My Cat Is Not Affectionate Anymore

My Cat Is Not Affectionate Anymore; 6 Reasons Why?

My cat is not affectionate anymore ūüôĀ

It is a nightmare for any pet parent that his/her pet does not show affection towards him/her. Isn’t it scary? 

It is fairly possible that a dog, cat, or any other creature goes through behavioural changes. Training, surrounding, past experiences, etc collectively contribute to building a unique character. 

In the case of cats, they change their behaviour when they are in a certain phase. In usual times, they show their love in different ways but sometimes they just act cold-blooded. If you observe your cat sharply, you can justify why she acts weird sometimes.

Let’s take an example. A cat at a young age runs, jumps, plays, chews, and cuddles. But, when it grows old and becomes independent, it just does not do those things anymore.

Cats have different personalities that make those certain periods manifest with different levels of affection towards their parents. 

Why is my cat suddenly not cuddly anymore?

1) Your cat is afraid of you

If your cat does not trust you, he/she may be afraid of you. Hence, it will try to hide or lash out. 

This condition can be caused due to various factors like:

  • You yelling at her
  • You injured her by mistake
  • She heard a loud noise
  • Maybe You forgot to feed her
  • You put her in a room for a long time

You did something that made your cat feel stressed out. For example, you went to the vet with your cat. Even if you know your cat is angry at you, you still need to take a chance to regain her confidence.

If she hides, do not bother. Just try to figure out what makes your cat anxious and take preventive measures.

2) Health conditions

It is fairly possible that your cat is suffering from some health condition. And that is why she is not showing affection. The common symptoms of some health issues include:

  • Weight loss
  • Refusing to eat
  • Hiding
  • Excessive vocalisation
  • Pain in some parts

However, cats are a pro at concealing their misery. They try to look healthy to avoid other creatures looking at her vulnerability. 

Unhealthy cats do not engage much with their parents. Hence, you may feel that your cat is not that affectionate towards you.

Therefore, if you see this difference in behaviour, look for the vet immediately.

3) Your cat feels neglected

Most cats need love from their parents. Some snuggles and cuddles are what they need sometimes.

If you are ignoring your cat or are not able to give her time, then she may start avoiding you.

There are different reasons that can make your cat feel neglected:

  • Not giving food on time
  • Not cleaning the litter box daily
  • Providing insufficient mental stimulation
  • Punishing her
  • Not grooming her
  • Ignoring her pains

When you bring an animal home, it is your duty to take care of it. If you make them feel neglected, they will avoid you after a certain period of time. Therefore, it is best to take care of your cat properly. 

4) Your feline is pregnant

Some cats become needy when they are pregnant. Others become hostile. This is due to the hormonal changes in their body.

Also, pregnant cats are more sleepy and want attention, which makes them sleep for a longer period. 

If you are not aware of the fact that your cat is pregnant, you are going to behave with her normally. But, here she is expecting you to care for her more. 

Signs of pregnancy include:

  • Nipples become swollen
  • The heat cycle comes to an end
  • A bloated stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Starts eating more
  • Searching for a safer place

5) Unsuitable environment

If your cat is not comfortable in its surroundings, your cat will be unhappy. 

Cats need:

  • A calm sleeping environment
  • Comfortable bed
  • Good quality food
  • Having a clean toilet
  • Access to clean water
  • Having different hiding spots
  • Various toys
  • A scratching post

Cats love their territory and the people around them. They become nervous if anything changes around them. 

6) Lack of mental stimulation

Cats become aggressive and irritable when they get bored. This is because they do not get any physical thing to do to release the energy inside.

Although cats spend most of their time sleeping, they like to play when they wake up. If that energy stays inside for a long time, they get aggressive. 

Hence, start playing with your pet. You can use your cat’s favorite toys or treats to give some mental stimulation. In many situations, this works very well.

How do I get my cat to be affectionate again?

As much as you would like to, you cannot force your cat to emerge as an affectionate pet if he is not interested. Trying to force affection on your cat may cause him to snap at you.

Hence, be careful. If you are patient enough, perhaps your cat will come round on his own.

If you are without a doubt interested in assisting your cat to emerge as affectionate again, you could try and rebuild your bond with him by speaking to him.

While it’d appear absolutely ridiculous to have a conversation with a cat, cats love conversation. Cats are tons smarter than humans give them credit for, and they could recognize more than we think. They additionally respond properly to the acquainted sounds of our voices.

Of course, your cat cannot reply the way another individual can, however, he can reply in his personal way. Never prevent petting your cat. Even though you won’t believe he can understand you, it could make a huge difference.

If you are continuously displaying and voicing love and affection for your cat, even when he would rather hide under the bed, you can slowly repair the damaged bond.

Of course, there may be no assurance that he becomes affectionate again, however, there is a good risk that he will, especially if he turned very loving in the past.

Do cats become less affectionate with age?

Many cats become less affectionate when they grow old. Some cats need to be close to their people more often, and as they end up older, they end up more dependent.

Others accumulate a distance that irritates their owners. Because they are more interested in going outdoors to hunt, kittens frequently end up less pleasant as they get older. T

Similarly, while bodies change, a few older cats end up unaffectionate toward their owners.

They tuck themselves more often as their senses become worse and their bodies develop pain, and they end up less friendly.

Therefore, this is an unavoidable issue of the getting older process. As long as you provide a nice surroundings for your cat, it has to be perfect.

Why is my cat suddenly avoiding me? 

When your cat does not come close to you, it is because of one or more of the reasons mentioned above. It is not something you cannot change, so do not panic. It can also additionally take some time and patience, and some cat treats. 

To overcome any of these problems, you always have to become aware of the foundation cause. If you can cut down the cause of why your cat is skeptical, scared, or suspicious of you, you can change its behaviour.

However, it’s going to return back down to supplying treats, giving them space, and slowly accomplishing out and giving them a bit of a pet from time to time.

Do not attempt to rush it. Give your cat a bit of a stroke in the event that they do come close to you. Do not make any unexpected moves, and praise them with treats once they do spend time with you.

How can I make my cat feel loved?

  1. Play with your cat
  2. Pet her
  3. Give some hiding places
  4. Give slow blink
  5. Spend time with your cat
  6. Offer her treats

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that it is important to understand that cats have their own personalities. They can be emotional and affectionate or emotionless and rude. All these things depend on your cat’s personality and past experiences.

If your cat is disturbed by something, it can change their behaviour and cause them to become less affectionate. I hope you enjoyed the article. Stay connected. Thank you.

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