Do dogs have Adams apples Like humans

Do Dogs Have Adams Apple Like Humans? 2024 Guide

So, Do Dogs have Adams Apples just like Human Males Do? Well, The straightforward answer is Yes, Dogs do have Adam’s apples. It is a part of the larynx. Adam’s apple is made of cartilage which is called thyroid cartilage. 

This acts as a protector of the larynx. Many studies also support that this cartilage helps to deepen anyone’s voice. It is okay for a dog to have or not to have Adam’s apples. Even if you feel like your pooch does not have Adams apples, it may just not be that prominent. 

Do male dogs have Adam’s apple?

The answer is yes. Many people don’t even know what Adam’s apples are. In humans, it can be found in both males and females, but they are not sure about canines. 

Dogs having Adam’s apples also depends on the type of breed. Many dogs have a huge bark. These canines have a relatively larger Adam’s apple than other dogs. Hence, the size of Adam’s apple depends on the breed, gender, and energy of the dog. Male dogs usually have a louder bark, howl, and growl than the female canines. Therefore, it is quite obvious that male dogs do have Adams apples and are relatively larger than the opposite gender. 

Do female dogs have Adam’s apples?

Female dogs do have Adam’s apples. Canines have laryngeal prominence. In male dogs, it is more noticeable. But, in females, it is not that prominent in the eyes. 

Just like men have more bones in the neck, male dogs do have the same. Therefore, male dogs have more intense bark than females. 

Do all animals have Adam’s apple?

You can find Adam’s apple in animals who have similar throat construction as us. Cats and dogs also have it. Since many animals have heavy fur all over the body, Adam’s apple is not that prominent compared to us. 

If you find Adam’s apple in your pet, then just stay calm. It is very normal to have Adam’s apple. When a human or dog reaches the adolescent stage, the larynx grows to the fullest, and Adam’s apple becomes prominent. 

Do puppies have Adam’s apple?

Puppies might not have Adam’s apples. This is because it is a term used to point to the bump in the neck. Also, it is a cartilage that grows in front of the larynx. When puppies grow, their voices change. Puppies reach maturity in 6 – 9 months. 

When dogs are at the puppy age, their Adam’s apple can be more prominent. Hence, you can easily locate it. Also, it does not remain forever. 

When your fido gets old, his voice starts getting weaker. It is a very natural phenomenon that happens due to old age. Therefore, it is better to visit the vet and ask for their opinion. 

Can you feel a dog’s Adam’s apple?

Yes. It is possible to feel or locate your pooch’s Adam’s apple. You can find it below the chin. It is present in the middle of the throat.

However, in some cases it is prominent and in others, it is not. Therefore, you must be gentle when trying to locate Adam’s apple. It is a very delicate area and makes your pooch uncomfortable if you use too much force. 

To find your fido’s Adam’s apple you should use your thumb and forefinger. Just go towards the front side of the neck. When you encounter large cartilage in the neck, just stop there. It is Adam’s apple.

Make sure you do not move your hand toward the trachea. Also, make sure you are exerting mild pressure to make your canine comfortable.

Do all animals have Adam’s apples?

Do dogs have a lump in their throat?

If you see a lump in your canine’s throat area, you must take your pooch to the vet. The lump can be something as harmless as a fatty lipoma, to something malignant such as cancer. 

Not all tumors though need to be always cancerous. Lipomas are not unusually benign tumors in canines and they seem as movable masses beneath the skin that may be located on many components of the canine’s body. 

Many lipomas do not require removal, however, a few different types of benign tumors might also additionally do. Surgery for benign tumors more often than not pursues to cast off the tumor from the body without harming surrounding tissues.

If you find lumps other than Adam’s apple, then try to press them. Record their reaction and see if the shape is different from Adam’s apple. These small lumps can be a tumor. Therefore try to figure out the below-given possible symptoms.

Tumor symptoms Explanation
DysphagiaDifficulty in swallowing the food
RegurgitationMultiple vomiting containing blood or undigested food
CyanosisMucous membranes become blue
Whining while swallowingPain in the throat when swallowing
PtyalismExcessive salivation
SwellingSwelling in the neck or throat area

Laryngeal paralysis in dogs

Laryngeal paralysis is a condition where a canine loses its voice. It is a condition when the voice box becomes non-working. This is due to the unstable maintenance of the laryngeal muscles. 

When this condition arrives, the muscles become weak and in many cases, they may become paralyzed. Many vets say that in many such cases the reason behind is unknown. 

Most common reasons for laryngeal paralysis include

  • Trauma in the throat
  • Tumours
  • Hormonal disease
  • Congenital problem

Dog throat tumour symptoms To Watch for

  • Loss of bark
  • Sudden collapse
  • Change in voice
  • Loud sound while breathing
  • Poor exercise stamina
  • Blue mucous membrane
  • Difficulty in breathing

Final words

Adam’s apple is a normal growth of cartilage and is present in all dogs. Female and male dogs have Adam’s apple that varies in size. Its function is to deepen the voice and protect the front side of the larynx.

Many vets refer to Adam’s apple as a larynx. If you find more than one lump in your pooch’s throat, then you must visit your vet. It can be a tumor and can be easily cured in the initial stage. As a pet parent, just make sure to give your pet a comfortable life. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. Stay connected for more such pieces of writing. Thank you. 

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