Irish Doodles Things You Didn't Know!

Irish Doodles: Things You Didn’t Know!

The extremely intelligent Doodles, here are the Irish Doodles for you. You might not have heard a lot about them, like Goldendoodles, but Irish Doodles are one fine dog you can have as a pet.

Irish Doodles are safely one of the best Poodle crossbreeds to have. This designer dog, or the intentional dog hybrid breed, has so much confusion around its name. An Irish Doodle is a mixed breed combination between a purebred Irish Setter and a purebred Poodle. Since this crossbreed comes down from two intelligent canines, it is a powerhouse of excellence on its own. 

Irish Doodles Things You Didn't Know!

A Brief Introduction of Irish Doodles, the Intelligent Poodle Crossbreed

Multiple names know the beautiful and adorable Irish Doodles. This hybrid is called Irish Setter Doodle, Irish Poodle, Irish Poo Setter, Irish Setterpoo, or maybe something more that you may have heard of. Whether it’s their curly-haired appearance or the sprightly approach to life, everything about an Irish Doodle is loved.

Irish Doodles are very active dogs who perform best in an active and social family. They love hanging around with their humans and can’t take it when left alone for long. Irish Doodles demand attention as much as any family member in the house. 

Things you probably Didn’t know about Irish Doodles (DID YOU KNOW?)

DID YOU KNOW? Irish Doodle is an intentional dog hybrid breed. When the trend of crossbreeding took speed, an Irish Setter and a Poodle intentionally bred to bring this goofy pooch.

DID YOU KNOW? Irish Doodles’ history isn’t well documented, but according to claims, this crossbreed came into light during the 1980s or 1990s. Their origination is from the time when intentional crossbreeding started gaining popularity in the United States.

DID YOU KNOW? There are probably no other names left that these hybrid dog lovers haven’t tried. Irish Doodles are nicknamed Irish Setter Doodle, Irish Poodle, Irish Poo Setter, Irish Setterpoo, and more.

DID YOU KNOW? Apart from the unique nicknames, Irish Doodles are also known as Big Read Head. They may come in different colors, including white, black, cream, and peach but Read Irish Doodles are exceptionally loved.

DID YOU KNOW? All thanks to their purebred parents, Irish Doodles are incredibly smart. They inherit that hunting instinct from both their purebred parents and serious smartness from their Poodle lineage. 

DID YOU KNOW? Despite being known for their intelligence, Irish Doodles can’t really work as alarm dogs. 

DID YOU KNOW? Irish Doodles, despite being vocal, don’t bark very much. They, in fact, are a great choice if you are looking for a quiet dog.

DID YOU KNOW? Irish Doodles are excellent hiking and camping companions. 

DID YOU KNOW? Irish Doodles aren’t 100% hypoallergenic, but they are an ideal add-on for families with allergy sufferers. Their Poodle genetics make Irish Doodles shed less and thus suitable for sneeze-sensitive people. 

DID YOU KNOW? All thanks to their pretty fur, Irish Doodles need a lot of grooming. Their long, wavy/ curly coat requires daily brushing, and it can take a lot of time and effort. In addition, Irish Doodles also need frequent grooming visits by professionals. Having this designer dog breed is definitely an expensive deal for life.

DID YOU KNOW? Irish Doodles, despite their intelligence and smartness, are quite tricky to train. These dogs can be a bit stubborn and give a high time while training. However, with extra patience and the right techniques, Irish Doodles can definitely prove scholars.

What’s the ideal home for an Irish Doodle?

If you are looking forward to adopting an Irish Doodle, make sure you can provide them with space. This Poodle cross breed does it best in an average-sized home or a spacious apartment. Large homes with fenced gardens and yards are an even better settlement option for them. Irish Doodles require plenty of free space to roam around and exercise. For better physical and mental stimulation, ‘Space’ is an important factor to consider.

Are Irish Doodle ideal for a multi-pet household?

Irish Doodles get along well with humans, and they absolutely love their family members. However, when it comes to other pets, Irish Doodles may not perform well alone. For a multi-pet household, this canine isn’t the right choice.

Irish Doodles aren’t great with birds, cats, rabbits, and other similar all due to their hunting instincts. They are not even ideal to have around toddlers who may not deal with dogs in a very pleasant manner. 

What is an ideal home environment for Irish Doodles?

For humans, Irish Doodles demand social and active beings. They ask for a lot of time, interaction and attention throughout the day.

For individuals and couples who are more into their work life, this isn’t the right breed for them. You, in fact, have to be available right there physically and mentally for them. 

Can you run with an Irish Doodle?

Irish Doodles are excellent hiking and running partners who will accompany you anywhere around. It is advisable not to pressure them for excessive physical involvement, but they can contribute to a good enough effort. Their higher energy level and enthusiasm will often leave you in surprise.

How big do Irish Doodles get?

A female Irish Doodle will grow 22 and 26 inches tall and weigh around 40 and 60. In contrast, a male Irish Doodle will grow 24 and 28 inches tall and weigh around 50 and 70 pounds.

How long does Irish Doodle live?

Irish Doodles, if given a healthy and happy lifestyle, can make it up for 15 to 17 years easily. However, on average, an Irish Doodle lives anywhere between 10 to 15 years.

Is Irish Doodle expensive?

Irish Doodles are definitely more expensive than a lot of other dog breeds. The Mini Irish Doodles are even costlier. Expect to pay at least $1000 when you are going to buy an Irish Doodle. The cost may increase depending on the breeder, the dog’s gender, age, and more such factors. 

In addition to their purchasing cost, keeping an Irish Doodle is even more expensive. Grooming this Poodle cross breed can cost a fortune.