5 Considerations When Owning An Aggressive Dog

5 Considerations When Owning An Aggressive Dog

There are practical reasons why it’s healthy to own a dog. Considered a man’s best friend, they could provide you with companionship and enrich your lives with colorful and joyous moments.

However, it may be a different story if your dog is aggressive and hard to tame. Although there are various reasons why they act this way, as an owner, it’s your sole responsibility to provide safety for people who will be around your dog.

When your dog has attacked someone accidentally, they’ll most likely hire an animal attack lawyer. You’ll then have to deal with the necessary legalities to correspond with such an accident.

Costs for treating dog bites are hefty, and many insurance companies don’t cover dogs with a bite history.

Before you give up on your dog and decide to give it to a different family or home, exhaust your efforts first by learning these essential things you must consider related to your aggressive dog:

1. Work With Your Veterinarian

Your vet will be the first person to help you deal with the aggressive character of your dog. Veterinarians are always knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to situations like yours. They can prescribe medicines that will treat the anxiety and aggression of your dog.

Whenever your dog needs treatment, make sure to bring them to the same vet they’ve grown comfortable with. This will make things easier for both of them.

Your vet will know how to handle your dog, and there are no risks of any attack or injuries towards anyone in the vet. You can ask for your vet’s recommendation for a good behaviorist, who can help tame your dog’s aggressiveness.

2. Conduct Training

Obedience training should be part of the overall activity of your dog. They must learn how to listen and obey you even when they’re anxious, scared, excited, or stressed.

Even though tricks are also important, nothing comes close to the importance of having a dog who knows and respects its master.

Ensure to train your dog to have a good sense of recall. Once they’re familiar with you or your family members, they’ll automatically follow and come back to your and everybody else’s side no matter what.

This is nearly important in dangerous situations. Additionally, if your dog becomes aggressive in the presence of strangers, you can signal them to stay calm. They’ll obey your command because they recognize and are trained to listen to your instructions.

3. Use Citronella Spray

When going for a walk outside, aside from bringing your dog’s sun safety gear, you should also carry a citronella spray with you.

Unknown to many pet owners, using citronella spray is useful for your dog when they become aggressive towards other dogs.

It will act as your lifesaver in situations where it will be hard to act as a referee when dogs engage in serious fights.

Make sure to bring in a handy citronella spray, especially during your dog walks.

Spraying this specific essential oil to stray dogs or dogs without a leash will also protect your dog from being attacked.

Whoever starts to become aggressive can easily change their behavior once they get a sniff of this scent.

Dogs don’t seem to be a fan of this smell, so a possible fight will dissipate as soon as you pump the spray once or twice.

4. Buy Your Dog A Muzzle

Since you would want everyone to stay safe and protected from your aggressive dog, it would be best to have them wear a muzzle.

This will control them more effectively while in public. Have your dog continue wearing them, especially in places where there are many kids.

If your dog is aggressive even to your vet, this tool will also be useful during a vet visit.

5. Socialize Your Dog Early

As mentioned, there are numerous reasons why your dog becomes aggressive. You must understand why and be able to unlock how to correspond appropriately. One of those reasons is when your dog was not able to socialize early.

At a young age, preventive measures should have been taken for them to act normal and kind to everyone around them. A dog can be trained effectively until six months of age.

Although this isn’t a guarantee, it’s still worth trying. Have your dog start their social life and activities as early as three months old.

This is the best time to train them and get them fixed by professional dog trainers.


The aggression of your dog would often be incurable, but it can be prevented early.

It can also be controlled as long as you consider these essential factors.

Take advantage of professional pieces of advice and help from your vet and dog trainers.

They’d be very willing to help you, and, as a result, your dog will be able to avoid biting oblivious strangers.

The last thing you want to do is to give your dog away because of aggressiveness.

Before you reach your breaking point, mediate your dog’s aggression crisis by applying the above suggestions.