Can Sphynx Cats Have Hair?

Can Sphynx Cats Have Hair? (Are They Bald?)

Have you ever looked at a cute Sphynx kitten and asked yourself, “can Sphynx cats have hair?” Well, we are going to explain in this article if they can have hair or not and how to prevent them from getting cold!

Sphynx cats are also known as hairless cats. These breeds of cats are popular for their extraordinarily wrinkled skin, giving them a much larger surface area of which to rid themselves of body heat.

Sphynx is considered to be one the most ancient cat breeds and they originate from the Canadian province of Quebec.

Can Sphynx Cats Have Hair?

The answer is no, all sphinxes are naturally born without a single strand of fur and there has not been a documented case nor any reports or rumors of these cats ever having hair or developing fur later in life. Sphynx cats are also known as hairless cats.

In earlier days many of these hairless cats were crossbred with cats that had the ability to develop fur.

The crossbreeding of these two types of cats was successful in producing kittens that grow hair at some point in their lives.

The kittens born with fur were then bred and after several generations, the crossbreed sphinxes were born without any hair making them a pure breed.

Today, all Sphynx cats are born with no fur regardless of whether they are purebred or not. If you plan to buy a Sphynx, get it from a reputable breeder who can ensure it’s a pure breed.

5 Ways to Prevent Your Sphynx Cats From Getting Cold

Can Sphynx Cats Have Hair?

1. Provide them a warm place to sleep.

Sphynx cats should have their own warm place to sleep. You can put a heated cat bed or a heated blanket in the cat’s favorite sleeping place so that they can be warm and comfortable while they are sleeping.

2. Keep Them Indoors

As sphynx cats do not have fur, they can get really cold and this is why you should make sure that you keep them indoors at all times when it is very cold outside.

When letting your sphynx cat outside, make sure that it is only for a short period every day so that they don’t stay out too long and get too cold in the process.

3. Provide them with warm blankets.

When your sphynx cat feels cold, it is likely to seek warmth by lying down on or under a blanket or sheet.

You can buy blankets that are specifically designed for hairless cats so that they can be warm when they sleep or lay down on the blanket and you can also put a heat lamp in the area where you usually keep your Sphynx cat to ensure that they are warm all day.

4. Take your sphynx to a veterinarian if it has hair loss due to any illness.

Your sphynx cat may have hair loss due to an illness.

You should take it to the vet if there are signs that indicate that your Sphynx cat has suffering or illness.

5. Feed your sphynx a healthy diet .

A healthy diet is an essential aspect of keeping your sphynx cat healthy.

Feed him a natural cat non-processed food that contains all essential nutrients in order to be well-nourished and keep warm.

Can Sphynx Cats Cause Allergies?

Sphynx cats are known for the fact that their skin becomes wrinkly when they become older and this is why some people get allergic to the cat’s fur which is quite common among other hairless breeds of cats.

If you know that you are allergic to cats with fur or if you just want a cat that requires less work in terms of grooming, then sphynx cats make a good choice.

In general, sphynx cats are not known to cause allergies; however, if you have not been around any type of hairless cat before and have never been exposed to any furless breeds, then it is possible for you to become allergic to your Sphynx cat.

It is also important to note that these cats are naturally born without any fur so when they get older and begin to lose their hair, the hairless skin underneath will become exposed. The constant shedding of this skin can also make you allergic to your Sphynx cat.

If you get allergic reactions from your sphynx cat or if you are dealing with an already established case of cat allergies, there are several things that you can do to help ease the itching and the general unpleasant feelings.

You can find a number of remedies for allergy relief on the internet by doing a search for natural allergy relief remedies for cats.

What to Do if Your Sphynx Cat Has Fur?

If you find that your Sphynx cat has fur, it is likely that you have a crossbreed and not a purebred sphynx.

It is likely that after several generations of breeding, they will be able to produce cats who grow hair and you can either not breed these cats or crossbreed them so that their offspring should be able to maintain the ability to grow hair.

If you are a new sphynx cat owner, do not worry about this because there are no documented cases of Sphynx ever-growing fur.

In the event that your Sphynx cat has hair, you should take it to the veterinarian so that he can check it out and make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

How to Keep A Sphynx Cat’s Skin Clean

We all know how hard it is to keep the skin of a cat clean, especially if they are hairless and as they don’t have fur, their skin will be exposed to dirt and germs.

The good news is that Sphynx cats are relatively easy to keep clean provided you feed them a healthy diet and maintain a proper grooming routine.

First, you should brush your Sphynx cat regularly. This will help to remove the dead or loose hair which can irritate their skin and make it harder for you to keep them clean.

It will also ensure that you stay in control of their shedding so that your house does not become messy with hairs everywhere.

If you want to protect your Sphynx cat’s skin and make it look clean and fresh, wash it with a specific shampoo.

You can find this type of shampoo in pet stores or at a pharmacy specially designed for hairless cats.

You should use sufficient amounts of shampoo in order to thoroughly clean the cat’s skin.

The best way to ensure that your Sphynx cat is always clean is by bathing them in lukewarm water with soap.

If you are concerned that they may get cold while they are being bathed, you can keep them indoors during bath time so that they do not get too cold.


In conclusion, the question “can Sphynx cats have hair?” The answer is no, Sphynx cats do not have hair. Their skin is not exposed and they are covered with a fine downy layer.