Important Things To Know Before Travelling With Your Dog in 2022

5 Things To Know Before Travelling With Your Dog in 2022

Do you think that people, around the world, tame their dogs and keep them as pets merely to seek pleasure or just play with them?

Ask those pet parents or pet owners who would see you with a glare and answer a BIG NO to this. Today, more and more people see their pets as another member of the family and treat them the same as their human companions.

Likewise, traveling far distances without them can mean a sad farewell. So why not travel along with them while taking some useful pieces of advice from this article, which highlights some major points that a pet owner must not ignore.

We believe that our pet dogs enjoy these outstation trips, being away from home, but the reality is it’s reciprocated.

Dogs don’t have such a good time during the trip and, if you don’t take the necessary precautions, they suffer more than they should.

It is your decision if you take the dog on vacation or not, and everything will be a little better if you do homework before to make sure that the experience is good for both you and your furry travel partner; otherwise, it will be cruel and a bit selfish.

Now, let’s take a look at some unavoidable aspects to know prior to carrying or traveling with your beloved dogs, for a memorable and playful journey experience at both ends.

5 Significant Check-List Points To Tick Before Traveling With Your Dog

1. Pay Heed to its Race and Size

“Did you know that you can no longer fly with dogs that have a flat nose?”

It is like that, unfortunately!

Dogs with a flat nose, say a pug or bulldog have more trouble breathing well, so most airlines do not allow them, it is important that you carry a certificate from your veterinarian that says your dog is suitable for travel.

They not only put trouble to race but also to size, where the airlines do not allow your pet to travel in-cabin, where you get no choice to transport it in the cellar.

Furthermore, on your stay in the hotel, the management would tend to be more flexible, but in some cases, they also put size restrictions, and on public transport in many cities, they let you in with dogs if you carry them in their arms.

But of course, it is very easy to carry a Chihuahua in your arms or in a bag, but how do you do it with a German shepherd?

So, the first thing is to do proper research about places, accommodation, rules, regulations, etc., and be aware of the restrictions imposed with regard to their sizes and races before buying a plane or train ticket, or when you book a hotel. When in doubt, always ask.

2. Find Out: Whether it’s Allergic?

Indeed, you must get your dog checked for any allergies, ticks, fleas, or worms, which may cause trouble to him and, ultimately, to you.

Whichever season you choose to plan your vacation, never forget that your four-legged pets are more like us(humans) and get to prone seasonal allergies as weather changes.

“Dog lovers are some of the most compassionate people I know. So when you decide how to travel with your pet let that compassion show, by prioritizing their health and medical concerns first.”

Food allergies and environmental allergies may also let you see some changes in your furry pal like itchiness, ear infections, hair loss, skin infections due to fleas infestation, ticks, etc.

For eliminating problems caused due to such sensitivities, you can rely upon some home remedies to cure them.

There are many effective techniques to be applied to dogs to get rid of fleas in your home and remove minor fungal infections if noticed.

Nevertheless, if you find that the severity of allergies is rising to a higher level, visit the Vet without any delay and make sure that the situation comes under control before you leave for holidays that would further avoid postponing the dates.

Beforehand medications and allergy checks are inevitable and must be done before making any travel via air, road, or rail as traveling via plane or train with dogs have special requirements to be followed beforehand.

3. A BackPack of Pet Accessories and Necessities

The way you prepare your bags keeps all the necessities while being away from home; likewise, follow the same rule for your pet dogs as well.

Let’s take a rundown at the pet accessories and obligatory elements to be carried along for a convenient and stress-free dog journey(s):

  • Get your furry fab(s) microchipped to avoid losing them in case of your negligence. It’s an unavoidable task to tag your dog with an identity that will help you to search for him if he goes missing.

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  • Pack some dog treats in their backpacks to control their hunger (especially in long journeys), and don’t forget to carry their food bowl.
  • Always carry your dogs in kennels that promote their safety and are so designed to aid them in case of any mishaps or injuries.
  • Don’t forget to keep their favorite toy with which they can spend their leisure time, enjoying and traveling with their human family members.
  • Keep them happy and hydrated, which avoids pet dogs from dehydration and restlessness, but remember to make them free and urinated before starting the journey. (In case of air travel, don’t allow them to drink lots of water.

4. Choose the Destination and Plan Well

“Commuting with your pet dog, Always put yourself in its place!”

Traveling with pets is very similar to traveling with children. You cannot make plans on the go as if you were traveling alone or as a couple since your best friend depends on you, and your traveling experience has to be positive.

If you are dying to travel to Thailand for 15 days and want to travel with pets, but they have to spend quarantine, with the stress that can cause them, it is best that you either leave them at home or choose another destination.

Always put yourself in your dog’s place and think about how he would feel in each situation and in each place.

Until now, Kiba has traveled with us to destinations where we knew that, although sometimes it could be a challenge, we could go with him almost everywhere (excursions, tourist attractions …).

So far, the best dog travel destinations we have found are:

  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Miami
  • Paris
  • Chicago
  • And many others

Not all destinations are pet-friendly, so you should find out in advance where you want and can travel in the company of your pet. 

There are several Apps that can help you in that search and let you know which hotels allow hairy depending on your location or by entering the name of the city you want to travel to.

5. Flying with Pets? Needs Special Attention

“Reality:  Large dogs have more inconveniences when traveling especially via plane!”

Traveling via Air: You must know the airlines’ requirements, pet policies, and rules which they follow to ease your journey before, during, and after your air travel.

One must do research and find out detailed information on dog carriers, kennels, pet services available at the airport,

Like people, animals must comply with regulatory documentation to travel freely, which generally varies by destination.

As per the flying rules, if you are visiting/traveling through the European Union(EU), pets must carry a passport issued by their veterinarian and includes information on their characteristics, their owner, and their vaccines.

Let me acknowledge you with some other necessary information which you must be aware of:

  • As airlines’ policies vary, corroborate the significant information on call as if some would allow only one pet to be carried, the other may increase the number to two.
  • Airlines keep strict restrictions on the transport of brachycephalic dogs and won’t allow them unless you present an attested medical certificate by the Vet.
  • Flying with pets asks you to buy pet carriers, which are imperative and before your air travel, you must follow two exercises in regard to the same context i.e. ‘Prepare for the Cage and Prepare it for the Cage’ to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Airlines allow a specific size and weight of animals to be carried in the cabin as well as in cargo, and if any of these exceeds you either you may pay extra or be barred to travel with your fur baby.

in Summary

Thus, as a responsible pet parent, you must find out what are the options and requirements to transport your pet, which usually vary according to the airlines, and with what anticipation you should purchase the tickets.

Also, we like to hear from you, so if you know any other tips that can make traveling with dogs easier, feel free to share the same in the comment section below.