Maremma Sheepdog Vs Great Pyrenees

Maremma Sheepdog Vs Great Pyrenees: 101 Comparison

Are you planning to bring a canine home and you are confused? Moreover, if you want a white dog then Maremma Sheepdog and Great Pyrenees are great choices. Both canines are unique in their own ways. Here is – Maremma Sheepdog Vs Great Pyrenees that will help you decide between these 2 dogs.

Maremma Sheepdog and Great Pyrenees Physical Attributes

Maremma Sheepdog Vs Great Pyrenees


The Maremma sheepdog is a dependable guard dog because of its fearless, devoted, and independent nature. To be precise, it scares off the predator with its huge appearance, aggressive posture, and loud barking.

Talking about the Great Pyrenees is an independent and intelligent dog. It was bred to take care of other animals. Hence, it has a strong sense of autonomy. Moreover, you must provide socialising and training right from the beginning. 


The Maremma sheepdog is a big and muscular canine. Many Maremma owners say that these canines look like huge bears. Because of the size, the breed doesn’t have any difficulty in dealing with predators and intruders.

A Maremma sheepdog weighs around 35-45 kg and has a height of around 65-73 cm. It has a thick undercoat and the hair around the neck is denser and longer. Also, you can find pale yellow patches on the coat

The Great Pyrenees is similar to the Maremma sheepdog in appearance. However, it is slightly bigger. It has a thicker coat and in some variants, there are pale or tan patches all over the body.


Quality of care is most important for your canine’s life longevity. The lifespan of a Maremma sheepdog is 11-14 years and that of the Great Pyrenees lives for 10-12 years


You can commonly find a pure white Maremma sheepdog. Others can be with some shade of pale orange, lemon, or ivory. Talking about the Great Pyrenees comes in solid white, cream, and white with grey, reddish brown, or tan marks.


Both canines have the same levels of energy. The Maremma sheepdog needs less exercise time. They are not working dogs, they are just protective ones. Therefore, they do not have that much energy. Still, they need average exercise to maintain the energy inside them. 


Many canines are comfortable living in an apartment. On the other hand, many dogs need an open space to live. Unfortunately, Maremma Sheepdogs and Great Pyrenees do not cope with living in an apartment. 


Maremma Sheepdog – This dog is an ancient Italian breed that originated 2,000 years back. It was bred to protect the livestock against bears, wolves, and wild dogs. 

Great Pyrenees – This dog is from the Pyrenees mountains that are located between Spain and France. It is believed that this breed has existed for 11,000 years and was bred to take care of livestock.


Both breeds love to have a conversation with their owners. However, the great Pyrenees is a bit noisier than the Maremma sheepdog. If you wish to have a breed that does not bark, then both breeds are not fit for you. 


Talking about energy, both breeds have moderate energy levels. They do not need heavy exercise. However, they need daily exercise. Comparing both breeds, the Maremma sheepdog needs more exercise than the Great Pyrenees. 


Because of their high intelligence, both canines are trainable. They can learn commands and do not need much training to remember the command.  However, if you are a new pet parent, it is recommended not to have either of these breeds. 

Exercise And Mental Stimulation

Both breeds do not need excessive exercise. However, daily half or 1-hour of walking and light exercise is enough for them. This does not mean that you can leave them alone for a long period. 

Maremma Vs. Great Pyrenees: Overview

FeaturesMaremma SheepdogGreat Pyrenees
ColourswhiteCream, white,
white with light patches
AppearanceFluffy, ruggedFluffy, thick
TemperamentIntelligent, alert,
friendly, determined
Strong-willed, fearless,
affectionate, confident
Exercise needsAverageAverage
OriginItalySpain, France
Grooming MediumMedium
Need for mental stimulationLowHigh
Guarding instinctModerate watchdogOne of the best watchdog
Trainability & IntelligenceEasy to train,
average intelligence
Easy to train,
average intelligence
Common health issueBloating, Hip dysplasiaBloating, Hip dysplasia
Life expectancy11-14 years10-12 years

Are the Great Pyrenees related to Maremmas?

No, both breeds are very different from each other. The great Pyrenees is from the Pyrenees mountains. It is located between Spain and France. Talking about the Maremma Sheepdog is from Italy. Moreover, the Maremma is slightly smaller than the Great Pyrenees. However, instinct, temperament, and appearance are quite similar. 

Are Maremmas aggressive?

Maremma Sheepdogs are not that aggressive. They are sweet, loving, and loyal to their family. However, they are reserved and aloof with strange people. Therefore, do not expect Maremmas to get friendly with the guests coming. Rather than being aggressive, they are just protective because of their instinct. 

Is Maremma bigger than the Great Pyrenees?

No, the Maremma Sheepdog is not bigger than the Great Pyrenees. To be honest, the Maremma Sheepdogs and the Great Pyrenees are very similar to each other. This is mostly because of their thick and white coat and the work they do by protecting livestock. Moreover, the Great Pyrenees is 8% taller and is more independent than the Maremma Sheepdog.

Can Great Pyrenees swim?

Yes, the Great Pyrenees can swim. However, it purely depends on the individual breed to prefer and the ability to swim. Some canines like to swim, whereas others can’t and hate water.

What is the best livestock guardian dog?

This is the list of the best livestock guardian dog-

  • Great Pyrenees
  • Komondor
  • Anatolian Shepherd
  • Kangal
  • Kuvasz
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Akbash
  • Pyrenean Mastiff

How strong is a Great Pyrenee’s bite?

The Great Pyrenees has a completely robust bite force. These canines have a bite force of around 500 pounds per square inch. That is absolutely a stronger bite than Pitbulls and Rottweilers. Moreover, the use of bite force varies among individuals, however, still makes these canines have one of the most powerful bites around.

Will the Great Pyrenees protect chickens?

With their effective frame, tremendous protection instincts, and climate tolerant capabilities, the Pyrenees is a natural preference for guarding any kind of farm animal, inclusive of chickens

Are Great Pyrenees lazy dogs?

Great Pyrenees are absolutely very lazy indoors. Now a pup would need a few stimuli, consisting of toys, however, they’re still considered lazy puppies. 

Does the Great Pyrenees protect against hawks?

The Great Pyrenees have been used to guard livestock for hundreds of years because of their natural guard instinct. Therefore, the Great Pyrenees are not easily threatened by the hawks. 


If there’s one issue for sure, whether it is appearance, behaviour, or different fundamental facts, the Maremma Sheepdog and the Great Pyrenees are very similar canine breeds. However, it is the little matters that make the difference. For instance, while they share an almost similar coat, you could find the Great Pyrenees sheds extra than the sheepdog. 

There are also subtle size variations in terms of both weight and height. While each can be healthy for a family organised to fulfil their needs, the Maremma sheepdog can be a better choice for the ones searching out less grooming and extra ease of training.