as soon as you discover it. If the wasps are still inside it, they may harm you. Therefore, keep the wasp nest as it is if it is not bothering you. Eventually, the wasp nest will come to an end on its own. 

However, if the insects are in your home, business, or area and creating problems, then remove it yourself or hire some experts to remove the wasp nest. 

How do you get a queen wasp out?

The best way is to open the windows and allow the queen wasp to go out and then block the entry points. It is like making your palace wasp-proof. 

Does the queen wasp leave the nest?

The queen wasps rarely leave the nest between late spring. Moreover, the queen remains in the nest laying eggs and is cared for by workers. 

Is there a queen wasp in every nest?

In reality, some wasp species have queens and some don’t. Moreover, the same is with the bees. Not all bees live with the queen. 

What happens if a queen wasp dies?

If a queen dies, the family and colony have to rear a new queen from the new egg. However, in Marginata wasps, any worker can replace the dead queen. 

Is there a king wasp?

Megalara Garuda is referred to as the “King of Wasps”. This wasp is large and the only species in the genus – megalara, family – Crabronidae, and tribe – Larrini. Moreover, it is known from Mekongga Mountains in south-east part of Indonesia Island(Sulawesi)

Will wasps return to a sprayed nest?

Yes, they can. Once you spray pesticide on the nest, leave it overnight and return to throw it the next day. If there are wasps that returned back, they will die due to the effect of the pesticide. 

Can a queen wasp fly?

Yes, the virgin queen wasp flies around the meadow flowers. It also eats and fattens it, until it flies to mate with the drone. After mating, the drone dies with the old queen and the colony when the winter arrives. 

When can I catch a queen wasp?

The best time is to eliminate them in the early spring or late winter. The queen wasps hibernate in winter and come out in the warm weather to build new nests. If you catch her early, you can save yourself by facing multiple worker wasps. 

Is a queen wasp sting more painful?

No, a queen wasp’s sting is not as painful as a normal wasp’s sting. The anatomy of the queen and wasps is a bit different. Hornets, bees, and wasps sting in self-defence or to save the queen. 

Where Do queen wasps go in the winter?

Most queen wasps are sexually mated females. These wasps hibernate in the winter. Moreover, a mated queen is known as a foundess. Also, she is the only one responsible for the initial construction of the nest. 

During hibernation, queen wasps hide in different locations like the basement, closet, or attic. 

How long does a queen wasp live?

Queen wasps live longer than workers and drones. She survived for almost 12 months. Unlike the queen honey bees who live for years, a new group of queen wasps come each year. 

What kills wasps instantly?

Water and soap work well. Mix 2 tablespoons of any soap into a spray bottle. Now spray it on the nest. This mixture will block the wasps’ breathing points and kill them instantly without difficulty.