Do chihuahuas howl

Can and Do Chihuahuas Howl? 7 Surprising Reasons

Wondering whether Chihuahuas Howl? Or confused with the thought that Why is my little Chihuahua Howling?

All dogs express their emotions and communicate through different voices.

No matter which breed of dog it is, even the little Chihuahuas or Pomeranians, all of them have the ability to howl.

Some breeds are well known for making loud and frequent howls, whereas other presents it less often and even so low that it sometimes goes unnoticeable.

Are chihuahuas Vocal? Can chihuahuas howl?

Chihuahuas are a very local, active, and vocal breed. Like any terrier dog, Chihuahuas are extremely vocal, which also makes them great for first-time pet parents. But why are they so vocal?

Chihuahuas are super energetic dogs who stay high on energy for the whole day.

And when they aren’t encouraged for enough physical activity, they bring out their energy in other ways.

You may find them barking and howling endlessly at you, at their own mirror image, or even to the wall.

The situation can get pretty annoying, but until their energy is well utilized, Chihuahuas can become really restless.

Chihuahuas are also known as fiercely territorial, which brings Howling as a by-product.

Dogs generally howl in order to mark their territory amongst others from their clan.

What does it mean when my Chihuahua is howling?

Chihuahuas have a very high-pitched voice, and they can howl endlessly.

Until their behaviour and the motive behind the same gets acknowledged, these tiny canines can howl without stopping.

The howling behaviour in Chihuahuas is a result of both emotions and the environment.

While some reasons behind their actions are extremely positive, others may turn out negative as well.

7 Surprising Reasons Why Chihuahuas Howl

Here are some of the facts and reasons explaining why do Chihuahuas Howl:

Do chihuahuas howl
  1. For Seeking Attention

Chihuahuas are attention seekers, and howling is their form of canine communication for the same.

When left unattended for a long time, they may make several big howls which will sound like a sad cry.

And until they receive the demanded attention, Chihuahuas won’t stop howling.

TIP: If your pet Chihuahua often howls out of the mood simply to seek your attention, then do not give up. Be extremely intentional about how you give them the attention. Besides that, do not encourage their noise-making behaviour for anything that can cause irritation in the long run.

  1. Due to Loneliness or Separation Anxiety

Dogs, including Chihuahuas, often howl due to loneliness and separation anxiety.

Especially puppy Chihuahuas who are left alone at home or sleep away from warmth at night often howl.

  1. As a Warning/ Territorial signal

Chihuahuas are protective of their surroundings and are extremely territorial.

These dogs are very particular about not sharing their home with other dogs.

Thus, upon seeing another dog in their home/ territory, Chihuahuas will howl until the other leaves.

Despite their small size and tiny demeanor, they can literally dare to fight even a large dog within their own space.

  1. Due to Social Call

Dogs, including Chihuahuas, are social in their clan.

No matter how much territorial they are, they will howl out of behaviour seeing another dog.

This often creates a chain of reactions making all the dogs in a neighbourhood howl.

  1. Due to Pain

Chihuahuas can’t let out their emotions like us humans; thus, they often Howl in pain. Your little canine might be in some kind of pain if suffering from injury or discomfort.

Howling is their way of alerting their master about the same. Howling is also one of their communication mode for alerting other dogs about the danger of injury.

Besides injury, a painful howl might be a result of any internal illness. Thus whenever you hear your Chihuahua howling irrationally, check him for injury or illness.

  1. Due to Trauma

Anything from a past life trauma to fear of a human or dog, Chihuahuas howl to express it.

On days of natural disaster and extremely rough weather conditions, dogs may howl out of fear.

  1. Due to loud noises and high pitch

Dogs are known for howling behind truck horns, loud rain, drilling sound, or almost anything.

Since pet ears are sensitive to loud noises, you can find them howling often.

If your Chihuahua howl frequently, chances are you stay close to the main road.

Why do chihuahuas howl at night?

Chihuahuas howl at night due to various reasons:

  • They have a thin coat and are howling since they are feeling cold.
  • They howl at night mostly as a sign of fear or anxiety
  • Chihuahuas who don’t like to sleep alone howl at night due to separation anxiety.
  • They howl at night to alert you about suspicious strangers near your house.

How do I stop my Chihuahua from howling at night?

Below are a few things you can do in order to stop your Chihuahua from howling at night:

  • Feed the dog a little early before he sleeps. Some dogs howl at night since they feel uncomfortable around their abdomen due to late or heavy feeding.
  • If your Chihuahua is howling due to separation anxiety, consider making him sleep in your room. Or pat the dog to sleep before you leave him alone and go to your room.
  • Exercise the dog enough daily, especially before sleep. This will help him gain sound sleep, which will result in no howl during the night thereafter.
  • Ensure your Chihuahua’s sleeping place is soft, comfortable, and not too bright.
  • If your Chihuahua howls during the night due to noisy neighbours, talk to the neighbours then. Politely let them know about how their sound bothers your dog during the peak of the night.
  • Teach your Chihuahua ‘Speak’ and ‘Quiet’ commands. It will definitely help you when the dog howls at the peak night hour.
  • If your Chihuahua howls too much, reward them for being quiet. This will help you during the annoying times.
  • If nothing helps, then consider reaching a Vet behaviourist. Such individuals in charge will definitely help you.

Why does my chihuahua howl at sirens?

It is common for all dogs, including chihuahuas, to howl at sirens.

During a typically peaceful day, when the air is filled with peace, siren noises can really sound like a blast.

Dogs simply respond to them with a howl out of fear and anxiety.

Chihuahuas have highly sensitive ears, which make siren noises extremely loud for them.

That is why you will often notice your little canine responding to it with a howl.

The poor canine may also confuse it with other dogs’ howl at times.

Why does my chihuahua howl when I sing?

It is pretty common for all dogs, including Chihuahuas, to howl when someone sings.

Chihuahuas howl to live singing, instrumental music, recorded music, and all kind of music in general.

Dogs singing along while their owner is singing is a way of complementing and joining the gag.

Thus, if your Chihuahua sings along with you, take it as a compliment and allow him to join.

According to Vet behaviourists, Chihuahua’s howling to music is associated with their bonding behaviour.

Hearing music triggers their howling behaviour, or sometimes it is the special sound they like.

For several pet parents, music and howling are one of the best ways to get along with their dogs.

Why does my chihuahua howl when I leave?

If your Chihuahua howls when you leave, it is because they are going through separation anxiety.

The canine might not like the time they spend alone at home without anyone’s presence around.

They howl in order to show their loneliness while the owner leaves.

If your dog howls when you leave, you need to spend more quality time together with them.

In case your job outside the house engages long hours, find a daycare for your pet.

Or ask a family or friend if they would like to entertain your Chihuahua while you are out for work.

Wrapping up…

Chihuahuas can howl, and they can howl for a number of reasons. While you have figured out why your little canine is howling so often these days, you can definitely help them.

Be watchful of your Chihuahua’s personality and behaviour while you are just raising them up. Some habits which become strong during childhood barely go away later on.

Thus, if your Chihuahua howl like hell simply out of fun, you need to command train him to Stop.

Also, pay special attention to any kind of physical and mental injury/ discomfort if your dog howls too much.