Clear Cat Carrier Backpack

Clear Cat Carrier Backpacks: My 5 Favorite Picks

Cat carrier backpacks are very necessary for carrying our little buddies nowadays. As a cat owner, I know the importance of it. The main purpose of this clear backpack is to carry your cat with you anywhere without any hassle. 

Many days ago, I went out carrying my cat in a basket. But it was so hard to keep it steady. Also, my hand got fatigued after carrying it for hours. That’s when I wanted an alternative so badly. 

After returning home, I found a life-saving invention: a clear cat carrier backpack. Over the years, I have used man cat carrier backpacks to carry my cat; now, I know which cat career backpacks last long and are comfortable for the cats.

Here are my five favourite clear cat carrier backpacks that you may like.

Clear Cat Carrier Backpack

5 Best Clear Cat Carrier Backpack

1. Scurrty Xpect Cat Carrier Bubble Backpack

While thinking of a cat carrier backpack, one thing that came first to my mind is, ”will my baby be able to breathe properly?” I was so concerned about this fact. But in a surprising way, this carrier reduced all my tensions. The air permeability that it serves is truly amazing. 

Another fact that should be your concern is the material quality of the backpack. In this case, this carrier is superior. The material quality is supreme and also non-toxic. So, the material won’t do any harm to your little feline. 

Also, cats tend to use claw or gnaw and scratch on any material. To protect this, this carrier is extra secured. But it doesn’t mean that your cat won’t be in comfort. Your cat will get its extreme comfort inside the carrier even if you keep it for hours in there. 

Besides, the lock is well protected to keep your cat safe inside. As a result, your cat can’t escape anytime. So, wherever you want to visit with your cat, there will be no problem keeping it secured. It will ensure the proper comfort for you as well. 

From sweat to breath, this carrier can absorb everything effortlessly. So, there is no way for you to dislike it. Also, the carrying option is so easy that you will never switch to another option if you get this one. The extra-wide shoulder length is provided to serve you the well-balanced feature of carrying the backpack.


  • The extra-wide shoulder belt
  • Non-toxic material
  • The sweat-absorbing feature
  • Fantastic air permeability


  • Sharp air holes edge
  • Can arrive with missing parts
Scurrty Cat Backpack Carrier Bubble Bag Small Dog Space Capsule Knapsack Pet for Travel Hiking Indoor Outdoor Spaceship Bag Waterproof Breathable
  • 【Specifications】Cat carrier Backpack size: 16.9” *12.9” *9”, come with a Free Gift: Collapsible Bowl. airline approved, recommended for long-term use, suggest weight: 13lbs for cat and 11lbs for bag carrier
  • 【Breathable】Nine-hole design for better air permeability. Oxford cloth material, safe and non-toxic, no need to worry about damage done by clawing or gnawing, ensure cats comfort. Internal fastening buckles can effectively prevent cat from cat backpack
  • 【Durable material】Solid ABS plastic material, able to being waterproof and anti-scratch, with a protective film on the surface to prevent surface from being damaged, it can be torn off before use.hard backpack pokeball cat backpack
  • 【Built-in lock】This pet bubble carrier is equipped with a safety lock to protect the pet from escaping when opening the backpack
  • 【Ergonomic design】With air mesh back, it can absorb sweat and breathe more freely. The wider shoulder belt can relieve the pressure from the backpack and effectively increase the comfort level of human body. Rubber handheld features make travel travel backpack space cat backpack

2. Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier

One of the main concerns of the pet owner when buying a carrier is the size and weight that the backpack can hold up to. With this one, you can be less worried. If your cat is up to the weight of 18-pounds, you can get this one.

The PVC mesh design is what I liked the most about this model. In this carrier, the three sides are made of PVC mess design. Besides, the ventilation is so well protected that your cat will never feel the lack of oxygen. Ventilation is needed in any carrier, and this one ensures this quality. 

Another impressive feature of this one is, that it is clear on the outside. So you can easily see what your pet is doing inside the carrier. And your cat won’t feel afraid and suffocated inside as well. 

No matter what carrier you use, you might feel like a burden to carry your pet after a longer period. To reduce the feeling, this one comes with chest buckles. The chest buckles allow you to balance the weight of your pet all over your shoulder and chest. So, even if you carry the cat for even hours, the chest buckles will save you from further body pain. 

As I said above, cats are prone to leave scratches on any material. So there is nothing to be surprised at the fact that your cat can also leave a scratch on the clear surface of the carrier. To avoid that, this carrier is made of special material. 


