Do Calico Cats Get Along With Dogs

Do Calico Cats Get Along With Dogs? [5 friendly tips]

Calico cats are an excellent breed to have in your family. They have an average lifespan of around 20 years and they are pretty strong. They have excellent health and get along with children and other pets, but do calico cats get along with dogs? I did a quick research on this topic and here’s what I know:

Do calico cats get along with dogs? Calico cats are known to be friendly around dogs. But not all dogs are suitable playmates for them. Playful dogs such as Spaniel and Poodle are the perfect companion for Calico cats. They will engage in activities and will get along pretty well. However, calico cats don’t get along with aggressive or angry dog breeds. They may act comfortable around certain grumpy dogs but they shouldn’t be kept around such pets.

Calico cats are loving, sweet, and loyal. If you flood them with care and love, then they will return the affection. But depending on how it’s treated, Calico cats can show different behavior. If the cat is around grumpy or aggressive pets, it will be scared and stay alone.

On the other hand, with playful pets and children, this cat breed will be jolly. So whether your calico cat will get along with dogs actually depend on the behavior of the pet. If the dog is friendly, then your Calico will not have any problem getting along with it.

This article will get to know more about calico cats and their behavior around other pets. You will also have a clear idea about helping your Calico to get its perfect companion. You will get to understand if your cat even needs a friend in the first place. It’s all-important to know if you want your calico cat to be happy.

How to introduce a Calico cat to a dog?

There are a few things that you can do that will make it easy for your Calico cat to get along with your dog. Firstly, you must introduce your cat to your dog’s smell. Then you can arrange face-to-face interaction, and once you see that they are getting comfortable around each other, you can let them use the same accessories.

If your dog is friendly enough, it can engage in a good relationship with your Calico cat. But you have to be aware that whether you are forcing your cat into bonding. First, make sure that your dog isn’t harmful to your cat.

To be assured of this matter, you have to place them in the same room and observe their behavior. If you notice any sign of aggression, then it’s better if you take more time. But if your dog is friendly from the beginning, then you can advance with the bonding.

4 easy steps that you can follow to introduce Them

  1. Get your cat to know your dogs’ smell. Place your dog and cat in a separate room for a week and ensure that they don’t see each other. After a week, take the cat to the dogs’ room and shift the dog to where the cat was for the past few days. This way, both pets will get acquainted with each other’s smell.
  2. Leave them around each other. Once they are introduced to each other’s smell, they are ready to confront each other face to face. Please bring them to the same room and leave them around each other. You have to be present in the same room to make sure that they don’t get scared or get involved in a fight.
  3. After they seem comfortable around each other, let them use the same accessories. You can let them drink the same water or give them the same toy to play with. You must have patience and observe them closely as they take time to get comfortable with each other’s presence.
  4. If you notice your calico and your dog getting along with each other with a friendly attitude, don’t draw any conclusion just yet. They can get involved in a fight at any time. So keep them within your observation. You must take action if you notice any sign of aggression or violence. Even a minor incident can scar them for life.

So basically, this is how you can help your cat and dog to form an effective bond. Remember, you should never force the process. You must wait and let it happen naturally.

What dog breed goes along with Calico cats?

Mainly the social dog breeds with interactive nature can get along with calico cats. Dog breeds such as the golden retriever, Beagle, Pug, and poodle can be good friends of calicos. Though your cat may be grumpy, if your dog is friendly enough, they will get along with each other if given enough time.

Dogs are known to be friendly animals. Their behavior and personality are heart-melting. They are not only friendly with humans, but they can also be friendly with other animals as well. But do calico cats get along with dogs of all breeds? If you wonder which dog breed will get along with your calico cat, the answer is not “any”.

Calico cats are friendly, but they may not behave in a friendly manner with your dogs at first. This is why to make your dog and cat get along. It’s better to have a highly sociable dog as your calicos companion. Here is a list of certain dog breeds that have what it takes to be calicos’ friends.

  • Golden retriever
  • Beagle
  • Pug
  • Basset hound
  • Poodle
  • Boston Terrier
  • Maltese

If you own a calico and plan to get a dog, you can consider these dog breeds. These dogs can quickly get along with your cats. It’s not that your calico won’t ever get along with other dogs, but that would be difficult for them to do so.

Grumpy dogs such as Dobermann can even kill your cat. So you have to be cautious about the breed you choose to stay along with your calico.

Does my Calico cat even need a friend?

Calico cats don’t actually have any problem with being left alone. If they have enough food and water, they can survive without any harm. So basically, they don’t have a constant need for companions. They are even okay with it if their human is absent.

Calicos are sweet, gentle, and affectionate. At the same time, they are independent and loyal. As independent cats, calicos don’t have difficulties with being left alone. They can properly take care of themselves.

They are quite intelligent and can understand their need. So yes, you can leave a calico cat alone without worrying about it starving or suffering.

Calicos don’t even need friends. They are quite satisfied with their own company. They are playful, but they can have a good time with themselves. If you give them a try, they will play with it all day long.

Set up the litterbox, and arrange the food and water in the proper manner, and your cat won’t even notice that it is left alone. So basically, calico cats don’t actually need a friend to stay happy. However, if they have company, they do enjoy it.

Did answer all your concern on do calico cats get along with dogs?

Making two pets coexist in the same area can be hard, but it’s not impossible.

Calico does get along with dogs, but you have to maintain certain things to make your cat and dog get along with each other.

By performing various tricks mentioned above, you can easily make your cat and dog go along with each other.

However, understanding your cat’s behavior towards your dog will be your first concern.