9 Cat Breeds that are Good with Babies

9 Cat Breeds that are Good with Babies

Opting to go for a cat is one of the great milestones to make, particularly when you are choosing cat breeds that are good with babies.

Even though the selection process can seem challenging initially, it’s paramount to put a breed’s needs and personality into consideration to ensure harmonious living with the pet.

With a wide range of cat breeds out there, it’s almost impossible to find a suitable cat that suits your baby’s needs at home. But in this guide, we’ll take you through some best cat breeds that are suitable for your kids.

So, let’s find out the 9 best cat breeds that are good with babies!

1. Siamese Cats

These cats have prominence and a liking among most households because of their good reasons. First, they have an incomparable level of intelligence, and that alone gives them their importance.

Even though they may seem burdensome to their owner, their friendliness and affectionate persona make them the best option for babies who are coming eye to eye with a cat for the first time.

Siamese Cat

2. Maine

This pet is notable by many to be suitable for a home with kids. In other words, this cat is intelligent, affectionate, and outgoing and by all means, it will attract the attention of your baby.

Although they come with a very thick coat with tend to shed a lot that comes with a high maintenance cost, it’s still the best choice for most household because they have a playful character that offers your kid a reason to smile.

Maine Cat

3. Birman Cats

When it comes to handling the cat with ease, then a true definition of that is with the Birman cat breed.

The cat is affectionate and beautiful which makes it one of the breeds that are ideal for kids. Better still, they boast a gentle temperament.

Even though they seem less active compared to other cat breeds, they like to play with other home pets and may adapt to all types of homes. They’re not aggressive, but they like to be fussed and petted by adults and kids.

4. Abyssinian Cats

This is an active breed of cats that will ensure that your kids are left entertained with one of the greatest energy levels, as such, Abyyssinian’s never tired of playing different kinds of games with the juniors.

Ideally, they’re a variety of cats that like the company of the little ones, plus they have a low tendency of causing any mess in the house. You can rest assured that these breeds are the best option for active families.

Abyssinian Cat

5. Burmese Cats

It has some smaller differences when compared to Siamese breeds. You should take greater caution whenever you are introducing them to new cat breeds because they love interacting with their family.

Better still, you will find them spending most of their time at home, therefore, they make the best family pets. They love to curl up and sit on your laps most time.

Ideally, they are the best friends to your older children and kids since they love playing and running up and down in your house. You can always get this if you need a better companion in your home.

6. Persian Cats

They have very distinctive characteristics that make them differ so much from other pets. These breeds are well known for their calm and playful nature.

Due to their playfulness, they love human companionship and you would see the best from them in these scenarios.

You can leave them with kids and they will always remain busy. Additionally, it is a long-haired breed that can keep up with your home routine. Also, it is the most family pet among those homes that know how to handle pets.

7. Manx Cats

This is one breed that is well known for its playful characteristic. Though gentle, it plays fetch more stunningly.

They can give attention to one member of the household and will love to spend their time with them.

Others can be comfortable with different family members depending on how they treat them. You need to groom them daily to keep their double coat in the best conditions whatsoever.

In addition, they love to play and run around making them a great companion whenever you are lonely. Also, they are well known for their calm and understanding nature.

Manx Cat

8. Ragdoll Cats

If you have younger kids, the Ragdoll breed makes the most perfect companion in such households.

Your children will enjoy most of their time with these cats. They are well known for their patient, laid-back, and mild-mannered nature.

This makes them one of the most unique breeds that each household can have. Moreover, you can easily train them and can adapt to any kind of environment that you take them in more easily.

They always feel at ease whenever you pick and carry them around. If you love having your pet around as you travel and go anywhere, this brand would be the best choice.

Ragdoll Cat

9. Bengal Cats

Well, this last choice is one-of-a-kind stunners. They have a coat that makes it stand, and their personalities go in hand with what they present. For kids, this incredible cat will walk with your kids in the house without tiring very early.

Additionally, they look friendlier when they come across charming people and usually like to explore more.

So, still wondering about the best cat breed that matches the need of your kids? Look no further!

Bengal Cat


Every cat breed contains different characteristics that distinguish them from other breeds. Before you can settle on any particular brand of cat, you should be aware of their nature to be aware if they are the best suit for your household.

Some possess some bad temperaments and would not make good companions with your children. You should check their requirements from the breeder to ensure that they can fit into the environment that you are offering them.

With the right breed, you are assured of the best companionship at all times. You should always ensure that the breed that you pick does not negatively impact your normal lifestyle but rather bring some positives to your entire household. Like the old adage goes, “Happy cat and babies, happy life!”