  • Scratch-resistant material
  • Chest buckles
  • PVC mesh material
  • Amazing weight capacity


  • Gives away a strong smell
  • No top stitches
Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs (Black)
  • ★ Pet Backpack Dimensions:12.6" L x 11.4" W x 16.5" H. Perfect for dogs up to 15-pounds, or cats up to 18-pounds. Easily fits cats, small dogs, and most other small/medium-sized pets! Please make sure your pet sits within 14.5 inches overall height and 12 inches wide.
  • ★ Breathable & Perspective: Three side was made of PVC mesh for the carriers. Well ventilated design for optimal airflow and checking on pet
  • ★Reduce shoulder weight:This cat carrier backpack comes with chest buckles which helps to reduce the burden and keeps the shoulder straps from slipping while pet moving
  • ★ Keep your pet comfortable: Removable cosy mat for easier cleaning and let your pet enjoy it inside.
  • ★ Last Long Using and Easy Storage: Our premium pet carrier is quite scratch-resistant and sturdy for long lasting use. You can also rest assured that it is strong enough to stand up to the scratches or gnawing of your pets.

3. PETRIP Cat Carrier Cat Backpack

When you want both look and effectiveness, you should consider this one. Among the other models, the design and fashionable model of this carrier has impressed me a lot. When you carry your baby cat using this one, your whole look will be changed. 

Often, cats feel anxious inside a carrier because of less space. But with this one, your cat will be able to sit freely. The bubble window design is very convenient for the ease of your cat.

Also, your little baby will be able to enjoy every view and will be able to see you through the glass window. 

This carrier can hold up to 22 lbs weight, which is suitable for most cats. As a result, there will be enough space for your pet to stay there comfortably. Your furry friend will enjoy everything you do and every place you take it with you. 

The well-secured ventilation is good enough for any pet, especially cats. The air holes are enough in quality, and also the mesh design is suitable for the comfort of your pet.

Your cat won’t be able to jump away from the carrier because the protection is very strictly maintained in this one. 

Also, a hook is given inside to ensure security. In case your cat makes any damage or defects to the carrier, you have nothing to worry about because it comes with a lifetime warranty!


  • Well built protection
  • Unique design
  • Fashionable to carry
  • Bubble window feature


  • Less durable than other models
Petrip Pet Backpack Carrier for 20 lbs Cats Small Dogs, Expandable Cat Backpack with Super Ventilated Design, Safety Straps, Buckle Support, Airline Approved Collapsible Dog Backpack
  • ????【Cat Backpack Fashionable Design】: Space capsule design makes this chest bag cool and futuristic. Bubble window can provide security and ease anxiety for your lovely pets. Convenient to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with your furry friend for traveling, riding, walking, sightseeing, camping, hiking and more outdoor activities
  • ????【Airline Approved Pet Carrier Large Space】: This dog bag is 13.4"L x 12"W x 16.9"H, most airline approved under seat.Important: Please Check your airline requirements before traveling. Recommended up load cat 22 lbs dog 15 lbs, dog carriers for small dogs, medium dogs and puppies
  • ????【Cat Carrier Backpack Safe & Breathable】: Ventilated cat dog carrier backpack with 9 big air holes and mesh, pet will feel comfortable and breathable inside. A snap hook inside to keep your cute pet safe, no more worries about cat/dog jumping out and running away
  • ????【Superior Quality & Easy to Clean】: This dog carrier is made from high quality, eco-friendly and durable materials-- PU leather. Clean it with a rag and a light wipe, so easy. Scratch-resistant and waterproof
  • ????【100% Satisfaction Guaranty】: 100% satisfaction guaranty is our company’s mission,Limited Lifetime Warranty: Petrip Products provides a lifetime warranty on this product against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to normal wear or damage

4. Space Capsule Bubble Transparent Backpack

If you don’t want to invest in the same product again and again, you have to choose very carefully. This carrier allows you to get a very stable and sturdy backpack for your cat. The built material of this one is very durable. Besides, the high-density material is what you will look for in the long run. 

In addition, transparent and breathable material is what makes your cat happy. No matter where you take it with you, you can be trouble-free because your cat will get the most comfortable experience ever if you use this carrier. 

As cats always make things or surfaces dirty, this carrier is built in a way to resist any kind of dirt. So, be it dust or food, your cat won’t be able to make it dirty. Furthermore, the material is totally scratch-resistant, so here is another benefit that you will get from this backpack. 

The built-in locking mechanism is what keeps your cat safer inside. As the exterior of this carrier is made of transparent material, your cat will be able to enjoy the whole view and scenery. 

Also, even on rainy days, you can enjoy the rain outside with your little pet because this bag is waterproof. This feature helps a lot because cats are really afraid of water. 


  • Extra safe built
  • Good air circulation
  • Waterproof facility
  • Built-in lock mechanism


  • The regular design
Pet Cat Dog Carrier Backpack Space Capsule Bubble Transparent Backpack Portable Travel Bag Airline-Approved for Hiking Walking Outdoor Use…
  • ➥Item Dimensions:13.4” L x 9.8” W x 16.5” H;Carrier Weight:2.7 lbs;Suggested Weight:0-13lbs for small to medium size cats,0-11lbs for puppy.
  • ➥The Durable and Sturdy Materials:Carefully selected canvas and high density acrylic material,allow for a breathable exterior transparent cover,waterproof and resistant to dirty.easy to clean without collecting the pet's fur. Hard space capsule shell prevents backpack from biting and scratching.
  • ➥Transparent Design:Protection to your pet under dust condition.The material used for the carrier allows your pet to enjoy the sunshine and scenery and to interact with the outside world.The transparent design provides easy viewing,so that your pet can see the world and you can see your pet.
  • ➥The Space Capsule-Like Design:Cute and fashionable,eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry,so that you can take your furry friend with you on all of your adventures,such as travelling,walking,hiking,hang out.
  • ➥The built-in locking mechanism can prevent your pet from running away or getting lost when the bag is open.Large ventilation holes on the side of the bag promote air circulation,making your pet feel cool.Removable mat,easy to wash and also keep your pet more comfortable.

5. Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

Here is my last pick on today’s topic. The first thing that will catch your eyes and attention about this carrier is the bullet-shaped design. The design is so cute and unique that you won’t be able to blink for a while when you keep your little cat inside this. 

Amazingly, the built material of this carrier is Polycarbonate PLUS durable oxford cloth, which is a known material for super comfort and extended durability. Besides, it is well air circulated, so your cat will be able to breathe properly.

Most of the time, the carrier only comes to serve the purpose of carrying your cat. But in a unique way, this one comes with a pocket where you can keep your small tools like tissue paper or small emergency materials. 

There is a thin protective film on the outer part, so in case of a long journey, there will be no tension of it getting scratched. Also, as your cat will be able to see everything from inside, it won’t disturb you a lot. 

Subsequently, the set-up process of this backpack carrier is super easy. You can easily get ready to take your cat outside by using this within five minutes. Impressive, right? Moreover, your little buddy will enjoy the view a lot! 

What I like:


  • The bullet-shaped design
  • Thin protective film to avoid scratches
  • Suitable for long journeys
  • Easy to set-up


  • Quite small in size than usual pet carriers

Are Cat Backpacks Good for Cats

Not all types of cat backpacks are good for cats. Cat backpacks with features like sweat absorbing, air permittable, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and built-in lock mechanism are considered good backpacks for cats.

Carrying your cat in a backpack is a little unusual than regular hard or soft carriers. But these are fantastic because it’s easy way to move your cat from place to place.

Cat carriers are very popular with hikers, but many people use them for taking their pets to the veterinarian or around the neighborhood, or on public transport.

If you consider a few factors before buying the backpack, the carrier will be awesome for your little friend. Your cat will like to travel with you safely. Besides, you will feel happy to know that your cat is in a secure place.

If you use a safe material and non-toxic substance made carrier for your cat, there will be no worries. Also, the protection system should be good and secured enough. With perfect size and comfort, any cat backpack will be a fantastic choice for your pet.

What to Look for When Buying Cat Backpacks?

Now before buying a cat backpack, there are a couple of things for you to look at. Considering these factors will make the whole process easy for you. Let’s look at those: 

  • Material quality– when buying a cat backpack, you need to consider your cat’s personality. For example, if your cat is prone to biting or scratching at carriers, then a mesh material is less suitable. But be sure to choose a sturdy and durable material that has high efficiency and doesn’t wear out even with regular use. Also, you should choose the material which is non-toxic, so that you can avoid any health problems.
  • Size- one of the most important factors to check while buying the cat backpack is the size of the backpack. As you don’t want your cat to feel congested, you have to consider this. Buy a carrier where your cat gets enough space to roll around and stand up. Also, don’t purchase any carrier which doesn’t have a sturdy bottom.
  • Safe Design– Another vital design factor you should look for is the safety feature. You don’t want your cat to escape while you are roaming around. So obviously buy a carrier that will ensure the safety of your cat inside so that it can’t escape from there. 
  • Air circulation- this is a must-be a thing to check before buying the cat’s carrier. If you don’t buy a carrier that comes with good air circulation, your cat will not be able to breathe. 

While traveling with your cat, make sure your cat is hydrated. Dehydration can cause serious problems for the cats—check-out some of the best cat water fountain that helps to keep your cat hydrated all day long.

Are Cats Comfortable in Backpacks?

Yes! cats are comfortable in backpacks, but only if you choose the right backpack for your cat. Different cats have different personalities. Suppose your cat has a calm personality and a natural curiosity. In that case, a cat backpack is an excellent option for you. But if your cat has an aggressive nature, then a cat-carrying backpack may not be the best option for you.

To make your cat comfortable in the backpack, first, you need to find the perfect size for your cat. If you purchase a smaller backpack, then your cat will feel congested and uncomfortable. Also, look for the one which has space for your cat to lie down. So your cat won’t get tired on a long journey.

Moreover, you need to make sure that your backpack has proper ventilation for your cat to breathe. Your cat should breathe easily and safely in the backpack, especially if you have a snub-nosed breed.

Final Thought

I have reached the end of the Best clear cat carrier backpack suggestions and tips. If you have read properly, you now know about a few very valuable pieces of information about this topic.

Try to implement all the suggested information and get the best-suited backpack carrier for your cat. Good luck with traveling with your little friend!

Cats are our beloved friend, and as a cat owner, I know the desire to keep your pet happy. So, when you want the safest option for your cat while traveling, there is no alternative to a good backpack carrier.