Dog Ate Lego: What To Do Now?

My Dog Ate Lego: What To Do Now?

Your dog may have a good time playing with lego, but are you sure he will never eat it? As we all know, dogs come with this super strange habit of eating everything they see or play with. And if that happens, it may become toxic to them.

But how to handle this situation? And what if your dog eats lego? What can happen to your dog? Will you lose your dog forever? Or can he recover from that situation? To get the answers to such questions that may be puzzling in your head, scroll down.

Can dogs eat lego?

No, they cannot and also should not. Dogs can play with legos but eating them is not a good option. Legos have sharp edges that can pierce your dog’s mouth, throat, and intestine(if consumed) and cause permanent internal injuries. 

First of all, plastic alone can harm our body in very many ways, and if it is eaten, the consumer’s health will be a hazard. So, if your dog is very fond of playing with legos, keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t end up eating them. 

Secondly, its sharp edges are a big concern. Thus, legos are not something your dog should eat or even chew, as the consequences can be fatal.

Dog Ate Lego: What To Do Now?

What is a lego?

In childhood, we all played with little building blocks, These are called lego.

They are made up of plastic and remain inedible.  But these small pieces of plastic blocks are meant for playing and not for eating.

So, ensure you take your dog under strict supervision while playing with legos.

What happens if my dog eats lego?

Is Lego pet Friendly? Well, Eating a lego is not life-threatening until and unless your dog has to get rid of it. If the lego pieces manage to stay inside your dog’s body, it may cause serious issues. 

  1. Choking: The first sign that you should be alarmed about is choking. If your dog has swallowed a large piece of lego, there are high chances that it will get stuck inside its throat leading to choking. Your dog may suffer from difficulty in breathing, and it is time that you should contact your pet’s vet.
  2. Internal blockage- If your dog has consumed a significant number of lego pieces, its sharp edges can wound the internal parts of its stomach and intestine. As a result, he/she may start bleeding internally. So, even if you are not sure your dog ate lego pieces, if you notice any unusual activity in him/her, rush to your vet. 
  3. Abdominal pain- If your dog is making weird mouth movements or suffering from cramps around the abdomen, it suggests some foreign element has entered its stomach. So, if you have seen your dog playing with legos a few moments back before this, it is certain that it is the legos that are causing pain. 
  4. Vomiting- Vomiting is a prevalent sign that your dog is trying to eliminate the lego pieces from inside its body. It is mainly due to the intestinal obstruction the lego pieces have created.
  5. Internal injuries- There is a possibility that the sharp edges of legos can hurt your dog badly from the inside. It can create an internal blockage, resulting in a slowing down of blood flow. 
  6. Constipation- This is one of the common symptoms that can arise from this condition. If the lego pieces are still there in your dog’s intestine, he/she will try to poop it out, and as a result, it can lead to constipation. 

What to do if my dog eats lego?

If your dog has eaten lego pieces, you still have a chance to have the situation in control. Let’s see what things you need to do. 

  • Try to remove- If you can see the legos inside your dog’s mouth, try to remove them without hurting him/her. But if it has already reached its throat, do not force too much as he/she may get wounds with its sharp points. 
  • Give a call to your vet- The next thing you should be doing immediately after it is calling your pet’s vet. Over the phone, explain what has exactly happened, if there are any symptoms, and listen to what he/she asks you to do. If you feel that situation is not improving or even worsening, go to the hospital immediately. 
  • Try to get it to vomit- If your dog eats anything unusual, it is always better to make him vomit. It should be done right after your dog has swallowed the lego pieces. But you must consult your pet’s doctor in case of an emergency. 

Wrapping up,

It was all that you should know about what to do if your dog eats lego. We have shared everything that you need to know already. But if you are eager to know more about pets and their strange habits, you can stay tuned with our next posts, from which you can get to know about the issues that can happen if your dog eats random stuff. Till then, happy petting. 


Are legos harmful to my dog?

Legos can be harmful to dogs if they try to consume them. The situation can be controlled if they vomit or poop it out.

Should I call my doctor first if my dog eats legos?

If you can remove it when it’s still in your pet’s mouth, do it. But after that, you must give a call to your doctor and take his/her advice.

Is constipation a sign that my dog has eaten legos?

Yes, it can be a symptom that your dog has eaten legos. But it may happen due to any other cause also. It’s better to consult your veterinarian first.

Can legos injure my dog’s intestine if consumed?

Yes, it can. Since legos have sharp edges that can make cuts and wounds around the inside wall of your dog’s intestine.