Do Cats Remember Their Owners After Separation?

Do Cats Remember Their Owners After Separation? [2022 Facts]

Do cats remember their owners after separation? It’s true; cats do not understand the concept of getting a proprietor. However, genuinely they do not forget all of the good instances.

Cats that had been reliant on you for their desires including water, food, and social interplay will not forget you. Painful experiences additionally stay in a cat’s long-term memory. A feline’s memory can remain for months to years. 

Cats are adaptable, like maximum animals, and, if proven the right quantity of admiration and love, you can develop an affectionate and strong relationship.

Most cat proprietors agree that their cat remembers them, even after separation for a long duration of time. But is this honestly the case?

Do cats remember their owners after separation? Yes. Cats were observed to have a brilliant memory, particularly in the long term. As a result, cats are capable of preserving memories of their humans even after they have been separated.

Cats discover people by their scent, not simply their appearance. This is why they could not forget their proprietors for an entire life so long as the proprietor’s scent stays unchanged.

If you’re a cat proprietor, the cat often greets you at the door after being gone for only a day or two – she will be able to recognize your particular smell!

Cats’ long-term memories

Cats have great long-term memory. They can remember other animals and people who irritate them or feed them. 

Suppose you returned from your college, and a feline can come closer to you because of the memories you both share. 

Also, long-term memory helps the cat to hold the grudges for a very long time. Cats can also remember other pets, and people living nearby.

Many studies have shown that felines have 200x long-term memories of canines. But, they are very selective towards recalling them. But, dogs are more capable of remembering their owners.

Cats’ short-term memories

Humans can recall someone’s address for a long term in the event that they have short-term memory or running memory.

Cats depend on their short-term memory to help them cope with their challenges.

For example, a cat can remember which it raided earlier that night time while it wishes to discover its prey.

Put your cat’s meals down in a nook and walk away from it. It’s simpler for your cat to recall what to consume at a specific time in case you offer them a meal at that point every day.

When you hide items from cats, they show a few short-term memory potentials.

How long do cats remember their previous owners?

It’s tough to present a concrete number, however, studies seem to agree that a cat’s memory is just like a toddler’s, possibly a or three-year-old’s.

It’s vital to observe that a cat can have one awful experience and avoid something that reminds them of that experience for the relaxation of their life!

A lot of the period of memory relies upon how much of an effect it made on the cat. If the preceding proprietor is related to bad feelings, like aches or fear, the cat will possibly remember that for a protracted time.

Cat intelligence makes for a very good subject, in theory, however, researchers haven’t begun to scratch the surface.

It’s historically been much easier to observe dog intelligence due to the fact that canines can be educated to carry out tricks and admire the orders issued through their owners.

On the opposite hand, cats might also additionally admire the treats and meals you offer, however they are much less likely to obey an order or carry out.

What do cats commonly remember?


Kittens use odors to remember each other. They carry out this trick their whole life.

If you raise your cat with other cats and then reintroduce it after a time span, then they can easily recognize each other. 


Cats remember the names of people with whom they have spent most of their time.

Hence, it majorly includes the cat parents. A feline’s long-term memory is much better to recall the details about its owner. 

In fact, cats also remember the people who feed them. 

Bad experiences

Cats remember bad experiences. The kind of reactions it shows can be a result of some bad experiences from their past.

How long can a cat remember a person?

It’s possible for a feline to remember you for as much as sixteen hours after a single encounter. Because of this, felines have an awesome long-term memory (approximately two hundred times higher than that of a canine).

For cats, this shows that they are able to recollect someone they have met before for a long duration of time.

Clinical evidence is moreover usually assists the claim. It’s essential to find out about cats’ memory approaches before trying to bet how long they are able to hold information about an individual. Your cat can keep in mind that you offer her food, affection, and a secure haven.

If you could offer those 3 necessities for a long-time period, your cat will remember you for quite a long period of time.

Will my cats miss me when I am gone?

The truth that felines could recall their proprietors, as well as other caretakers over the years, does not imply they may miss you even as you’re at work.

Animal behavior researchers say that cats are less connected to their owners than canines do, this means that they probably do not miss them even when they’re gone.

Despite their passive-competitive demeanor towards people, cats nonetheless value your time and company and are glad to have you around.

When their human is not there, cats have been shown to modify their behaviour, which includes detrimental furniture, turning into greater boisterous, and eliminating outside of the muddle box.

The majority of cat proprietors see these sports as a sort of retribution, but this isn’t the case.

A cat’s anxiety is probably at its peak. When your cat had a daunting or stressful experience, it can make him anxious.

After a long discussion, I would agree with cats missing their proprietors. And then becomes agitated, which causes them to experience anger on you for forsaking them.

Memory loss in cats

When a feline becomes old, it is at risk of Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD).

Similar to dementia or Alzheimer’s in humans, this sickness impairs the memory of cats.

Over 1/2 of cats between the ages of 11-15 show symptoms of Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD), which includes

confusion, restlessness, irritation, loss of grooming, anxiety, loss of social engagement, and sudden increase in meowing.

Deterioration of your cat’s cognitive competencies will occur as she grows old and loses brain cells.

However, many cats are prone to cognitive impairment and can display signs sooner.

You have to seek advice from your vet regarding feline chronic diarrhoea (FCD) in case your cat exhibits any of the symptoms indexed above.

Even after a long-term apart, a cat with this issue won’t even have the ability to tell you apart in the morning. There truly is not anything you can do to save your cat from losing her memory as she ages.

Final words

In conclusion, the answer to the question ‘Does Cats Remember Their Owners After Separation?’ is Yes. cats do remember their owners.

In fact, they remember everyone with whom they have good memories or bad experiences. It’s their natural behavior that they have less attraction towards their owners than the dogs. 

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