How Much Does A Dachshund Cost

How Much Does A Dachshund Cost? [2024 Guide]

One question that every lover of Dachshund will not fail to ask bothers about the cost. Dachshunds rank as the thirteenth most popular dog breed in America and they are often referred to as weiner dogs for practical reasons.

In this piece, we will look at how much they cost and guide you through the steps required to buy either a puppy or a rescue dog.

What Do They Cost?

In the same way, it is nearly impossible for two Dachshund dogs to look the same, you may hardly find two breeders who charge the same cost for their dogs. You should also know that the costs may vary from one litter to the other.

On average, the puppy Dachshund cost between $200 and $3,500. This may make you wonder why the gulf is in cost. What you should know is that some Dachshund coat texture and color are often more in demand than others may be.

Some pregnant Dachshund moms have easy deliveries without complications while others face complications and often need some medical assistance.

The money charged by breeders usually includes the percentage of the amount needed to breed and raise the litter.

This is then divided by the number of puppies living in the litter. Aside from this, the breeder will then includes some money as profit. This assists the breeder in breeding more of the Dachshunds.

What Does A Purely Bred Dachshund Cost?

Several factors affect the cost of a purebred dachshund. Firstly, it is important to note that the breeder has to factor in the number of puppies in his litter and divide the total cost of the venture by the number of puppies.

After this, he has to add some percentage gain so that he can afford another litter. This, in turn, affects the overall cost of each puppy. It doesn’t stop there, however. He also needs to factor in possible added costs which then raise the cost of each puppy.

Also, if you hope to get the best puppy in the litter, be sure that the breeder will add some costs. As stated earlier in this piece, a Dachshund puppy ranges in price between $200 and $3500. The higher the price that is being demanded, the higher the quality of the breed of dog.

Prices Of Dachshunds Based On Categories

The prices of these dog breeds vary based on several factors. Here we look at their prices based on the category they belong to.

Dachshund puppies that can only be raised for pet purposes usually cost between $400 and $700.

You may, however, find pet stores where they can be bought for less than $300.

It is, however, advisable that you carry out the necessary due diligence before you purchase them.

Purebred and fully registered Dachshunds

If you are looking to get something higher with a higher budget, you may consider going for fully registered Dachshund puppies. 

There are several benefits of going for this category of dogs. First and foremost, they are often bred by experienced hands and can be used as pets and also allowed to breed.

Their quality and health are therefore often guaranteed.  This category often goes for between $700 and $1300.

Premium Dachshunds

This category of dachshunds is always purebred has a good history and possesses the blood of champions. The premium Dachshunds often go for between $1,300 and $4,000.

Aside from having a champion bloodline, dachshunds raised for hunting also fall within this category.

Such dogs often need to have features such as strength, courage, toughness, good nerve, and aggression. What makes them so expensive is that they are quite rare.

It is advisable that for you to get these premium dogs, you should buy them directly from the website of the dog breeders.

What Are The Physical Features Of Dachshunds?

Certain features differentiate the dachshunds from other breeds of dogs. Here is a breakdown of some of those features:


This breed of dog comes in two different size categories namely the miniature and the standard sizes.

The standard size weighs between 6kg and 13kg. The miniature size, on the other hand, weighs lower than 6kg.

The standard Dachshunds are bred for hunting purposes and are quite rare. This is perhaps why they are often more expensive than the Miniature Dachshunds which are raised mainly as family pets.


Dachshunds are dogs that possess short legs and long bodies and are suited for hunting animals that stay in caves. They are often quite flexible due to their short legs and elongated bodies.

The ones with longer bodies and shorter legs will often come at a more expensive price.

The ideal Dachshund should have a big chest, a long body, and short legs. They are quite energetic and agile at the same time.


They usually have short fur hence you will not need to spend time and resources taking care of the hair. They usually have the same color all over their bodies.

Their colors could be black, reddish-brown, and chocolate. They may also be a mixture of black reddish-brown or black yellow. The price of the dog is also quite dependent on the color of the dog.

What Do The Food And Toys Of Dachshunds Entail

Although they aren’t as big as other dogs, they often have a very big appetite. This should however not be enough reason to be worried as long as you are giving them the nutrient they require.

You should budget about $50 for both treats and food for each month. A $100 budget should suffice if your dog is placed on a special diet.

When it comes to toys, you may not have to spend so much. This is because they aren’t really tough chewers because of their relatively small size. They are often more excited about jumping and running about.

What Is Required For Grooming And Bedding Dachshunds

Dachshunds need warm, cozy, and comfortable bedding where they can sleep. If you have the expertise, you could develop your bed. But if you don’t, you could get one for less than $100.

The fact that they are quite short-haired simply means that you will spend less on grooming them.

You should also consider getting a Dachshund harness which should help you keep tabs with your dog in a very convenient manner.

What Are The Medical Costs?

This type of dog is often quite healthy as they usually do not develop many health-related issues even when they age. One challenge they often face as they age is back problems.  

This can be attributed to their long body and short stature. It is therefore advisable that you carry them for routine veterinary checks as this should help them in preventing the issues as they evolve.


Dachshunds are wonderful dogs that can serve different purposes chief of which is as man’s best friend!

They are quite expensive even though some of them can be pretty expensive depending on the quality you desire. But in the end, they are great dogs suited for those who want dogs as companions.

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