Do Calico Cats Shed More? (4 Scientific Reasons)

Do Calico Cats Shed More? (4 Scientific Reasons)

Do Calico Cats Shed More? OR Do Calico Cats Shed Too Much? Are you looking for a friendly, beautiful, and playful cat to add to your household? The calico cat is a fantastic pet that comes with unique coat patterns and colors. They have striking tri-color patterns and are quite prevalent due to their sweet personalities.  

However, you may be wondering, “do Calico cats shed more?” This article will answer that question for you.

Do Calico Cats Shed More Than Other Cat Breeds?

The calico cats tend to shed depending on the breed. Remember that the calico cats are not a specific breed, but they are unique coat colors and patterns; thus, many breeds of cats can be classified as calicos.

As expected, long-haired cats require high maintenance, such as regular grooming. These long-haired cats tend to shed more fur compared to the shorter-haired cats. The short-haired cats, on the other hand, require minimal maintenance and also don’t shed more.

What are Calico Cats?

The calico cats are not a particular breed of cats but are many different breeds classified in this group. Calico primarily refers to the patterns, colorings, and markings of a cat.

It is a broadway of classifying the visual appearance of cats per patterns and color of the coat.

Calico prints primarily include colors of orange, black, and white. Other common colors are grey and cream patches. No matter the color and patterns of your cat calico cats are trio-colored.

They are beautiful cats that are quite beautiful to incorporate as your pet. If you have children these cats are quite outstanding and friendly to them.

Why do Calico Cats Shed? (4 Reasons Why)

Cats tend to shed due for multiple reasons, and some of them include:

1. Change in Seasons

The primary reason why calico cats shed is due to changes in seasons. During the cold winter months, your cat will grow to give it adequate warmth during the cold season.

During the warm summer months, your cat will not require an extra layer of hair and will tend to shed more to ensure they stay cool.

Thus your calico cat will tend to shed more during warm months than the cold months. It is an adaptation process that helps your cat cope with each season.

2. Nutritional Reasons

Your calico cat can also shed its fur due to nutritional reasons. If you are not properly feeding your cat with the proper nutrition, it will shed more hair.

You will notice that your cat is shedding more if they are not on the appropriate diet. Your cat will also tend to shed more if they are ingesting a product causing the allergy.

3. Anxiety

Your cat can also shed fur due to stress and anxiety. The cat can be under stress and anxiety due to various reasons, such as the cat conflicting with other pets or a change in environment.

If you note that your calico cat is shedding more, investigate the cause of stress and anxiety.

4. Health Issues

Poor health can cause your calico cat to shed more fur. Common health issues that may cause shedding include pest infestation and underlying skin conditions.

To ensure that your cat is in good health, ensure you regularly visit the vet, who will ensure they investigate and treat your cat. Also, it is imperative to ensure you periodically deworm your cat.

How to Reduce the Shedding of Calico Cats?

You can undertake various measures to ensure that your cat is not shedding a lot of furs. Remember that the fur of your cat can cause different allergic reactions.

1. Proper Grooming

It is paramount to ensure that your cat is in good condition by regularly grooming your pet. You can schedule a routine where you bathe and comb your cat.

Regularly grooming ensures that your cat is in good condition and does not jeopardize your family’s health. Bathe your cat after four to six weeks to ensure it is smelling fresh and looks incredible.

Brushing your calico cat regularly helps remove all loose fur on your cat before it can fall. Thus the process of brushing will reduce shedding.

On the other hand, bathing your cat every day helps to remove all the excess hair and prevent your cat from shedding.

2. Give your Cat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is quite essential for your cat. A balanced diet ensures that your cat is healthy and does not suffer from various nutritional deficiencies. Giving your cat a proper diet ensures that it does not shed more.

Ensure that your diet has fatty acids and omega-six. Also, ensure that your cat is well hydrated. Give your cat enough water and milk to ensure that it is healthy and does not shed a lot of furs.

A dehydrated cat has a very dry coat and skin, and thus molting of its hair will occur progressively.

3. Ensure your Cat has a Cat Bed

Your family’s health is quite essential, and the cat’s fur can cause various allergic reactions. To protect your family from the cat’s hair, ensure it is well contained by investing in a cat bed.

4. Shave your Cat

Another method of reducing the shedding of your calico cat is ensuring you keep the hair short, clean, and neat. You can either shave the hair yourself or hire a professional if you are looking for precision.

Also, remember that if your cat has wounds or underlying skin disease shaving the cat will help maintain hygiene and apply medication.

If your cat has long fur and you find it hard to maintain it, ensure you shave it. Shaving makes the hair more manageable and ensures grooming is relatively straightforward.

Key Takeaways

Do calico cats shed more? Yes, the calico shed their fur depending on the season, nutritional status, emotional factors, and health issues. However, the level of shedding is entirely dependent on the breed of your cat. Cat breeds with long hair will tend to shed more, while cats with short hair will tend to shed less.

The level of shedding is entirely dependent on many factors, and thus you can find ways to reduce shedding. Some of the methods you can incorporate to reduce shedding include; regular grooming, giving your cat a healthy diet, shaving your cat, and investing in a cat’s bed.