Do Ragamuffin Cats Like to Cuddle?

Do Ragamuffin Cats Like to Cuddle? [5 Amazing Facts]

Ragamuffin cats are very similar to the ragdoll cat. Until 1994, ragamuffin cats were thought to be ragdoll cats, but they were then classified into their own breed of domestic cats. The main difference between a ragamuffin cat and the ragdoll cat is their colors and patterns.

Typically, ragamuffin cats are mainly white, but they can come in a variety of colors. Ragamuffin cats also do not usually have darker points on their ears, tails, or legs. Ragdoll cats are usually one solid color on their entire body, with dark points on their ears, tails, and legs. The two breeds are actually related though, so their temperaments are very similar.

So, Do Ragamuffin cats like to cuddle? Ragamuffin cats love to cuddle, just as much as Ragdoll cats do. Ragamuffin cats typically melt in your arms, like a rag, hence the name ragdoll. These friendly, domesticated cats are perfect for people who love cuddling with their furry friends.

How Do I Know if a Ragamuffin Cat is Right For Me?

If you are a laid-back, easy-going, person who likes to cuddle with your cats, the ragamuffin would be an ideal companion.

Ragamuffin cats have a reputation for being one of the laziest breeds of cats, so if you prefer to just relax and spend time with your furry companion, the ragamuffin cat is for you.

Ragamuffins, like their relatives’ ragdolls, are very loving, cuddly, and affectionate. A lot of people who own ragamuffin cats describe them as “puppy-like” in the sense that they crave affection and attention from their humans. The ragamuffin cat will follow you around, and even wait for you to get home from work.

If you work long hours or are gone often, you should consider getting your ragamuffin cat a playmate to keep them company while you are gone. Ragamuffin cats get along well with other cats, as well as dogs as long as you raise them around each other.

Why Isn’t My Ragamuffin Cat Being Cuddly and Affectionate?

There are numerous reasons why your ragamuffin cat might not be affectionate or cuddly, including individual personality.

A few things to consider are if your ragamuffin cat feels safe and secure in your home. Ragamuffin cats as loving as they are, are still cats, and cats can be anxious and skittish if they feel unsafe.

If your home is usually loud, your ragamuffin cat might not feel safe and might hide. If you suspect this to be a reason your ragamuffin cat has been reclusive, try to eliminate some of the noise and see if that helps.

Another reason your ragamuffin cat might not be cuddly and affectionate is if they do not know you well yet. If you just got your ragamuffin cat, it might take time for them to warm up to you, like with any relationship.

However, ragamuffin cats tend to warm up to the people they trust pretty quickly, so just do your best to show your ragamuffin that you can be trusted.

Another common reason your ragamuffin might be acting reclusive is if you have recently moved, if your ragamuffin cat is suddenly in a new place they might get anxious and hide until they feel comfortable again.

Make sure to not force your ragamuffin to come out, that will actually do the opposite and scare your ragamuffin cat more. They need to come out and adjust on their own terms.

Ragamuffin Cats With Kids?

Your ragamuffin cat will be the perfect feline companion if you have kids. Ragamuffins are known for being gentle and affectionate, especially with children.

Even whenever your ragamuffin is scared, it is unlikely that they will use their claws unless they feel the situation is severe enough.

Your ragamuffin cat will love your kids and play with them, sleep with them, and overall be a really good friend to them.

Make sure if you have kids teach them to be gentle with the ragamuffin cat.

Ragamuffin cats often will allow people to do things that annoy them because they want to please us, however, we should try to respect them and not overstep their boundaries.

Caring for a Ragamuffin Cat

Your ragamuffin cat likely loves affection and attention from their favorite humans. Since ragamuffin cats are typically a longer-haired breed, they do require regular upkeeping to ensure their fur stays soft and fluffy. Your ragamuffin cat should be brushed once a week at least, maybe more.

Your ragamuffin cat will likely love being brushed, and it will be a great bonding experience for both of you. Make sure to take your ragamuffin cat to the vet for a checkup at least once a year to make sure they are healthy and happy.

Generally speaking, ragamuffin cats are pretty healthy, just like ragdoll cats. If you suspect your ragamuffin cat is sick or needs veterinarian care make sure to take them in as soon as you possibly can.

How Can I Bond With my Ragamuffin Cat?

Bonding with your ragamuffin cat won’t be too hard, as they are very affectionate cats and love to be around people. The first step is to make sure your ragamuffin cat feels safe, secure, and happy in its environment.

Make sure your ragamuffin cat knows that this is their home too. Do not force yourself upon your ragamuffin, let them come to you. It won’t be hard to get them to come to you because they crave cuddles.

Offering your ragamuffin treats is a good way to earn their respect as well. Once your ragamuffin cat comes to cuddle, do not make them feel trapped.

Gently pet your cat and if they decide to walk away let them go. You won’t have to worry though, your ragamuffin cat will likely be begging for more cuddles.

Overall, the best way to bond with your ragamuffin cat is to just let things play out. Your ragamuffin cat will come to you whenever they want attention, which is frequent.

Make sure you have plenty of toys, and maybe even a cat jungle gym. Your ragamuffin cat will love the effort you put in and the space you offer.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are excited to know the answer to your question do ragamuffin cats like to cuddle? Yes, they absolutely love to cuddle with their owners and are excellent companions. They love to lay like a ragdoll near their owners as they are pets with love!