Dog Ate Nylabone: What To Do Now?

My Dog Ate Nylabone: What To Do Now?

My Dog Ate A Nylabone: What Should I Do Now? My Dog Ate a Nylabone Will He Get Sick? Well, Dogs are indeed god’s best creatures, and if you want to keep them, you need to take adequate care of them.

Although dogs are brilliant as compared to the other animals, they come with a bad habit of eating anything randomly such as bones.

When we look at the stats, numbers of pet parents keep searching for my dog ate this, what to do, my dog ate that, what to do. Today, we are going to talk about my dog ate nylabone; what to do? 

If this did not happen with you, thankfully, be grateful and careful, of course.

Refer to this guide and learn about the consequences that can happen if your dog eats a nylabone. Let’s start.

Can dogs eat nylabone? 

No. Nylabones are not edible. Their basic composition is plastic, rubber, or nylon. Dogs usually Chew them as toys, but if small parts of nylabone enter your dog’s body, he/she can even die from choking. 

The reason for the same is the fact that the material used in nylabone is not safe for dogs or any other animal to consume.

If a small part of nylabone gets stuck in your dog’s throat or even reaches the stomach or intestine, it cannot be digested. 

This is where all the problems start. 

It can damage your dog’s intestine or stomach and cause pale gums if small parts trap between its teeth. 

Thus, nylabone is a potentially life-threatening material that your dog should stay away from.

Dog Ate Nylabone: What To Do Now?

Why nylabone is not safe for dogs?

First of all, no non-food item is safe for your dog if they are not digestible or consumable. And nylabone is not a food product Rather it is a chew toy as such.

No matter how safe nylabone can be as a chew toy, it is life-threatening because of the composition material. 

If your dog, by mistake, eats any part of nylabone, he/she may suffer from a gastrointestinal blockage, choking, difficulty in breathing, intestinal infection(it reaches the stomach), rectum damage, and more complications on the line. 

All these issues can lead to a deadly condition where your dog may even die. So, nylabone is safe till it’s kept out of your dog’s sight.

What is nylabone made up of?

As the name suggests nylabone consists of a fair amount of nylon. It is a thermoplastic polymer we can find in toothbrushes, plastic toys, bottles, etc. 

Nylon is not an edible material that any animal can digest or even eat. It is extremely dangerous if consumed and may even cause death. 

Side effects of nylabone on dogs

Nylabones, if swallowed by dogs, can cause great danger to their lives. Several side effects can surface as symptoms of a serious complication inside the body.  Here’s what you need to look for. 

  1. Blockage– The first sign is a blockage inside your dog’s body if he/she broke and eats nylabone or any piece. It may be that it has stuck around his/her throat or entrapped inside the gut. In the worst-case scenario, if it gets trapped in the gastrointestinal tract, your dog needs immediate medical intervention. 
  1. Diarrhea– If you notice that all of a sudden, your dog is drooling heavily, and you cannot find what is wrong with his/her food, there’s a possibility that it is trying to get rid of those undigested pieces of nylabones inside its body. You immediately need to call your vet and ask for help. 
  1. Vomiting– This is the most common sign that your dog has consumed something wrong. It can happen due to the swallowing of nylabone particles. 
  1. Loss of appetite– Your dog may feel reluctant to eat his/her meal and simply remain inactive. It means something is bothering him/her inside the body, and that is why he/she doesn’t want to eat. The cause can be the unhealthy consumption of nylabones. 
  1. Lethargic- If your dog has swallowed any pieces of nylabones, he/she may feel lethargic and might not be as active as he/she used to be. There must be internal issues like infection and muscle soreness. Even if it’s not concerning, it’s worth a medical examination. 

What to do if my dog ate nylabone?

First, do not panic. If you have seen your dog swallowing down a big chunk of nylabone, these are the steps you need to take immediately. 

  • Consult your pet’s vet– There is no one more knowledgeable and experienced than your veterinarian to assess the intensity of the situation. Explain to him/her how much did your dog swallow down, how long it has been, and other important details of the incident. Stay calm and do as he/she says. And if your dog’s condition is still the same, rush to the hospital immediately. 
  • Look for signs– If your dog really ate nylabone, then there will surely be symptoms surfacing inside and outside its body. It could either be vomiting, diarrhea, or choking. Your dog may look lethargic or starts experiencing abdominal pain. So, if you are not sure whether your dog has eaten nylabone or not, you see these signs, and then it’s certain your dog has eaten nylabone. 
  • Do not treat at home– Even if you cannot figure out whether the issues are happening due to the consumption of nylabone, do not give any medication without your vet’s consultation or any medical supervision. 

Wrapping up

It was all about a guide on what one must do if their dog ate a nylabone or something with the same material.

But if you are not still convinced with the information provided above and you have some questions that are left to be answered, please comment down and let us know about the same. 


Can eating nylabone choke my dog?

Yes, it can possibly choke your dog if he/she has eaten it and it got stuck inside its throat.

Should I call my vet if my dog has eaten nylabone?

Yes, definitely. You should immediately call your vet and explain the situation well.

Can nylabones hurt my dog’s teeth?

Yes, it can surely leave an impact on your dog’s teeth, and thus, not recommended.

Will dog poop out nylabone?

Yes, dogs do excrete Nylabones which are nylon-coated bones, and this depends on the amount of nylon that has been ingested.

Can Nylabones cause vomiting? Is Nylabone toxic?

Logically It’s not Toxic, From gentle teething puppies to extreme power chewers, Nylabone has a safe, healthy chew for every dog. All of our products are made from non-toxic materials and are designed specifically for your dog’s type of chewing.

Can my dog pass a Small/large piece of Nylabone?

If a dog accidentally bites off a piece of an edible chew, it should pass through completely. Nylabone creates products designed to be ingested by dogs and are non-residual.