How To Find A Break In An Invisible Dog Fence

How To Find A Break In An Invisible Dog Fence?

If your canine fence transmitter is beeping a lot, this means that there is a broken wire around the invisible dog fence. Hence, you will require to locate that break and fix it as soon as possible. 

For this, here are the steps you need to follow while finding a break in an invisible dog fence

Verify the break

  • The initial thing is to ensure that you have a break in your invisible dog fence. 
  • On a unit, 2 wires run between the transmitter and the perimeter fence. 
  • You need to disconnect these 2 wires from the initial point which is the transmitter and put the ends of a small wire into the jacks where these 2 wires are connected.
  • If the alarm stops beeping, it indicates that the transmitter is working correctly and you have a break in the fence.

Materials you need

  • You need to start your operation with an RF choke and AM radio

Connecting the choke

  • Take those 2 disconnected wires from the transmitter and smoothly connect them to RF choke leads. 
  • Now, you need to insert the RF choke leads into the jacks present on the transmitter where the 2 wires were previously connected. 
  • This will allow the transmitter to send a continuous signal to the fence even if it is broken.

Tuning in

  • The dog fence will emit a radio signal that a receiver on the dog’s collar will pick up when it is in the range.
  • It will cause an electric shock or warning signal.
  • You need to detect this signal with a low AM range. 
  • When you tune in to the correct frequency, you must hear the signal carefully when passing the radio over the ground.

Finding the break

  • You need to walk through the perimeter bypassing the radio antenna over the suspected wire location. 
  • You need to pick up the signal clearly.
  • For this, you can walk the radio back and forth in a line.
  • When you tune it perfectly, the signal can sound like a rapid beeping or tapping.
  • When you tune it closely, the static gets louder when you bypass the radio over the wire.
  • When you explore the area where signals drop for a few feet, it means that there is a break.
  • Slowly check the whole perimeter before digging the ground.

Digging it

  • When you have found the area where the break is, you will need to dig to the wire.
  • You can use a 3-pronged hand tiller and drag it at 90 degrees to the wire. Alternatively, you can also use a pick axe.
  • You can use anything that you are comfortable with. However, you need to be very careful that you do not knock or cut the wire in this procedure. 

Checking the break

  • Once you have discovered the break, you need to use the radio to find that you still have a powerful signal on both lines.
  • If this is the thing, you need to disconnect the choke and again connect the 2 wires to the transmitter from the fence. 
  • If the alarm gets off. You have successfully found the break. 

Repairing the break

  • The last stage here is to connect the broken ends in a way that is secure and weatherproof. 
  • You can also buy connectors from your native hardware store.
  • However, make sure you buy the best connectors that are suitable for the climate you have in your area. 
  • The best connectors are filled with silicone to pack the twisted wires. 
  • Once you are sure about the smooth operation of the fence, you can now buy the wires back.

How do you use RF choke dog fences?

You need to hook the RF choke in the invisible fence receiver. It is the sight where the wire fence leads are normally inserted. Afterward, you need to take the wire fence leads and twist them around the RF choke ends to secure them to stay in place. Now, you need to take the AM radio and roam slowly on the path of the buried invisible fence wire.

Can a dog break through an invisible fence?

Yes, a dog or any other wild animal can break through an invisible fence. Although these invisible fences are used to protect canines by preventing them from going out of the yard, they don’t prevent risk from entering the yard. Wild animals and stray dogs can easily enter the yard and do destruction.

How do I find a break in my electric fence?

Start with choosing an initial point. Now walk through the perimeter of the fence very slowly. Inspect the ground wire for fraying, splits, or any other evident damage. It is a laborious process, however, it is the best way to find a break in your electric fence.

How do I find the break in my invisible fence with RF choke?

If you find that you have a very strong signal on the ends, connect both the ends with the help of a small piece of wire. Now disconnect the choke and connect the wires again from the fence in the transmitter. If the alarm is off, you have successfully found the break. 

How do you find a wire break?

You can do it in do ways –

  1. Attach a voltage tester to the wire
  2. Use voltage proximity detector

This is to test the voltage. If you find no voltage, then the break is somewhere between the half-way mark and the source. You need to repeat this testing process by moving some feet closer to the start point until you find the voltage. 

What is the failure rate of invisible fences?

It is suggested by some statistics that the failure rate of invisible fences is around 30%. Many individuals think that these fences are the best medium to keep canines in the yard. However, the invisible fences are not as effective as we think.

How do you trace underground wires?

You can use a utility locator to trace underground wires. It is also known as a pipe and cable locator. The utility locator picks up the electromagnetic signal from the ground surface only; you do not need to even dig the surface. It will help you to find and mark the length of the cable or pipe. 

Can a metal detector find underground wires?

Yes, a metal detector can find underground wires. Most metal detectors can usually find underground wires as long as those wires are buried in the range of your machine. The signal that the detector releases will penetrate the pipe easily and detect the metallic wire in the power line. 

Which tool will test for a break in a wire?

To test for a break in a wire, you need to connect the multi-meter to the ends of the wire. If everything is correct, the multi-meter will show a low reading. If you find the reading that shows “I”, this means that there is a break in a wire. 

How does a wire tracer work?

If you want to find underground wires, you need to use a wire tracer. It is a device that is used above the ground. It emits a very low-frequency signal which finds the non-energized wires. This device mitigates the need to supply electricity by a tracer wire.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I would say that finding a break in an invisible fence wire is a huge task. However, if you understand the correct procedure and strategy to find a break in an invisible fence, then it is an easier task for you. 

Still, it is better to take help from a professional if you are not sure about finding a break in an invisible fence.

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more interesting and informative pieces of writing. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.