Dog Ate Rib Bone

My Dog Ate Rib Bone: What To Do Now? 2024 Review

Yes, it’s true that dogs love bones but is eating rib bones safe for dogs? Well, to solve your query, we are here with this extensive guide on what to do if your dog ate a rib bone. So without any delays, let’s get started.

Can dogs eat rib bone? Should You Give Your Dog Rib Bones to Snack On? No, it’s wiser to restrict your dog from eating rib bones. Always avoid giving your dog cooked bones. Compared to raw bones, they are more prone to shatter and thus increase the risk of your dog ingesting sharp bone fragments can give small amounts of bone to your dog. It may usually be consumed without doing too much harm. 

Either it will digest in the stomach or pass via the stools. Although these rib bones will be more dangerous for small breeds, you should pay equal attention to all breed dogs. Rib bone fragments may need to be surgically removed in extreme circumstances.

Dog Ate Rib Bone

What happens if my dog eats rib bones? 

If your dog ate rib bones, that is a sign of concern. Several possible health risks can happen. Here’s what can possibly happen.

Mouth wounds– If your dog has consumed cooked rib bones, it can possibly injure their mouths, tongues, and upper throats. This is not only painful for your dog, but if neglected, it might result in a dangerous illness.

Gastrointestinal obstruction– Larger rib bone fragments can get impaled in the intestines of your dog. This may cause intestinal obstruction and decrease blood supply to vital areas.

Additionally, it might cause internal bleeding by puncturing the intestinal lining. After consuming rib bones, if your dog has constipation, you should take him to the clinic right away in case there is a blockage.

Inflammation– The sharp rib bone fragments can damage the stomach lining of your dog. Peritonitis is the name for this ailment.

If it is untreated, it can become lethal. Your dog may require emergency surgery if he/she is suffering from peritonitis. 

Diarrhea– After consuming broken rib bones, your dog might experience diarrhea. If the rib bones are still stuck inside your dog’s stomach and you see symptoms of diarrhea, you need to call your vet. 

Lethargy– Your dog may feel irritated from inside as the rib bones cannot be digested well. He/she might not have enough energy to do usual activities. Thus, if you see your dog is less energetic than on other days, it is concerning. 

My Dog Ate Rib Bone- What Should I do?

First of all, do not panic. Stay calm and follow these steps as soon as you notice that your dog ate rib bones. 

1. Call your vet– The very first thing in case of emergency is to give a quick call to your pet’s vet and ask him for further instructions. Bring your dog in for a checkup, extra diagnostic tests, and medication if your vet thinks the broken rib bone pieces are likely to pass. Keep in mind to strictly follow any advice from your vet, and let them know if you have any questions.

2. Do not force your dog to vomit– Your veterinarian will be able to induce vomiting in your dog as safely as possible. Because they instantly upset the stomach, and ensure that you do not try any random home remedies without consulting your vet as it may harm your dog.

3. Pass it through– Make sure that you keep an eye on your dog’s poop too as at times it may pass easily via stool and if that happens, it will be easier for your dog. However, you need to keep watching your dog for 3 days as he can pass it for 72 hours.

4. Give a meal- If your dog is in a condition to eat something, give him/her a soft meal. By giving your dog a meal like bread, you can make it easier for rib bones to pass through. It will serve as a cushion for any splinters that enter the gastrointestinal tract. Also, pumpkin can also aid in getting the stool bulk and protect the colon. However, your vet is the best person to tell you about the issue. 

Can Dogs Eat Rib Bones. is it safe

What are the alternatives to rib bones for dogs?

If your dog enjoys chewing, there are several options than grilled rib bones that will keep them occupied.

Unlike cooked bones, raw bones are safe for dogs and won’t splinter under pressure. Bear in mind that germs can cause food poisoning in both, be it people or pets.

Food poisoning can cause vomiting and diarrhoea but is rarely fatal. Always follow stringent sanitation procedures in your kitchen.

Additionally, chew toys are a secure substitute for rib bones. Some even contain meaty tastes to give your dog the impression of a genuine bone.

FAQs Related to Dogs and Rib Bones

Are cooked bones good for dogs?

No, cooked bones are not at all good for dogs. It can cause internal bleeding, diarrhea, vomiting, and other serious issues.

Can my dog get sick from eating raw bones?

Your dog can definitely get sick. There can be food-borne illnesses from consuming raw bones.

Can Rib Bones Kill A Dog?

Bones—cooked or not—can be difficult for dogs to digest and can easily cause internal damage. Rib bones are an absolute no-no, while raw bones require careful supervision.

How Long To Pass Rib Bones for Dogs?

It can take hours and sometimes 2-3 days for dogs to pass a rib bone, and this time varies depending on the amount of meat consumed, how the food was prepared, or what size the dog is. In some cases, fragments will dissolve in the stomach. If a large bone fragment reaches the intestines, it can cause irritation and other gastrointestinal pain

Wrapping up,

Now that we have finished reading the whole, it is clear that eating rib bones is not safe for your dogs, and thus, you should make sure that your dog stays away from such.

Other than that, if you have read this guide and have a question for us, please feel free to comment and let us know the same.