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Dogs Masturbation: Strange or Normal Activity?

Dog Masturbation, Dog Mounting, and Humping Is it Normal? Well, If you have a dog, you may have seen him/her humping. One of the most unusual questions that owners ask is “Do dogs m@sturbate?”. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with the same question. Female and male dogs do humping even after they are spayed or neutered. There are many reasons behind it.

And let me tell you, this behaviour is very natural. Younger dogs are more likely to do this. Let us find out 5 reasons for dog masturbation and how to prevent it.

Mounting and masturbation in dogs

Masturbating or mounting is very normal and common in canines. Dogs can m@sturbate in different ways. They thurst and mount against, people, animals, objects, toys, etc. Many times canines rub themselves against something and like themselves.

Masturbating and mounting are not always about sex. But, if you have a female canine and it is the season then it is obvious that unsterilized male canines mount her. But in today’s society, many dogs are neutered and spayed. Therefore, you can barely see the mounting in the season. 

Still, it is very common to see dogs mounting on humans, other dogs, objects, toys, etc. Sometimes canines even do air-humping.  

Many humans find this behavior very annoying and embarrassing. But, it is perfectly normal for dogs. Because, the reason behind this can be sexual, excitement, or due to stress and anxiety.

The excitement and stress of meeting other dogs is the most common reason for mounting and masturbating. 

There can be some medical reasons as well behind the cause. These reasons include urinary incontinence, UTI, allergies, etc. In such cases, canines may try to relieve the problem by humping. 

Attention seeking is another reason for humping or mounting dogs. Some canines want their parents to be attentive to them all the time. And if they initiate humping, their parents would definitely notice it. Therefore, they start mounting on objects, or other dogs to get their parent’s attention. 

5 valid reasons why dogs m@sturbate

1) Playful behavior

Playful behavior is one of the most common and natural reasons for a dog masturbating. Dogs do not show any ejacu!ation or erection while playing. Many unsocialized or socialized dogs mount on other dogs to play solicitation. 

2) Sexual behavior

Masturbation is normal sexual behavior for spayed, neutered, and intact dogs. Both the genders mount other canines, objects, and people. Many humans do not know that this mounting or humping behavior is not only restricted to male dogs. Female canines can also show such behavior. 

3) Compulsive disorders

Masturbating can be a compulsive habit of your pooch. The most common reason for this is stress. Masturbating and mounting can affect your pooch’s normal bodily functions. 

4) Response to excitement or stress

Some dogs, when in exciting situations or stressed do m@sturbate or mount. Many times, after meeting some loved one or any other dog, dogs get excited and try to mount.

5) Social behavior

Dogs sometimes m@sturbate to display social status. Dogs who mount for social behavior may not show erection and do not ejacu!ate. 

Why Do Dogs Hump or Mount on Objects

How to stop your dog from humping

  1. Use distractions

The best way to stop your dog from humping is to distract him. Grabbing the bag of toys and distracting the canine can be a great way to stop him. Therefore, you can take his favorite toy and throw it elsewhere to make him fetch it. Also, you can fool him by indicating that there is a cat or squirrel outside. 

  1. Discourage the behavior

Discouraging the behavior is the easiest step. While training, you must have taught him the “No” command. Therefore, you can use it here. When you see him humping, just tell him no. if he still ignores you, shout out loudly and pull him back. 

  1. Spay or neuter

In some cases, the only way to stop the sexual hormones is to sterilize the canine. Since your pooch is not spayed or neutered, you must make it happen as soon as possible. 

Many studies suggest that spaying and neutering can reduce this sexual behavior by up to 70%. Therefore, if you want to minimize this behavior of humping, they must spay or neuter your canine.

There are different health benefits of spaying and neutering. Some of them include reduced kidney issues, health coat, longer lifespan, etc. 

  1. Practice training

Mounting is considered a sign of dominance in canines. It does not mean that the dog is dominant. Instead, it is a way to test whether other dogs will accept him or not.

One of the best ways to suppress this behavior is to practice training. When a dog learns certain commands, he can easily differentiate between what to do and what not to do. 

  1. Call a professional

In some dogs, there is excessive humping. Therefore, it needs a professional approach to handle it. Professional dog behaviorists can help you with this. 

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that dog masturbation, humping, and mounting are very normal. These behaviors are the natural tendency of the canine body.

As stated above, sexual hormones are not the only reason for dog mounting or humping. This can be an outcome of stress, anxiety, or excitement. 

It is okay if your pooch shows these behaviors. Just make sure that this must not be done excessively. It can be embarrassing for you and your pooch‘s health. 

I hope you find this article informative. We will be back with other entertaining and informative pieces of writing. Till then stay connected. 

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